How to Stretch Your T-Shirt

We’ve all got that one t-shirt that would fit perfectly if we could just stretch it out a bit. Chances are, your t-shirt fell victim to one of the most common culprits, the washer and dryer. Or, maybe you bought it a little too small because the t-shirt was unique or too good a deal to pass up but the store did not have quite your size. Whatever the reason for your ill fitting t-shirt, it’s time to stop looking in your closet, pulling out the t-shirt, and putting it back. Stretch that baby and give it some wear time!

There are a couple methods for stretching a t-shirt that can be used when either the garment is wet or dry. The first one involves simply trying to stretch the t-shirt by pulling on it. While most people may try just tugging on the shirt in its poorly fitted places when it’s dry and on their body, this method isn’t usually successful. In fact, if your t-shirt has graphics on it, it may distort them and give away your attempt to stretch your t-shirt. Stretching a t-shirt while it is wet is most successful.

The first step after wetting the shirt is to lay it on a flat surface and start pulling gently on the fabric in the areas that you need to stretch out. You should pull lengthwise and crosswise during your stretching process. After you’ve stretched out the wet shirt, hang it to dry. A second tactic to use while the t-shirt is wet is to stretch it with an iron. The heat setting of the iron should be on a low to medium. Gently run the iron over the problem area pushing out the fabric lengthwise and crosswise. As with hand stretching, hang the t-shirt to air dry. A final method that can be attempted is to use your iron on a dry shirt using the same technique as above. This method however is likely to only be successful in situations where limited stretching is needed.

Having a larger sized family member or friend put on your shirt and wear it may sound like another option for stretching out your t-shirt. However, you’d better think carefully before you choose someone to help you out with this! If the size differential between you and your friend or family member is too great, you’ll ruin your shirt. However, if the differential is not great enough, you may get little or no stretching. Therefore, depending on how much the shirt needs to be stretched and if you have the right individual to utilize for the process, this idea may work. However, you may undo all your stretching work when you wash the t-shirt prior to wearing it yourself.

Are you ready to take on stretching that t-shirt and make it fit properly? Then drag it out of the closet and figure out just how much stretching you’ll need to do to achieve the fit you’re after. Just remember – the stretching techniques used for wet shirts work best for t-shirts that need a whole lot of stretching. Finally, remember each time you wash your t-shirt you might need to repeat the whole process to get that perfect fit again. Happy stretching!

9 thoughts on “How to Stretch Your T-Shirt

  1. Rosanna Wagner

    Thank you so much for this tip! I ordered some cute cotton baby tee polo shirts for work after begging my boss to let me wear them instead of the huge “man” polo shirts I was wearing. The only problem is they only had xxs, xs, xl, and xxl. I usually wear a small or medium depending on the brand, but I was stubborn and got the extra smalls and now I’m nervous. I haven’t gotten them yet, but I’m pretty sure they won’t fit, but now I don’t have to worry because of this post! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  2. Bill

    This is an awesome tip. Got such a unique shirt, from a friend 10,000 miles away, I could not bear to tell her that it shrank two sizes the first time I washed it!

  3. adamn hernia

    Sounds successful; haven’t tried it yet but am looking forward to stretching my shirts 🙂

  4. Carlos

    yeah!!!! i just hit a growth spurt and all my shirts were way too small but thats not the case anymore thanks to this

  5. matt

    I just got a t-shirt i am required to wear on a field trip, It is two sizes too small, and just by pulling on it, it fits great. thanks for the tip.

  6. Amber Nicole Stuart

    Thanks!I just bought an awesome shirt from goodwill and didnt have time to try it on and besides it was the only one!I tried it one when i got home and no dice 🙁 i was so upset!then i found this post and u really made my day!Thanks so much for the tip!i will try this out tomorrow b/c it’s after 1 am and im going to bed.

  7. Elie

    Sounds good. I have this reallyyyy cute shirt made out of rayonne (I think..) ugh. ): I washed it BY HAND and let it dry on its own.. Could softer shrink clothes..? >.<

  8. Rubi

    Thankyou, I got a shirt for a mission trip I am going on to help aborigines in a few months and I have put on a few kilograms Since we orderd them so I was freaking out that it isn’t going to fit so hopefully this will help

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