How to Dress for an Interview


The way you dress for a job interview gives your potential boss a lot of information about you. They want to see someone who is dedicated and hard-working and who knows what they’re doing. If you come dressed properly for  a job interview, your potential boss will assume that you have no idea how to conduct yourself in an interview and may judge you pretty harshly. To avoid this, always dress very professionally, no matter what the actual job is.


No matter what the job title is, you need to wear a suit to an interview. This doesn’t have to mean a dark blue suit that lacks imagination, but it does mean that there is no substitute for a professional-looking suit.

If you are a man, wear a suit in a solid color and wear a long-sleeved shirt under it. Always wear a belt with your pants and have on a tie. No one will know if you have on a clip on tie, so it’s okay to go that route. Make sure you have on dark-colored socks and a dark-colored leather shoe. Never pair white socks with your shoes and never wear white or beige shoes to an interview.

If you are woman, you also must wear suit. It may not make you look your most fashionable, but it is necessary for projecting a professional image. A skirt suit is usually what is most appropriate, but it is perfectly acceptable to wear a pants suit as well. If you wear a skirt suit, make sure the skirt is not too short or you will ruin the professional image. If you wear a pants suit, make sure the pants are long enough to give you a slight break. This will make the length acceptable when you’re sitting down. You don’t want the pants to look like cropped pants no matter what position you’re in.

Wear a blouse that coordinates well with your skirt or pants. Wear very little jewelry, or no jewelry at all if none of your jewelry is professional looking. Any earrings should be no larger than a dime. If you are wearing a skirt, make sure you are wearing pantyhose. It may be out of style in many cases to wear pantyhose, but it is necessary during the interview process. Your shoes can be either flats or heels. Heels stand to look a little bit more professional, but a good pair of flats that match the outfit well and are in good condition can also be appropriate.


Ties for women went out in the 70s. Don’t wear one to interview. For men, make sure your tie is conservative. It should coordinate well with your suit as long as it is not too attention-getting. Stripes or even polka dots are acceptable for a tie as long as the pattern is small and the colors are neutral. Keep the width of your tie to current fashions. Ties that are too wide will look old-fashioned. A tie that is too thin may not look professional enough.

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