Eco youth

How To Dress Like An Eco Youth

Eco youth

You may be asking yourself what exactly is an Eco Youth and how can you dress like one? Well, I can sum this up in a couple of words: hippy and bohemian. An Eco youth is someone who cares greatly about ecology and the planet. The things they wear and do are all with a saving the planet mentality.

The first thing you need to do is look online for stores that sell eco friendly clothing. This is clothing that is made with recycled materials or who use coloring and dyes that are earth friendly with a production process that does little to pollute the earth. A big part of eco fashion is not fashion really, but how these things are made.

With that said, you will need something to pull this look off so people know that you are eco friendly. You see it’s not enough that you know; everyone has to know as well. It’s a very look at me I’m better than you because I am eco friendly and you aren’t kind of lifestyle. Belligerence about it is sometimes needed as well.

Ok, to the tips!

1)    Always carry around one of those recyclable  ‘green’ grocery bags with you that have the word Green on it. This way everyone knows you are all about green stuff.
2)    Look online for clothing stores that feature green or eco clothing and articles. A great place to look as well is vintage stores and thrift stores. Recycled clothing at it’s finest.
3)    Buy your jewelry from vintage stores and don’t go buying real pearls, ever.
4)    On that note, you cannot wear anything made from animals; no leather or suede and snakeskin boots are definitely out!
5)    If you use any kind of beauty product, from shampoo to makeup you have to be sure none of it was tested on animals, has no animal proteins or whale blubber or anything like that in them. There are specific places that sell eco friendly products of this nature, search them out.
6)    Your clothing should be made of cotton, silk, bamboo or any other type of sustainable thread. Clothing and shoes made from hemp is a great way to go for this look.

The Eco Youth look is not any one particular fashion or look, it’s all about what clothing you are wearing, what it is made of and how it was made. If you are wearing something that was made by a company who is serious about being green then wear whatever you want from them.

This style is not a fashion style; it is a way of life. It is about how you try to reduce your carbon footprint in the world. How you handle electricity use, fossil fuel use and all about recycling everything you can include in your choice in clothing. Wearing vintage clothing is preferred as it is already there and your buying it will not make someone go out and say “Hey we need to make even more stuff!” Eco Fashion is all about saving the planet and looking good while you do it.

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