How Many T-Shirts Should I Have in My Wardrobe?

How Many T-Shirts Should I Have in My Wardrobe and How Often Can I Wear the Same T-Shirt Without People Noticing?

This is a question that many people ask when they are stocking a wardrobe that is comfortable, causal and fashionable. The answer, however, is that there is no one right answer for everyone. Some people may want a lot more t-shirts in order to wear the same shirt less often and appear to have a much larger wardrobe. This is often the case for women who are concerned about the way their wardrobe will be perceived.

For people who work in casual environments or are still in school, they will need more t-shirts than someone who wears both casual and more formal clothing regularly. The number of t-shirt for someone who wears t-shirts every day should be at least 20 shirts. This will allow some to be in the laundry while others are ready to wear. It will also ensure that the same t-shirt will not have to be worn in the same two-week period.

If you are very concerned with not having people notice how often you wear a t-shirt, having at least 30 will make it possible to wear a different t-shirt every day of the month. If you work in a casual environment, this number will also make it possible to do laundry whenever it’s convenient instead of having to do it more often to keep your supply of t-shirts fresh.

For people who wear business clothing, uniforms and wear t-shirts less often, they will likely not need as many t-shirts in their wardrobe. Having about 10 to 15 t-shirts should be enough. This will supply enough t-shirts to wear to casual events, to wear on weekends and for casual days at the office.

To keep from wearing the same item too soon, many people try to keep track of when they last wore an item. People who are very concerned about this take a cue from celebrities and write down when they wore each item or put an index card on it with the last date it was worn. But that shouldn’t be necessary with t-shirts unless the t-shirt is going to a red-carpet event sometime soon. A better way to keep track is simply to plan a laundry day just for t-shirts every two or three weeks. That way, the clothing in it the laundry won’t be worn again for awhile.

If you have the space, create two piles and organize them for two different laundry days- One for items that were worn during the first two weeks of the month and another pile for t-shirts worn during the last two weeks of the month. This is an easy way to keep the supply of t-shirts organized so that they the same ones aren’t worn too often.

T-shirts should periodically be replaced, however, as they become worn or stained. A good t-shirt should last a long time with the proper care, but eventually it may need to be taken out of the rotation and replaced with a new one. This will keep the number of t-shirts steady and ensure that you always have something presentable to wear.

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