Is Showing Cleavage Slutty?


Many people wonder about whether following the current fashion of showing cleavage will be seen by others as slutty or whether it is simply keeping up with the latest styles. In most cases, it all depends on two factors- how much cleavage is shown and where the cleavage-baring outfit is being worn.
In most cases, churches and schools are places where showing cleavage will likely be considered inappropriate and therefore slutty. Avoid wearing outfits that show cleavage to these places, or put on a jacket to cover it if you have on an outfit that does bare some cleavage.

In general, wearing an outfit that shows cleavage is usually considered inappropriate in the workplace. Unless you work in an adult business, cleavage can be considered slutty because it takes attention away form the work that is being done. A professional outfit is one that conveys competence and being at the workplace to do the work. A shirt or dress that shows cleavage says that the worker is there to show off fashions and to attract attention rather than to work. This is why cleavage is usually seen as inappropriate and unprofessional.

When the situation you are going into requires you to look professional or serious, such as a meeting at a bank or with a business associate, the general rule is that cleavage is not appropriate. This is almost universally true during the day, but at night there may be some occasions when showing cleavage is acceptable.

If you have a business meeting in the evening, such as a dinner meeting, showing some cleavage may be acceptable in those situations. Evening attire and what is expected in the evening is often far different from the attire that is expected during the day. For evening meetings and events, showing a modest amount of cleavage will usually not be considered slutty.

If the event will involve family, such as a family lunch or dinner with extended family and family friends, showing cleavage will often be considered inappropriate. Consider the feelings of the people you will be with and what their reaction may be to showing cleavage in their presence.

If you are going to a wedding, the time of day is often the deciding factor. An afternoon wedding is generally not a good place to show cleavage. However, evening weddings are events that call for full glamour, and showing cleavage is often part of that look.

If you are going out on the town and wanting to get a little attention form the people around you, showing some cleavage is not only acceptable, it’s expected in most cases. The key to showing cleavage and staying in fashion without looking slutty is to take care not to show too much cleavage. If there is in danger of a possible wardrobe malfunction, you are showing too much cleavage.

If you are heading out on a first or second date, showing a very small area of cleavage may be stylish without giving the wrong impression.

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  1. anonymous

    The girl in the picture is showing too much. Cleavage is inappropriate in public even if it’s at night. It makes you look like you belong in a strip club and makes you look like you want to get laid by a random guy.

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