How To Dress Like Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a well-known celebrity who has seen a variety of different images throughout her years, despite the fact that she is still only in her twenties. In fact she still gives the impression of different images in the way she dresses. Britney’s style is very different onstage and on the red carpet than when she is relaxed or with her kids. Copying Britney’s casual style is very easy and inexpensive. Copying her dress-up style will cost you a little more out of pocket.

Britney’s at-home style is very relaxed. She is often seen in jeans or jean shorts, paired with a printed T-shirt. She often layers shirts also. This fun, young look is very popular with her. Her vacation look is purely bikinis. Britney often wears items that are revealing. In fact it is rare to see her wearing something that is not eye-catching. She even combines bikini tops and shorts for a casual look.

Britney does not shy away from color. She wears lots of pink, brown, green, blue, purple, yellow and all sorts of patterns and designs. She gravitates towards busy, bright patterns and can pull them off. Glamour, bling, metallics and anything to catch attention is true Britney Spears style, especially when she is on stage.

Britney loves all types of accessories. She often sports baseball hats in a variety of colors, styles and designs. She is also fond of jewelry like belly button rings, dangling earrings and bangles. One of her favorite accessories is an oversized bag. She is almost always wearing big, dark sunglasses or aviator sunglasses. Strappy high heels are also a favorite of hers and a staple in most outfits from casual ones to on-stage ones. Flip flops are also a Britney Spears wardrobe necessity. However, like every fashion diva she also loves her long, fitted boots.

In your search to find the clothes that Britney wears, some great sites will help you find those outfits so you can dress like your favorite pop star including Guess, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, or Wet Seal.

One of the keys to mimicking Britney’s fashion style is to be confident in your own skin and be willing to wear things that are a little daring and provocative. Even her casual girl next door look typically has a sexy edge to it. Short shorts or a form fitting tee turn shorts and a T-shirt into a pin-up look. Dressing like Britney definitely means showing off more than a little skin.

If you want to adopt her custom-made T-shirt look printed with whatever is on your mind, you can do so easily. You can simply choose a T-shirt in any color you like and have your favorite saying printed on it. Custom-made T-shirts are a great way to copy the style of a star who favors them. When dressing like Britney, choosing a T-shirt that is fitted is also a great idea.

Get started investing in your Britney Spears clothes and accessories so before long, you’ll be dressed like Britney.

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