Get Engaged and Show the World with a T-Shirt

Being engaged is often one of the happiest times in a person’s life. You have found some one that you dearly love, someone that complements you better than any one else in the world. And to top it all off, that person feels the same way about you. You decide that you have reached the point in your relationship when it’s only natural that you should head to the chapel. Once you’ve picked the date, a whirlwind of events ensues.

One of the things that characterizes the engagement period quite a bit is the process of planning the wedding. In fact, most people equate wedding planning and engagement in their minds. This is probably due to the fact that the moment the bride slips that ring on her finger, she begins imagining her perfect day. The perfect church or garden to host the big event is usually first on the menu. Choosing a design for the cake and a great baker to do the job follows shortly thereafter. Deciding what colors and flowers she likes can be a perplexing ordeal. Oh, and let’s not forget the dress. The search for the perfect dress is no small task in the wedding planning process.

With all of this decision making and logistical planning, the bride is likely to get a little drained and overwhelmed before too long. Creating her dream wedding is exciting. For many brides, however, planning a wedding can be a full time job! You don’t often see the groom fretting over his dream tux. Finding the perfect tux is usually a one stop shopping experience for the groom and his wedding party. Grooms that aren’t feeling the heat during their upcoming nuptials due to all the planning need to show their brides-to-be how much they appreciate all their hard work.

If you’re approaching your wedding day, you’ve probably bought your bride-to-be more than one gift. We know at least one of those gifts involved a very special piece of jewelry. But this “thanks for planning our wedding” gift needs to be a one of a kind. Show her you care with an originally designed t-shirt just for her. A shirt can communicate whatever you feel to your fiancée. This is an opportunity to her how you feel about her in a way that she can wear over and over again. There is no doubt that she’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness and originality.

Now if you really want to give her a gift, have one made for yourself as well. Maybe choose a phrase to print on your original shirt that tells her how excited you are to be her husband and that she’s your one and only. What bride wouldn’t love a shirt that says “I love my wife” in her husband’s closet. Wear your love and devotion on your very sleeve, literally. Diamonds are a girls best friend, but a uniquely printed shirt designed by her new hubby will put a lasting smile on your bride-to-be’s face.

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