Why Do People Wear T-Shirt Undershirts?

You find out rather young why people wear t-shirt undershirts. You learn why the first time you wear a nice white dress shirt without an undershirt a few times. Soon, that same beloved white dress shirt is white everywhere except two places. One place is under your right arm and the other is under your left. Now, it might be worse under you right arm than your left. In fact if you are a righty it usually will be. If you are a lefty, it will be worse under your left. But, make no mistake about it. Soon your white dress shirt will have two yellowish, brownish stains under them. This is not a very pleasant sight to most people and is it professional looking? Forget it.

Now you can go ahead and launder that shirt with the very best of detergents. I mean, go ahead, and add bleach. Do whatever you want to do. Take your shirts to be dry-cleaned if you want. But, in the end, you will still have a shirt with two stains. This happens, unless of course, you wear a t-shirt undershirt. See the difference as the stain eventually effects your undershirts but not your dress shirts so much. You remain looking great in your white dress shirt because, yes, it actually remains a white dress shirt everywhere. You even look professional again.

T-shirt undershirts even make you smell better. That’s right. They make you smell better. No matter how much underarm deodorant you wear, you will still smell at least a little as the day moves on. For some, it is not just a little smell, but a lot. Your t-shirt, while not a deodorant in and of itself, keeps your smell from heading out to the world where it can do damage. That is, where it can do damage to others. We are usually blissfully unaware of our own stink. So, there is all the more reason to be careful and wear an undershirt.

T-shirt undershirts have many other great uses too. For one, they simply look good and give you a polished look even in more casual outfits. Seeing that undershirt at your opened color tells others that you care about your appearance. It does make you look good. What’s more it’s not a parka, but a t-shirt undershirt also gives you just a little more warmth on brisk days. The undershirt, usually made out of 100% cotton is also usually more comfortable against your skin then whatever shirt you are wearing on the outside.

So, in many ways, the undershirt is a big part of the overall wardrobe. There are usually many in all of our drawers. Tough is the day when the drawer is empty because they are all in the wash. That’s when we know we let the laundry go too long. That’s when we know we need to have more on hand. Those undershirts are just too important.

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