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Will A Drawing On My T-Shirt With A Sharpie Last In The Wash?

Permanent markers are just that – permanent and Sharpie markers are well known for being high-quality permanent markers, used in a variety of situations. Therefore it is realistic to expect that drawings made with a Sharpie will stand up to some abuse and still last. In reality, it is very hard to remove permanent marker stains from clothing even when you try hard to do so therefore, if you try to not remove such markings, you should have lots of good luck.

If you have a drawing on your T-shirt made with a Sharpie brand permanent marker, you can easily make sure it lasts by taking certain precautions in the care of the shirt. First of all, make sure you do not use any type of bleach or stain remover on the drawing. It would probably not entirely remove it, but such solutions will fade it faster and you may loose some of the details of the drawing. In addition, avoid getting hairspray or rubbing alcohol on the drawing, as these substances are both often used to remove ink stains.

When washing T-shirts that have been decorated with a Sharpie, use regular laundry detergent only in cold water and dry them as you usually would. Avoid washing rough textured things with the T-shirt, like towels that may have an abrasive effect on the shirt and the drawing. Avoid hanging the T-shirt outside to dry as the sun often has a bleaching effect on clothes. Expect some minimal fading with time, but you can even slow this down by wearing the T-shirt infrequently so that it doesn’t have to be laundered so often. This is especially good advice if the T-shirt has sentimental value and you would like to preserve the T-shirt for the future.

For anyone who wants to adorn a T-shirt with a drawing, there is a much more effective and permanent way to do so. By scanning a copy of a drawing and submitting it to a company that specializes in custom-made T-shirts you can have the drawing you want on a T-shirt permanently. The T-shirt customizing company can even add little touches like adding a date, artist information or putting other types of information on the other side of the T-shirt. You can also choose the color, style, weight and quality of the T-shirt that bears the drawing you want to display.

Customizing T-shirts with permanent marker drawings is a great idea for good-bye parties, bachelor parties, showers, milestone birthday parties, graduations, school trips, end of the school year and much more. Having T-shirts made up to commemorate the event or activity, but leaving space for drawings, messages and signatures is a great way to have a unique souvenir for everyone who attends. Proud parents and grandparents can also have their little one make them a special piece of “art” of a T-shirt that they can show off in a unique way. Have fun T-shirts made for every child in the family that say something like “My child drew this” or “My grandchild’s work of art”. The possibilities of drawings on a T-shirt are endless.

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What Should I Use to Draw on a T-Shirt?

To create a permanent mark on a t-shirt, there are several things that can be used. These drawing implements are all quite permanent, however, and they will not come out of the t-shirt later. For this reason, it’s important to use a non-permanent way of marking the t-shirt before drawing over it with the permanent instrument. This ensures that you get the design you had in mind.

Use a pencil to make the basic shapes or letters that you want drawn in. If you don’t have a pencil, a ballpoint pen can be used to lightly sketch in the shapes. After this is completed, make sure that the sketched design is what you want the t-shirt design to look like. There may be a few revisions needed to get it exactly right. If any stray ballpoint marks get into the t-shirt, they will wash out the first time the t-shirt is washed.

To make the permanent marks, there are two great tools to use. The first is a black permanent marker. These are readily available in any office supply store and in many grocery stores and pharmacies. These will make a thick, black line that will never wash out. Recently, different colors of these markers have been introduced on the market, but the colors tend to fade over time. There are also a limited amount of colors available.

Another way to draw on a t-shirt is to use fabric markers. These come in a variety of colors and are specially made to keep the ink on the fabric. These come in bright colors that won’t fade from a t-shirt like an ordinary marker. Fabric markers can be bought in general merchandise stores and craft stores.

To use fabric markers on a t-shirt, draw over the sketched design just as you would with an ordinary marker. When you’re finished, the t-shirt will have to be put into a dryer for about half an hour to set the ink. After that time, the t-shirt is ready to wear. Washing it will not wash out the design and it will not fade for many washings.

There are also fabric crayons that are made fro kids to draw on t-shirts. These can be a little more difficult to use than fabric markers, however. Fabric crayons need to have a t-shirt that is kept flat in order to allow the crayons to color the fabric. The t-shirt can be taped down to make this easier. After the t-shirt is colored with the crayons, it may need to be dried or ironed, depending on the instructions with the crayons.

If the crayon needs to be ironed into the shirt, lay out a sheet of wax paper on a flat surface. Turn the t-shirt inside out and lay it on the wax paper. Iron the portions that have crayon on them, being careful not to burn the shirt. The instructions should have the exact ironing time. The shirt may also have to be dried after ironing, depending on the type of fabric crayons that were used.

How Can I Draw On A T-Shirt?

Drawing on a T-shirt is always a unique way to personalize it. It can turn a great shirt into a priceless souvenir. It can also simply dress up a T-shirt at the last minute, when you don’t have time to have it professionally printed. For the proud parent or grandparent, a child’s drawing on a T-shirt is the ultimate way to show off your little one’s talent and your pride. It can be done as art projects, contests and much more.

There are several different ways to draw on a T-shirt, each with differing results. The least expensive way would be to use permanent marker for your designs. Remember to put a couple of sheets of paper inside the shirt while you are drawing so the ink does not transfer to the back of the shirt. The drawing will fade a bit with time, but it should be more or less permanent. The downside is that it is usually obvious that your T-shirt drawing was an amateur job.

You can also use fabric paint pens to do T-shirt painting. This will give you a much more vivid, realistic image for your T-shirt. The image should not fade as much as a marker design, and will give the appearance of being a much more professional drawing. Simply follow the directions included with the marker and you will be on your way to a beautifully done T-shirt drawing.

Acrylic paints can also be used with amazing results. The trick is to be sure to wash and dry the T-shirt without using any fabric softener, prior to painting. After you have finished painting the T-shirt it is important to set the paint. This can be done using white vinegar or a commercially made craft product specifically for this use. Vinegar will not preserve the paint as long as the commercially made product, but it is still a very good option. It will take up to a year before you see fading with a vinegar-treated shirt.

The fourth and most professional way to draw on a T-shirt is to have a drawing you have made custom-printed on a T-shirt of your choice. If you or your child has done work that you are extremely proud of, a copy of it can be printed on a custom-made T-shirt. That’s the beauty of such tees. You not only choose the color and style, but you customize them in the way that suits you best, even with your own artwork or that of a loved one.

Painting on T-shirts is a great craft idea and lots of fun. You can even have T-shirts custom-made for special events leaving space for you to draw on your tee. You can have a T-shirt printed with a line like one of these.
•    This is what I did in art class
•    Product of art camp – Summer 2009
•    Proud Mom of a Talented Artist
•    This is my kid’s drawing. Isn’t it good!

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