How to Dress Like a Bond Girl

If you are dressing like a Bond girl for an event or just because you admire the way they look, there are several ways to capture the look that the typical Bond girl exudes. You may have noticed how they all look very stylish and always impeccably elegant. This is the main look that Bond girls are known for and this is the one that you can imitate for your own Bond girl look.


To dress like a Bond girl look, skip the pants. You will need to wear the most elegant dress you can that shows off your figure. Most of the time these dresses are very long for a look that is classic, but they also have plenty of details to show off some skin. The dress should have a very low-cut neckline to look like a real Bond girl dress. It might also have a very low-cut back. The dress should generally also have a long slit in the side to show off your legs. For an over-the-top look, pair a brightly-colored garter with the dress that will be visible through the slit in the side. If you are wearing this look to a costume event, place a toy gun in the garter for a dangerous edge to your look.

There are a few colors that are perfect for a Bond girl dress. The best color is a plain black dress without any pattern or colored details. Another great color for your dress is a bright, fire engine red that makes heads turn when you walk in the room. Again, keep it solid colored and without any contrasting details. Another possibility is a gold dress for an homage to the 70s Bond girls or as a reference to the movie Goldfinger.


No matter what you wear as a Bond girl, always pair it with stiletto heels. A strappy heel is fine, but a pair of ultra-high stiletto pumps will work best. If you are wearing red, you can pair your dress with a pair of red heels. Any other colors that you wear will likely look best with black heels. Get the best quality shoes that you can in order to make the look as authentic as possible. Bond girls are known for their high-priced clothing, shoes and accessories


Pair your outfit with a small clutch purse. A bond girl doesn’t want to be overburdened with a large shoulder bag. Bond girls usually have very small clutch purses. If you have a clutch purse with any type of sparkles on it, it will work perfectly with the overall look. If you carry a shoulder bag, keep it small and sparkly as well. Stay away from glitter and instead look for purses that have sequins or metallic details.


Wear a few glittery pieces of jewelry with the outfit for the right finishing touch. If you have any diamonds, these will work well for a Bond girl look. You might also use some glittery fakes to add a little sparkle to your outfit.

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