Appreciate Your Volunteers with a Cool Tee

At almost any public or private social function, there will be folks who need help. They may want to know where to park, where to check their coats or umbrellas, where to find the restroom, and where they can change the baby. They might want help with purchasing tickets, finding seats, or understanding just why the baby gorilla is playing with its dung. All of these questions are important, especially to the person asking them, and it is usually the volunteers who come to the rescue. At fancy places like museums, they are called docents, the symphony hall calls them ushers, but most people just call them by what they are: volunteers.

A volunteer tee is truly a must for any social occasion that will rely on volunteers to see it through to completion. A public race like a fun run or marathon, a charity event, or a cultural fair all need volunteers to help make everything run smoothly. Not only should these people be recognized for their dedicated service and hard work and support for the event or organization, they make them easily recognizable to the public or attendee at the function. Folks WILL have questions, and they will search for someone to answer them. Clothing your volunteers in matching tees that make them stand out a bit from the crowd will help your guests find them and get the help they need.

The larger the event, the more important it is for your volunteers to be easily identified. While large events like fairs and expos and such have many hired helpers for jobs such as security, food services, and janitorial services, it may not be possible for all of your volunteers to meet and get to know these paid employees. Therefore, it is to the benefit of all workers – both paid and unpaid – for the volunteers to wear identifying tees. This lets everyone know that the volunteer isn’t just a guest or visitor trying to sneak around back stage or behind the scenes to sneak a peak at a celebrity or other interesting yet private aspects of the event. These volunteer tees will allow your volunteers move freely through the event both among the guests and public attendees and behind the scenes – literally wherever their help is needed most.

Another place that one would find a lot of volunteers is at a school. Nearly every public and private school relies on a core group of volunteers to help things run more smoothly. Whether through day-to-day operations or at special events like school dances or festivals or other functions, volunteers help make everything go more smoothly. Why not show these folks (typically parents of the students attending the school in question) your gratitude by gifting them with a customized tee? You could include the school mascot, have the shirt done in the school colors, and then have the word “Volunteer” emblazoned across the back or at the breast pocket (or where one would be located!).

There are many uses for a Volunteer tee; you will find a way to use one, whether you are an organizer or a volunteer yourself.

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