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How to Break in a New Baseball Hat

Baseball cap

Just when you thought you were the number one fan your favorite team up and changes its logo and entire uniform. This leaves you scrambling to the mall or department store to buy a new jersey and of course a new baseball cap sporting the new logo. Once at home you try on your new apparel and look into the mirror. While the jersey looks great, your new baseball cap is so poofy and stiff you look like an old time rail road conductor. With the season fast approaching you want to break in your new baseball cap and you don’t want to wait the weeks to months it can take to break in a baseball cap by simply wearing it everywhere you go.

Fortunately there are some tricks to getting your cap to break in quickly and have the old conductor’s hat fitting like a swimming cap. Here are some tips to help you break in your baseball cap quickly:

•    Rubber band trick: When you first buy your new baseball cap the bill of the hat is usually stiff and straight. To fix this, stuff the inside of the baseball cap with a shirt or two and take a heavy duty rubber band and place it tightly around the bill of the cap. This will create a nice bend and after a few nights of this the bill should be formed just the way you like it.

•    Bend the bill: If the rubber band trick is not doing it for you or you don’t have the patience for it then you can always resort to the old bend the bill method. Simply bend the bill back and forth until the desired contour is achieved.

•    Scrunch and crunch: To loosen up the fibers of the cap you can take it and simple scrunch and crunch it up. Treat it like an old piece of paper and do this for 20 minutes at a time. The result will be a cap that will be less stiff and better formed to your head.

•    Water torture: This trick works for all baseball caps, but especially well on wool caps. Take your new cap and soak it completely in warm water. Make sure that the cap is wet all the way through. Now take the cap out and without ringing it dry, put it on your head and let it dry. As the cap dries it will shrink itself up and because it is sitting on your head it will take the shape of your head. You may have to repeat this process a few times and deal with the discomfort of a wet head, but this is the best way to get your cap to fit your head as though it was custom made for it.

After all of that you simply need to wear the cap around as much as possible. Now you can enjoy the upcoming season sporting your team’s new logo and you don’t have to worry about anybody thinking you are going to yell, ‘All aboard.’ All that is left is for to cheer loudly for your favorite team and enjoy the season.

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  1. Andie

    It’s ashamed that many kids these days are wearing their baseball hats stiff with flat brims and the stickers still on them, they look stupid

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