Layered shirts

Why Wear Two Layered T-Shirts At The Same Time

Layered shirts

T-shirts are a fun part of any wardrobe. You can use them in a variety of ways to easily spice up your wardrobe. They are an inexpensive way to add color to an outfit and change the look of it. They easily work in casual situations, as well as more structured ones. One of the fun things about T-shirts is how well they work for layering. In fact most layered looks include at least one tee. Many people even opt to layer two shirts over each other for a variety of reasons.

Often times, layering is simply in order to stay dry and warm. By doubling up with two short sleeve T-shirts, the under layer will keep sweat away from your body, while the upper layer will serve to keep you warm and comfortable. This is a very useful technique for those who exercise outside. Opt for lightweight, non-cotton tees as the layer next to the skin.

Some people have a problem with excess perspiration and wear two T-shirts at once to deal with the problem. By layering, the under T-shirt tends to hold the worst of the sweat and the individual can still give the appearance of being dry and confident with the outer tee.

Some people layer in order to get more wear out a favorite T-shirt or one that needs to be worn often. Whether you have a T-shirt for work, a special event or some other reason that needs to be worn regularly, you will be able to get away with washing it less often if you layer another T-shirt under it. Typically our T-shirts need to go in the washer because we have worn it next to our skin and it has absorbed oils and odors. However, with T-shirt layering, the under shirt is the one that gets the dirt. This works great as long as you don’t do something to get the outer layer dirty too.

Sometimes individuals choose to layer T-shirts if the shirt next to the skin is see through. With age some T-shirts wear out to a point that you can see through them easily. Other shirts are transparent even when new. If you are uncomfortable wearing such shirts but still love the style, feel or design of the tee and want to wear it, a good option is to layer it under other T-shirts.

Many people simply love the look of 2 layered T-shirts and wear them as a part of their personal fashion style. It allows you to easily throw in a touch of color to your outfit or to create a fun color combination in your clothes that stands out. Layering T-shirts in the two colors of your favorite sports team is a popular layering style.

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