What Shirts Make You Look Built? How to Show Off Your Physique

There are many types of clothing that will make you look more or less built. The trick is to know what will work with your specific body type. There is no one shirt or one pair of pants that will make every guy look built. The key is to tailor your look to be strengths and faults of your own individual shape.

One of the first things to think about is how well your weight is serving you. Are you overweight? If so, you need to conceal certain areas while showing off your best features. For many overweight guys, it’s best to concentrate on your broad shoulders rather than your chest and arm areas. To do this, wear a dark colored T-shirt, such as black or navy blue, and wear a lighter-colored over shirt over it. The over shirt should be a button up shirt with a light background color and vertical stripes on it. Leave the shirt unbuttoned, or leave a few top buttons unbuttoned. This will make your chest area look smaller because of the darker undershirt, but it will emphasize the shape of your shoulders. The vertical stripes will make you look leaner overall as well as taller.

If you are not overweight, you will want to draw attention to your best features. If your arms are well developed, wear a T-shirt that has very short sleeves that will show off your biceps. You can wear an A-shirt, which is a sleeveless shirt that is often cut low in the front, but this is generally not considered to be appropriate for many situations. If you are outdoors doing yard work, however, this type of shirt will certainly show off your physique. Another way to do this is to wear a plain white undershirt with a V-neck. This will show off your biceps as well and showing off a little bit of your chest.

If you are underweight, you want to make yourself look built by building up your figure. You can often do this by wearing layered shirts such as a thick undershirt along with an outer T-shirt or button-up shirt. If you wear a shirt that is too large, it will actually make you look smaller because the shirt will be far too baggy. To avoid this, make sure your clothing fits well but is not tight enough emphasize your lack of muscle. A shirt with horizontal stripes is often the best bet for this physique because it will make your chest, shoulders and arms look broader.

No matter what your build is, avoid wearing something that is skintight. This is almost never an attractive look on the guy. If he is well-built, this can make him look conceded, which is rarely attractive. If he is thin, it only emphasizes his lack of muscles. If he is a normal size, it will only look as if he’s not sure what size he wears. Stick with the colors and cuts that will be flattering in order to best show off your shape.

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