How to Remove Mold From Your T-Shirt

Mold spores are always in the air, and they are always searching for ways to begin growing on any surface. When something is wet for a prolonged period of time, those spores start to infiltrate the item and will soon begin growing mold. Mold can be extremely dangerous for those with mold allergies, and it can plague the sinuses and noses of those who aren’t. It also leaves unsightly stains on t-shirts that can be difficult to remove. But, with a little work, many moldy t-shirts can be made free of mold and ready to wear.

There are a few easy-to-find, inexpensive substances that are extremely useful for getting rid of mold. One of these is vinegar. Specifically, white vinegar is a strong chemical for getting rid of many types of stains, but it will not stain your clothes. It is one of the best and most natural substances for killing mold and restoring a t-shirt.

White vinegar can be used in the washing machine to get rid of small amounts of mold. It can be poured directly into the wash along with the detergent, or it can be added on its own during the rinse cycle. It will also get rid of the smell that mold can leave behind on clothes even after the mold has been removed.

If there is a lot of mold on the t-shirt, getting rid of as much mold as possible before the t-shirt is washed can help the vinegar to be more effective. To do this, use a small scrub brush outdoors to brush away the mold. If this is done inside, it can adversely affect the health of those in the home by putting the mold into the air. Once the mold has been scrubbed away, you can leave the t-shirt lying in the sun. This will allow the heat of the sun to kill the spores that remain on the shirt.

Once this has been done, the t-shirt can be put into the washer and washed with vinegar. It may take more than one washing cycle to completely get rid of the remaining mold stain and the moldy smell. If any of the mold persists, you may have to choose a harsher substance to get rid of the mold.

Ordinary laundry bleach is another effective substance against mold, but only if the t-shirt is white. If the t-shirt is another color, it will likely be ruined by using bleach.. If the mold is heavy, it should be brushed away outdoors before using the bleach. To use it, just let the t-shirt soak in bleach for about 10 minutes. Then, rinse the t-shirt and let it dry outdoors in the sun. Once it has dried, add it to the laundry and wash it as usual. Use a little white vinegar in the wash if the mold smell remains on the shirt.

If the mold spot is small, try soaking just the moldy portion of the t-shirt in bleach before it’s washed. This will cause less damage to the t-shirt but will remove the offending mold from the fabric.

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