Why Create Custom School Class T-Shirts?

One great way to solidify your class spirit is to design and order custom-made t-shirts for your class. T-shirts are an inexpensive and memorable way to get creative and bond your class together. Whether you make t-shirts for the entire class, or just for a few of your friends, wearing them can help you show your spirit and bond with others at the same time.

Say your school is having a spirit week. What better way to cheer yourselves on than with t-shirts proclaiming your pride? In a school of four or more grade levels, you can make yourselves stand out immediately by walking the halls in your matching t-shirts. Giving your classmates a basic uniform-type outfit to wear during spirit week (such as your custom-made t-shirts with a pair of khakis or jeans) will help boost their excitement and inspire their competitive spirit. The t-shirts make the week even more special.

You could also make class t-shirts for incoming freshman. Handing out custom t-shirts to incoming students shows the school is excited to receive them, and gives them a sense of the solidarity of the group right away. It is important for each class to have its own identity, and you can help by giving the new class that gift as they walk into school for the first time.Another great time for t-shirts would be during a time of high stress, like exam week. With everyone worried and tired, studying for finals or midterms, why not lighten the mood by creating exam time t-shirts for everyone in your class? You can put jokes on the t-shirts about each teacher, perhaps ranking the tests in order of how much people dread each one. These t-shirts could help put things in perspective for students who are feeling at the end of their rope. It will remind them that everyone else is going through it, too, and that the world will go on, even after exam week.

Along the same lines, class t-shirts can be great unifiers in times of crisis or trial. If, in the worst case scenario, something happens to one of your classmates or teachers, you can make t-shirts to show your support and solidarity. Matching t-shirts with a message can give people a surprising amount of strength during a hard time. Like with the exam week t-shirts, they will help show unity and persistence.

Or perhaps a major issue in your school or community is putting your class under pressure. Issues like funding, teachers, and extra-curriculars are always important to students. If there is a cause that you and your classmates believe is important, you can make your voices heard by wearing t-shirts stating your views or your support.

Class t-shirts also make great mementos. Years down the line, you will take your class t-shirt out of the closet and remember the times you had with your classmates, good and bad, during your formative years. Give your class the gift of preserving time, if only in the smallest sense.

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