Ninja mask

How to Make a Ninja Mask Out of a T-Shirt

Ninja mask

Need a quick costume? Need a very cheap costume? Just want to have a little fun and amuse your friends with your t-shirt skills? It doesn’t get much cheaper, easier and more impressive than making a ninja mask out of an ordinary t-shirt. A quick t-shirt ninja mask can be made any time and in any place. If you’re running late and need a costume for a party, you can make it on the way to the party- as long as you’re not the one who’s driving. The mask can be made with any color t-shirt, though a black or dark-colored t-shirt will usually look the best.

If you have a black, white, or dark-colored t-shirt that has printing on it, it is possible to arrange the t-shirt so that the printing doesn’t show when it becomes a ninja mask. The easiest way to do this is simply to turn the t-shirt inside out so that no part of the printing shows. The seams may show once the mask is completed, but ninjas do tend to get their own way. Maybe you’re a ninja who wants the seams to show.

Hold the t-shirt up against the front of your body. If you want the eventual result to be an inside-out t-shirt, keep it turning outside out. If you want the completed mask to be outside out, turn the shirt inside out before you begin making the mask. The t-shirt should be turned around so that the tag is on the side that’s farthest away from you.

Then, pull the shirt upward as if you were going to put it down over your head. Instead of putting your head through the neck hole, pull down on the neck so that your face is sticking through the neck hole. The neck of the t-shirt should be all the way around your face.

Take a sleeve in each of your hands and wrap each sleeve all the way around. Each sleeve should come around the back of your head. The sleeves can then be tied together in one knot that will be in the middle of the back of your head. Pull the top of the neck hole down over your forehead. Then, fold the top part of the collar upward so that the neck isn’t hanging in your eyes. This folded area can be moved down to sit at eye-brow level. This will give you a slightly menacing look and will be an important part of your ninja mask.

Take the bottom part of the t-shirt’s neck hole and pull it upward until it covers your nose. If the tag of the t-shirt is at your nose, everything is in the right place. To hide the tag, fold the collar over it. This will keep it out of the way and your new ninja mask looking fierce. If you have trouble with folding the tag under, try trimming the tag down as low as you can first. This will make it easier to conceal it and easier for you to look like a convincing ninja.

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