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What To Wear Camping

Camping is simply one of those activities that you love or hate. True camping aficionados will do it year round regardless of temperature or terrain. However, most people who enjoy camping are fine weather friends to the activity. They enjoy camping when it is warm and dry outside and love the opportunity to be at one with nature. Nothing beats the sound of falling asleep listening to the peaceful sounds of nature, unless of course you prefer to be lulled to sleep by the sweet hum of an air conditioner.

When you embark on a camping trip, there is always the question of what to wear and it is closely tied to the fact that camping requires a lot of packing. Therefore you want to make the best use of the clothes you choose to bring camping by opting for multi-purpose clothes. It is also important to bring clothing that you can layer. If the night turns cold you will want to be able to add another layer and keep warm. Bringing a warm-up suit that can be used to sleep in is a great choice in terms of versatile clothing.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of material the clothes are made from. It is important to choose items that can dry quickly and are lightweight. These will keep you comfortable and dry, while allowing you to do a little laundry by hand so you can wear these things repeatedly. This allows you to bring the least amount of clothes and saves packing space. It is also the perfect type of clothing to keep you cool and comfortable on warm days in the summer – the high season for camping.

Be sure to choose protective clothing appropriate to the area you are going. You may need hiking boots or at least closed shoes to comfortably walk to the area in which you are camping. If you are planning to go to any of the areas where ticks are abundant long pants tucked into your socks and long sleeved shirts are essential choices. Even if you are not crazy about that fashion statement, it will keep you healthy. If your main choices for tops are tank tops, bring along a lightweight shirt with short sleeves to protect your shoulders from the sun at least occasionally.

For most camping expeditions to less wild places, shorts, T-shirts, bathing suits and sandals or flip flops will be the uniform of choice. Many campgrounds are located on the water or have swimming pools available for use. You will want to bring a comfortable bathing suit that you can have fun in. Warmer clothing for the evening may still be necessary. Be sure to check the weather before you go to be sure that you know what to expect and how to be best prepared.

By choosing your camping attire wisely you will have fewer things to bring along but will still be ready for anything that comes your way. Remember camping is all about fun and getting away from it all so don’t sweat the details too much.

Amelia Earhart

How To Dress Up Like Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is a true American heroine. She is one of the few women featured in American history and was a pioneer in aviation. In addition to being an award-winning pilot and the first woman to pilot many historic voyages, she was also an acclaimed author of books about her own experiences. Her disappearance in 1937 was a mystery that still fascinates many. Dressing up like Amelia Earhart is a great testimonial to history and encourages others to learn more about this historical figure.

Dressing up like Amelia Earhart can be done in a variety of ways. You can opt for a dressy Amelia Earhart look or an all-business in-the-cockpit look. Either way, the distinguishing features that will set your costume apart from just a “period” look and make you clearly stand out as Amelia Earhart is the addition of the leather helmet and flying goggles that are typical of pilots of her era.

If you choose to dress up like Amelia Earhart in an everyday outfit or a dressy outfit, you will have a variety of looks to choose from. Flapper dresses were very popular in the 1930s and many of the pictures of Amelia show her in this style. Two piece suits with long straight skirts and a jacket over a blouse was also a common style for her. This was also one of the first times in history when women were beginning to wear pants. Earhart was often photographed in pant suits and pants with a blouse and jacket. She was often shown in bomber jackets and a short tan leather jackets. Her wardrobe was made up of very loose-fitting garments. Scarves were Amelia Earhart’s most commonly chosen accessory.

To dress up like Amelia Earhart, you will need to shy away from colorful clothes and prints. Her wardrobe was mostly of somber colors like navy, shades of brown, tan, khaki and green. Her blouses were mostly plain white.

If you are looking to create an Amelia Earhart at work look, you will need to find a one-piece set of coveralls, similar to what a mechanic would wear today. As she was a pioneer among women, there were no female flying suits available and pictures of her ready for flight show that the suits she wore were very unflattering. Shoes were always flat and utilitarian also. A set of coveralls, the leather helmet and the flying goggles are the three essential items for an Amelia ready-for-flight look.

Despite some rather unfashionable styles, especially when it came to what she wore in the cockpit, Amelia Earhart always had a beaming smile. She looked genuinely happy to do what she was doing, especially in action photos, as opposed to the more formal, publicity shots, which always looked contrived. To help pull off your genuine Amelia Earhart look, smile lots.

Do some research into 1930s era clothing for women. Opt for the most conservative of those items and throw in lots of pants and you have Amelia Earhart’s style. You can easily create a genuine costume that calls to mind a true American hero: Amelia Earhart.

Pippi Longstocking

How to Dress Like Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking is a fictional character from a series of children’s books. Pippi is a child living in a Swedish village with just her monkey and her horse. She doesn’t live with any relatives or adults and spends most of her time with two children who live next door, with whom she shares many adventures. Pippi is very cunning and very adventurous and is quick to dupe any adult who does not treat her and her friends nicely. Pippi is also unusually strong and can even pick up her horse with her own two hands.

To go along with her adventurous spirit, Pippi has a style all her own. With her mismatched clothes and whimsical hair, she is a sight to behold! And dressing like Pippi Longstocking can be as much of a crazy experience as the girl herself. Fun and easy, dressing like Pippi Longstocking just takes some preparation and a sense of adventure.

The most recognizable thing about Pippi Longstocking’s appearance is her hair. It’s fiery red and done up in braids that stick out straight from her head. Most people don’t have red hair, so a wig is a good option when trying to get the Pippi look. If you have hair that’s long enough, you can duplicate the style even if it’s not red. Part your hair in the middle and braid each half into equal braids. Slide a wire such as a straightened clothes hanger or some pipe cleaners down the center of each braid to get them to stick out. To make the look authentically Pippi, spray your hair with temporary red hair color. You should be able to find this at a costume shop. At the end of each braid tie a strip of brightly colored fabric or ribbon in a bow.

The next most noticeable element of Pippi’s style is her mismatched wardrobe. Pippi is often in a dress, usually a patchwork jumper. If you can’t find a patchwork jumper you can always use a brightly colored or patterned jumper that you can get at a thrift store or department store. Short overalls are another option if you can’t find a jumper. Wear either the overalls or the jumper over a turtle neck or bright t-shirt to complete the outfit.

On her feet and legs Pippi wears knee high socks in a variety of bright colors and patterns. Find some knee high socks to wear, even if they don’t match, and you’ll get the Pippi look. Add some big clunky shoes, maybe lace-up leather boots or chunky clogs. You could also try some Converse sneakers to get the look.

Pippi was a little girl so not much makeup is required except to replicate her famous freckles on your face. Use an eyeliner pencil or some costume makeup to dot freckles across your nose and cheeks.

Pippi Longstocking is an iconic image in children’s literature. Dressing like Pippi is fun and easy as long as you have the right materials. Once you do you can pull off the look in no time.

Burning man

What to Wear to Burning Man

Burning man

Burning Man is a yearly event that is held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and gets its name from the burning of the effigy that takes place on the last Saturday night of the event. The event is usually held the last Monday of August and runs until Labor Day. This event is usually accompanied by radical self expression and is a chance for experimental community to take place. So what should you wear to Burning Man?

It should be noted that Burning Man is a ‘clothing optional’ event so if you are planning on going, then be prepared for that. However, if you want on a little more that your birthday suit, here are some tips:

•    Shoes:
First and foremost you will want to get a comfortable pair of shoes. Burning Man will have you walking and walking a lot. There is what is known as playa dust all around and if your feet are not adequately covered then you can be susceptible to ‘Playa Foot’ which is a type of irritating burn. While not serious it can hinder the amount of fun you can have. You should wear either sneakers or work boots but you absolutely need to wear socks. You can also soak you feet at night to keep them fresh for the next day’s activities.
•    Get goggles: In the dessert a sand storm can whip up at any minute. To protect your eyes you can bring a pair of goggles. You can get the kind that fir over your glasses or get a more contemporary looking pair, but be sure your eyes are protected.
•    Dust masks: For the same reason you need goggles it is a good idea to have a dust mask handy. If you don’t want to use the traditional dust mask you can use any number of fun and stylish bandannas that can be worn around your neck and then used to mask your face from dust if need be.
•    Dress in layers: The dessert can be hot in the day and cold at night. Dressing in layers will not only add to your costume but it will also allow you to stay comfortable no matter what the temperature is.
•    Wear a hat: Find a fun and wild hat that you can wear that will not only add to your costume but will also help protect you from the elements.
•    Get colorful and creative: When it comes to Burning Man, the more color in your costume the better. Get creative and remember it is all about the art so feel free to experiment and go wild. Be sure that all of your decorations are either securely sewn onto your costume or hot glued on so that you don’t leave anything behind when you leave. Feathers are not a good idea as they can come off rather easily.

When you return home from Burning Man, don’t just throw your cloths in the washing machine. They will be filled with dust and that dust will turn to mud if thrown straight into your machine. Use a leaf blower to blow out the excess dust first and then you can wash your clothing as normal.

High waist skirt

What to Wear with a High Wasted Skirt

High waist skirt

High wasted skirts have seemed to make their way back into the fashion front as of late. These ultra slimming skirts are a play on the traditional pencil skirt that is of course worn high on the hips to give the appearance of longer and sexier legs. These skirts can be found in a variety of styles such as zipper front and side button, and materials such as spandex, wool, and polyester. What this all equals is more of an opportunity for you to incorporate this revived fashion into your everyday wardrobe. But what do you wear with a high waisted skirt?

Because the point to a high wasted skirt is to give the appearance of elongated legs you will want to wear things with your high wasted skirt that accentuate or call attention to that. You must also take into consideration the occasion you will be wearing the skirt and what the skirt looks like. Here a few ways that you can incorporate high wasted skirts into your everyday clothing lineup:

•    Denim skirt: If your high waisted skirt is denim then you can wear a white blouse that is made of a lightweight material. You will of course tuck in the shirt so that you can show off the fact that you are wearing a high waisted skirt and you can tie the outfit in with a fashionable wide belt. If it is cooler out then pair the outfit with a gray cardigan. For footwear you can go with gladiator shoes which are currently all the rage in Hollywood and will look perfect with this style.
•    Solid colored skirts: For a more casual look with a solid color high waisted skirt you can simply go with a bright v-neck or a cool graphic tee. Again you will tuck these in and use a wide belt to tie the outfit together. Your shoes can be ballerina flats or even heels if you like. Add even more fun to the mix by wearing a pair of black tights underneath. For a more formal look with a solid colored skirt you can wear an Oxford sweater tucked in and use a belt that is a loud color that will draw attention to itself. Heels are a must when going formal.
•    Skirts with patterns: If the skirt has a floral print then you will want to stick with solid color tees that are either crew neck or v-neck and tuck them in. The belt should match one of the colors in the pattern and so should your shoes. You can get a little creative in this department and wear calf high boots to enhance the fun look. If the skirt has an animal print then you can enhance that by a dark colored vest tops tucked in that have chunky silver or gold jewelry on them. Heels go great with the animal print look.

Remember, the purpose of a high wasted skirt is only apparent if you tuck in your shirts so everyone can see the fact that you have one on. If you leave your shirt untucked, nobody but you will know what it is you are wearing.


What to Wear on Vacation in Europe


If you are planning a trip to Europe you are in for a wonderful time and will experience things that you may never experience again. What is very important when you do visit Europe though that many Americans may not take into consideration is the way you dress. If you go looking like ‘an American’ you will be labeled as such and you could miss out on a whole bunch of things as many Europeans are on the stuffy side and will tend to judge you by the way you dress. So how should you dress when on vacation in Europe?

Europe is a big place and depending on where you are going it could be hot and balmy or cool and crisp so it pays to be prepared for anything. Here are some tips for how you should plan on dressing when you are getting ready to head over to Europe:

•    Classy cloths: Again, many Europeans will judge you solely on the cloths you are wearing. Unfortunately for you, the bulk of the people you will meet in Europe are hotel workers, restaurant worker, and so on. In order to get the good rooms, good tables, and good food you should always dress as though you have it coming to you.
•    Slacks as opposed to jeans: Jeans started gaining popularity in the 1990s in Europe but there are still a great number of places that won’t even let you cross the threshold if you are wearing a pair. A nice pair of comfy slacks made of wool and polyester will have you feeling and looking great and will be much more excepted wherever it is you go in Europe.
•    Dress in layers: This goes back to the point about being ready for any type of weather and climate. Europe has the tendency to even change from town to town when it comes to temperature, humidity, rain or shine, you name it. A great way to be prepared is by layering your clothing. What this means is that you are simply going to wear items that can easily be removed and then added back as the weather permits. Always start off with the most layers on in the morning and then adjust as the day goes on.  Make sure that you look great no matter what layer you may find yourself in.
•    Shoes: Europeans love their shoes and you will notice a great number of them looking at your feet way before they ever look into your eyes. The most important rule with shoes in Europe is to have a pair that is already broken in. If you look like you just bought them to fit in, you’ll be a dead giveaway and almost instantly be labeled as ‘the American.’ Be aware of what shoes you are wearing with your outfit and as cozy as those old white sneakers are, leave them at home.

Europe is definitely a wonderful place to visit and your trip can be even more enjoyable if you follow the local rule; cloths make the man. Dress classy and comfy and you will never go wrong.


What to Wear Bicycling


A great way to get exercise and fresh air all at the same time is by bicycling. Bicycling can be enjoyed by almost everyone and there is really no limit to how serious or laid back you can get with it.

To get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your cycling experience it is important for you to dress in the proper attire. This attire will consist of optional equipment and also some that is required by law. Your attire will also be dictated by what type of cycling you are doing. Here are some tips to get you going no matter what kind of bicycling you decide to get into:

•    Helmets: No matter what kind of biking you are planning on doing you will want to get a helmet. First off all there are many states which now require that you wear one but you should always wear one as it protects your head. Think about it, there are no seat belts on a bicycle and if an accident happens the only thing protecting your fragile head is your helmet.
•    Mountain biking: If you are into mountain biking you will be exposed to all kinds of branches and other brush that can rub up against you and cause some nasty abrasions. For that reason you will want to wear long pants and you should also consider a riding jersey that is long sleeved. For footwear you will want to get some durable biking shoes that offer great coverage for added protection. It is also a good idea to wear riding goggles as this will keep your eyes safe from anything that may be flying around. Some like to wear gloves and they can be a good idea because they keep your hands from getting nicked up.
•    Distance biking: Is you are into distance biking then you will want to get clothing that will help keep you cool and dry. Biking shorts are made of a special material that helps to keep moisture away and are very lightweight which helps to keep you cool. You can wear a short sleeved or even sleeveless riding jersey made of the same material as the shorts which again will keep you cool and dry. Depending on the bike you have will depend on the shoes you will need. Some pedals require special biking shoes that clip into them and some pedals are regular and do not require the clip. Either way though, remember that you want to wear a lightweight riding shoe as it will help to keep you cool overall. You can also get riding gloves which will help keep your hands blister free on the long runs you will be doing. These gloves are the kind that are padded on the palms and have the fingers cut away. Top off the outfit with a nice pair of riding glasses which will be clear and allow your eyes to stay fresh and not get all dried out.
•    Family biking: If you are just out and about in a cozy setting with the family then wear what is comfortable. This is usually dictated by what the weather is doing. Just be sure that as a parent you too wear a helmet as this will set the safety tone for your kids.

No matter what kind of biking you are doing you can enjoy your cycling even more when you dress the appropriate way.


Show your love of Portugal on a t-shirt


Portugal is a country that encompasses just about everything that a traveler could want. There are cities for the urban tourist. There are plenty of beautiful natural spaces for the nature lovers. There are castles throughout the country for lovers of history. And for fans of the beach- they have those two. Any of these places is a good representation of Portugal, and all are excellent images for a Portugal t-shirt that can be worn with pride.

The many historic villages that dot the countryside are one of the many things that keep visitors coming back to Portugal. Many of these villages are virtually unchanged by the centuries of time that have passed. They are picturesque and would be an interesting addition to a Portugal t-shirt. For anyone from one of these villages, seeing it on a t-shirt would be a great way to promote tourism for the town. A t-shirt like this would also be a great gift for anyone from the rural areas of Portugal.

Castles and the ruins of castles are one of the many interesting parts of the countryside of Portugal. Any of the castles would make an interesting addition to a Portugal t-shirt. The t-shirt can have a realistic picture of a castle on the front along with the word Portugal. It may also have the name of the city or village where the castle is located. Making a simple drawing of any of the castles of Portugal would be another fun way to design the t-shirt. The drawing can be your own perception of the castle and use your creative expression within the design.

Lisbon is a very cosmopolitan European city. Its nightlife and business-like daytime bring people to the city from all over Europe and abroad. The city of Lisbon has an impressive skyline that would be perfect for the front of a t-shirt. The city looks all the more impressive because it is so close to the sea. A picture that includes the beautiful blue waters that are visible form Lisbon would be an attractive and engaging t-shirt image.

Anytime the waters around Portugal are in a picture, that photo is deserving of a t-shirt of its own. The beaches of Portugal are legendary with the jet set. They’re also popular for the people of Portugal. A picture of the sunset over the water is a classic photo that is a symbol for all the natural beauty of Portugal.

One of the moist exciting pastimes in Portugal is surfing. The northern beaches of the country are perfect for riding the waves on a surfboard. To capture just a little of that excitement, a picture of someone surfing off the coast of the country would make a great Portugal t-shirt design. Even a simple drawing of someone surfing and the word Portugal is enough to interest people in the surfing possibilities of the country. It’s also a way to show that you’re a surfer and are a person who loves adventure and excitement.

Show your love with a Portugal T-Shirt

Sophia Loren

How to Dress Like Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

In the 1950s and 1960s Sophia Loren ignited the Silver Screen with a sexiness that some would argue has yet to be rivaled. The Italian actress was extremely good looking and she had no problem showing what she had. Loren blazed a trail for women everywhere when it came to sex appeal and for that reason there are many who aspire to dress like her.

Not everyone can pull off the Sophia Loren look. It not only takes someone with a great figure, but you will have to have the utmost confidence in yourself as well. Here are some ways you too can ignite a room the Sophia Loren did:

•    Wear lots of red: Loren always added a lot of red to her wardrobe. She had the reputation of being feisty and vivacious and the color red certainly helped bring that to the forefront. Everyone looks a little more daring in red and by you adding it to your wardrobe you are telling the world that you may be down to earth, but you are as lively and sexy as they come. There are few colors that can make the statement that red does, which is why Loren wore the color on an almost daily basis.
•    Show your stuff: One thing Loren did with almost every outfit she wore was show off her cleavage. Sometimes she showed so much it left little to the imagination. Wear outfits and skirts that will accentuate what you have and when you think you are showing enough cleavage, show a little more. No matter what occasion you are dressing for you have to make sure that you find a way to show off your cleavage. That is the true spirit of Loren.
•    Wear halter dresses: Another staple in Loren’s wardrobe was the halter dress. She liked to wear ones that were long and that flared. By wearing this type of dress you are showing, like Loren did, that your spirit is sensual, yet you have the undertones of a playful and very famine women. A halter dress is the perfect garment to bring out both features at the same time.
•    Show off your gams: Along with showing off her cleavage, Loren knew she had great legs and loved to show those off as well. You can accomplish this by wearing some of the same ultra miniskirts as Loren did. If you are not comfortable in super short miniskirts you must try to stay in the skirt family or you risk losing the full effect that you are going after. Accentuate your toned calf muscles in Loren fashion by dawning a great looking pair of high heels.
•    Switch up your hair: Loren always put a lot into her hair but rarely was it the same. She would sometimes wear it up and sometimes wear it down but it always looked as ravaging as the rest of her. Take extra time when styling your hair to ensure it comes out looking its finest.

Again, dressing like Sophia Loren is only the first step in capturing her essence. To complete the effect you will have to work on your confidence over and over again.


How to Dress Like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs


Even if you are not into rap music you would have to be living under a rock to not know who Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is. He has been so successful in the music industry that he now even has his own show on MTV where he actually chooses a band out of a number of contestants and the winners will be signed to his music label. Combs has evolved his style over the years to match his success and can dress up with the best of them, but he has also never forgotten how to just go casual so if you want to look like “Diddy” you better have confidence in yourself.

Here are some ways you too can look like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs:

•    Ultra casual: It is not uncommon to see Combs wearing a jogging suit. The biggest difference between the jogging suit he wears and the ones you see on the street is the price. Combs only wears designer clothes and his jogging suits are no different. You don’t need to go designer to pull off this look, but don’t get your jogging suit from the thrift store and think you can pull off the look. When going for the ultra casual look you will also want to get a pair of Combs’ signature sunglasses that are big and rounded and you will also need a ball cap that matches the jogging suit that can be worn backwards or to the side.
•    Casual look: This is the easiest look to mimic when it comes to Combs. All you need is a pair of nice jeans, a nice collared short sleeved shirt, and some white tennis shoes. You can of course wear the sunglasses with look as well and as far as the shirt goes, leave it untucked.
•    Formal look: No one does formal better than Combs. He always looks really sharp and wears many different types of suits. He has been known to wear a tuxedo a time or two, but he generally likes to switch it up a bit. Combs like all white suites, a mix and match of black and white, and looks even better when he dawns his famous pin stripe suit. Believe it or not, the sunglasses also go with this style so feel free to wear them with whatever type of suit you go with.
•    Accessorize: Though Combs is not like a lot of rappers that go for the over accessorized look or ‘bling’ as they call it, Combs is definitely not afraid to jazz up his outfits from time to time. He uses flashy watches and bracelets but is always conservative when it comes to the necklaces he wears. He has both ears pierced and usually sticks to larger studded diamond earring with whatever he is wearing.

To complete the Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs look you will have to practice having that air of confidence that he carries with him wherever it is he is going. Other than that, just practice putting a swagger in you step and you too will look as cool and confident as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

Miranda Lambert

How to Dress like Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

Ever since the 2003 season of the popular television show Nashville Star in which she placed third, Miranda Lambert has been burning up the country music charts. She has been nominated for several Gammy Awards and is due to release her third album in the near future. She has a beauty that matches her sassy personality and she truly is a girl from Texas and dresses that way most of the time. That being said, she can dawn the red carpet with the best of them.

Here are some sure fire ways that you too can dress like Miranda Lambert:

•    Jeans: Like the typical cowgirl, Lambert likes to wear jeans. Most of the time when she is performing on stage it is usually done in jeans. She wears form fitting but doesn’t seem to go too tight and she has been known to wear jeans occasionally that have a couple of rips and tears in them. Be sure when you choose your jeans that you go with the more traditional blue color or lighter and don’t go too tight.
•    Shirts: Most of the shirts that Lambert wears are either tank tops or spaghetti strap shirts. She usually opts for lighter colors like creams and white and the shirts will sometimes have a saying on them. Go with shirts that fit you nicely and if you want to you can even go with a more southern looking short sleeved button down shirt as Lambert has been known to wear them from time to time.
•    Formal: No jeans and shirts here. When hitting the red carpet Lambert looks amazing and likes to wear a dress as opposed to a gown. The dress you select for your big night out should be form fitting, but not too tight, and can range in color from yellow, to white, to dark gray, and ever color in between.
•    Shoes: Though she is a true country girl you will rarely see Lambert sporting cowboy boots. Instead she usually opts of a sexy pair of high heels unless she is on the red carpet. When being formal she goes with a more traditional closed-toe heel that isn’t quite so high. When going formal match the color of the shoes with the dress you wear but feel free to go with an attention grabbing color like red when it comes to the high heels you wear with your jeans and t-shirt.
•    Accessories: When not performing Lambert likes things that hang. She wears a lot of beaded necklaces or even gold chain necklaces that have big pendants on them. She also likes bracelets and earrings that are on the bigger and flashier side. So really anything goes with your accessorizing.
•    Hair and make-up: Lambert has long blonde hair and sweeping bangs. To achieve her look use some body defining hair products and take a little extra time with the styling. When applying your makeup go for the country girl look, which is a more laid back look. Lambert has the unique ability to look as though she isn’t wearing any make-up at all even though everyone knows that she is.

All that remains is for you to learn to play the guitar and perhaps you too can strum your way into America’s heart.

Chris Martin

How to Dress Like Chris Martin

Chris Martin

The band Coldplay has been burning up the charts for several years now. The lead singer of Coldplay is Chris Martin who has a unique style of singing and can play the keyboards with the best of them. Because of the popularity of the band there are many guys these days that want to dress like Martin.

Martin has two very distinct looks and neither is hard to emulate. Follow the tips below and you will easily pull off either or both of Chris Martin’s styles:

EVERYDAY LOOK: Martin’s everyday look is much the same as the way the average guy looks. Here is what it entails:

•    Pants: Here Martin opts for jeans or cargo pants that are of a darker color. When choosing your jeans go for a classic fit or even a lose fit and never go with anything tight.
•    Shirts: When dressing in an everyday manner, Martin’s shirts consist of nothing more than a darker colored t-shirt. He seems to like to stick with dark grays or blacks and rarely strays from this formula.
•    Footwear: When just out and about and dressing like the every man, Martin will simply wear a pair of Converse style sneakers or even flip-flops at times. You can wear whatever is comfortable for you as that is what Martin seems to do.
•    Accessories: Martin is rarely seen without his tell-tale bracelets. He sometimes wears a watch and to complete this look and you should be sure to get yourself a pair of dark sunglasses to wear everywhere you go. You can also get a fitted ball cap and wear it backwards as this is a favorite style of Martin.

ARTISTIC LOOK: This is the look that Martin will sport many times while performing or when he is in the public eye. Here is how you can pull it off:

•    Pants: Black trouser style pants are the trick here. Rarely will he perform in jeans, but whatever he does perform in they will be black.
•    Shirts: When in artistic mode Martin is often seen in long sleeved black shirts. When picking out your black shirt go for any style as Martin has worn them all, including a very artistic long sleeved turtle neck.
•    Footwear: to go with the black pants and black shirt you will want to get, you know it, black shoes. You can go with black Converse style sneakers or a dressier loafer if you want to as Martin has been known to wear both.
•    Accessories: Again Martin has on his bracelets and to copy him properly you should not be shy of them yourself. Leave the sunglasses at home with this look.
•    Hair: Martin likes to keep his hair in a messy and spiky manner. If you have short hair, you can easily do this by using a heavy holding gel and just sort of messing up your hair.

Dressing like Chris Martin isn’t tough to do, but as you can see he likes the dark colors so be sure that you are not going to be outside on a hot day when emulating this rock star.

Brenda Song

How to Dress Like Brenda Song

Brenda Song

Brenda Song has been a model and actress for many years now and because she is so young she will no doubt enjoy many more years in the business. Perhaps best known for her role in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Song’s look is a well sought after one. To dress like Song you have to remember to keep with the light colored theme and always dress in a cheery and happy fashion.

Here are some tips on how you too can pull off the Brenda Song look:

•    Dresses: When Song goes for dresses she chooses those that are typically made of a lighter material and are always a cheery color. She likes reds and yellows and she seems to have fun mixing and matching accessories with her dresses. When choosing your dresses, go for what is comfortable. If you like a full version dress, then go for that and if you want to wear a longer style skirt, topped with a nice t-shirt, then that’s in the realm of the Song look as well. Just be sure to stay with bright and happy colors.
•    Casual look: Song can get as laid back as anyone. She is often seen wearing a pair of form fitting cargo pants or even a pair of jeans. She will always top this off with a fun tank top or t-shirt that will have a fun or wild design. She will sometimes go dark with the t-shirts, but more often than not, she will stick with white and accessorize from there.
•    Shoes: Song likes heels. Her heels are never too high, but no matter what she is wearing it seems that heel accompany the fashion. When choosing your heels pick a color that will compliment the clothing that you are wearing and depending on the fashion you are wearing you can go either open toe or close toe.
•    Accessories: Song likes to accessorize. She will often accessorize a t-shirt with a jacket or vest and has also been known to wear leggings with her dresses. When it comes to jewelry you can go kind of freelance here because Song does. Sometimes she will be sporting hoop earrings and still other times she will be wearing a pair of less noticeable earrings. She also wears bracelets and gold necklaces quite often so feel free to do so as well.
•    Hair and make-up: Song’s hair is elegant yet simple. It is long and straight and she is very rarely seen with it up. Do your hair by either parting it in the middle or to one side and don’t get crazy with the hair products. To apply your make-up like Song go with lighter colors but be sure to accentuate your cheek bones as Song does. She also opts for a lighter colored lip stick over a darker or bright color and to pull off the look you should too.

Now just practice flashing a huge smile wherever you go and your transformation into Brenda Song will be all but complete.

Ashley Greene

How to Dress Like Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is probably best known for her role in the 2008 blockbuster hit movie Twilight in which she played the clairvoyant Alice Cullen. Anyone who has seen the movie knows that Greene’s character in the movie dressed in a dark and mysterious manner, but the real Ashley Greene dresses so far to the other end of the fashion spectrum it is almost laughable. In real life Greene dresses in a bright and cheery way that carries her with style and grace on the red carpet and simply around the town.

If you too want to emulate the style of the real life Ashley Greene here is what you do:

•    Dresses: Like her character in the movie Twilight Greene likes to wear a lot of dresses. But unlike the Cullen character, Greene wears bright and cheery colored dresses and not dark and depressing colors. She is often seen wearing colors such as yellows, blues, and other vibrant colors so when choosing your dresses go with the fun and happy colors.
•    Casual: Greene has been spotted off the scene with a simple pair of jeans that she likes to wear topped with a cute tank top. She will finish off this look with a light jacket and again opts for the opposite of her on-screen personality and stays with cheery colors. When you go casual just remember to be comfortable and happy and you should hit the nail on the head.
•    On the red carpet: When Greene is attending a red carpet gala event she is usually seen wearing a long gown that is made of lighter materials that is somewhat flowing. Here she tends to show off a bit of her cleavage and likes to wear gowns that are sleeveless or even strapless. The colors vary, but she usually sticks with the darker blues or goes red.
•    Shoes: The shoes that Greene wears are of course dictated by what she is wearing. When casual, she usually just wears sneakers or flip-flops. When you get your casual footwear go for darker colors that are not too noticeable. When dressing to the hilt, go with what Greene does and get a nice pair of lace up heels that match the dress or gown you will be wearing.
•    Accessories: Aside of a conservative pair of earrings, Greene really doesn’t wear too much in the way of accessories. When you go to accessorize, go for the lighter side of it all.
•    Hair and make-up: In the movie, Greene goes short and wild and again in real life she is the polar opposite. Do your hair down and give it just a hint of body using some gel but aside of that don’t get crazy. Your make-up should be done with lighter colors but should take you some time. Greene has a very nice look, but you can definitely tell she uses a lot of make-up, though she always goes for a more conservative look.

When dressing like Greene remember, you can’t think about the character she played because if that is your model you will not just miss the bull’s-eye, but you will miss the entire target all together.

Aly and AJ

How to Dress Like Aly and AJ

Aly and AJ

Aly and AJ have been on the music scene since 2004 and their careers continue to blossom into film as well as more music. They recently re-named their band to 78violet and are planning the release of their third album soon which they say will be more on the rocker side. Their fun style and flare have many young ladies across America wanting to emulate their looks and doing so couldn’t be easier.

Because they are sisters and because they share the spotlight in the band, Aly and AJ pretty much dress the same. Here is what to wear when you too want to look like these two music icons:

•    Shirts: These two sisters typically like to wear either from fitting khaki pants or jeans. While the khaki pants that they wear can vary in color rather greatly, they almost always wear a light blue color when it comes to their jeans. They always wear form fitting, but you will never find these two sisters flaunting what they have and wearing jeans or pants that are too tight.
•    Shirts: The duo likes to wear fun and vibrant colored shirts. These shirts can vary greatly in styles but usually they will go with multicolored tank tops or t-shirts that may even sport a cool design. If you decide to go with a longer sleeved shirt, then layer it with a rocker looking vest that contrasts the color of the shirt.
•    Dresses: When attending interviews off the stage you can sometimes catch the sister in dresses. These dresses are usually on the shorter side and are solid colors that range from sunny yellow to dark blue and every color in between.
•    Shoes: These two are seen in a number of different types of shoes, but more often than not they are wearing an open-toe pair of heels. The heels are not too high so when choosing yours, be sure that you can still move around in great comfort.
•    Accessories: Aly and AJ go big and bold when it comes to accessorizing. They are often spotted with big belts, big bracelets, big necklaces, and big earrings. The point is; big. They also wear the occasional scarf and even a loosely tied neck tie. When you choose your accessories, the important thing to remember is to have fun with it.
•    Hair and make-up: Both Aly and AJ have long blonde hair and style it rather simply. Some added curl can go a long way, but above all else, never wear it up, as the two always have their hair down. When it comes to make-up Aly and AJ have the ability to look as though they aren’t wearing a lot, even though they probably are, and pull of the all-natural look with the greatest of ease. When applying your make-up go light and stay more on the conservative side.

Now you can go out and get some voice lessons to truly be like these talented sisters. At least for now you can look like them.

Cate Blanchett

How to Dress Like Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is the daring Australian actress whose list of films covers a wide spectrum of roles. However in real life, her look is much more classy and refined. She sizzles on the red carpet, and looks polished and clean in every day affairs.

Her style is unique and doesn’t follow the trends. First throw all out preconceived notions of what is trendy and hot at the moment. Cate’s attitude is breezy and unfazed as to what people think of her, and this reflects in the clothing that she chooses.

Cate has a wide palette of desired colors. From neutrals like gray to bold colors like red, she has been seen in every color on the spectrum. Her most stunning outfits paint the red carpet in a rainbow of sparkles, plunging necklines, exposed backs, and flowing fabrics.

Remember that her style is never the same. To get some of Cate’s looks, go for the dressy, red carpet style. At an Italian fashion show this year, Cate was wearing a floral Armani Prive calf-length gown. The dress was black, with long and feathery flowers splashed across the front. In order to copy this exact look, find a dress with a boat neck collar and tiny sleeves. She pairs this dress with chunky silver pumps and a small silver clutch.

At a Vogue event in Sydney, Cate’s dress of choice was very different from the Armani. She opts for a bold scarlet dress this time, an eye-popping color. This dress falls down to the ankles and cinches at the feet, while the sleeves are long, extending to the wrists. The only exposed skin is her plunging neckline that stops at the empire waist band, giving the dress a mysterious sexiness by revealing just the right amount of skin. She adds matching scarlet sandals and three strands of chunky pearls as her only accessories. Her look is simple and classic.

One of Cate’s most stunning dresses was the one she wore to the 2007 SAG Awards. Her golden goddess dress catches every beam of light and casts her in a shimmering and radiant glow. The dress falls over her body like liquid, complementing her every curve. To pull off this same look, find a metallic gold dress that falls to the ankles in loose lines. This dress has a v-neck neckline and empire waist, while the straps are a bit thicker than your normal spaghetti strap. Cate wears a long silver medallion that falls right at the high empire waist, and crystal studded heels by Armani Prive. Sweep your hair back into a soft and feminine ponytail like Cate’s. This updo will show off the length of your neck, while drawing attention to the detail of the dress around the neckline.

Whatever dress style you choose, remember that Cate is never seen in anything that she doesn’t wear well. Even if most critics find her clothing sometimes unflattering, the way Cate carries herself causes her to look flawless in whatever she wears. Be confident, smile knowingly, and act like you look good no matter what you put on. That is the key to dressing like Cate Blanchett.

Brad Pitt

How to Dress Like Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been breaking hearts and enjoying the stardom of being every girls fantasy since he emerged as a young actor in Hollywood. His boyish good looks, charming smile, and sexy physique have caused many women to daydream that one day they too will find someone as handsome as he is. He has many looks, and can turn heads whether he is on the red carpet or running errands on a Sunday. If you want women to fall over you the way they do over Brad, then start copying his look with a few tips below.

He always wears solids. Rarely do you see Brad in a bold print. Solid colors are classic, and easy to pair with other items. It is wise to stock up on button down shirts, shorts, and pants that are solids, since they never go out of style and can be worn with anything in your closet. When you wear these solids, make sure they are neutral colors. Brad wears a lot of white, black, gray, beige, and muted reds and blues. You will never see him standing out in bold lime green or orange colors.

Brad has a great physique. In Fight Club, Brad flaunts his body in almost every scene, and you can get that same tone in your body by doing a lot of high intensity cardio and weight training to get that lean and muscular look. In every day life, Brad shows off his well-sculpted arms and flat abs by pairing snug jeans with a tight t-shirt in a neutral color.

Brad would not look as polished if he didn’t always make sure his clothes were well laundered and well pressed. He also goes for quality over quantity. All of Brad’s clothes fit him impeccably, and therefore his attire is always flawless. Always go for higher quality clothing when looking like Brad Pitt. Look for tighter stitching and a smooth and sturdy collar. For the sleeves, make sure that they don’t hug your arms, but that there isn’t too much extra fabric, either. Then before you leave the house, make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.

Many women dream of running their fingers through Brad’s hair. He usually keeps it short and styles it to be a bit spiky. Most of the time his hair is very blond. If your hair isn’t as blond as Brad’s then you will need to get a few highlights.

Brad is always sporting sunglasses. Shades definitely add to the sex appeal of a man. You can opt for a sexy and ultra modern black pair of Dior, or a more casual aviator look.

Last but not least is Brad’s dazzling smile. No look would be complete without the smile that causes millions of women to swoon. Get those pearly whites extra sparkly with a trip to the dentist for a cleaning and whitening.

No doubt that Brad Pitt is one of the sexiest men to ever walk the planet. But his style isn’t too difficult to mimic, and if you take some of his fashion advice, maybe you too can have the ladies falling at your feet in adoration.


How to dress like an Artist


Artists are all about being creative. You might think that their need to leave their artistic mark ends with a canvas, a lump of clay, or a sheet of paper. This is not the case. You can spot an artist from across the street by the way they dress.

Artists tend to extend their artistic chops to every area of their lives, including their wardrobes. They can’t stop creating, even if they try. Everything they touch, own, and wear becomes a medium of individual expression. It’s the artist’s way.

Take an artist’s clothes for example. Artists always look like they just stepped off of some bohemian runway. Their clothes make a statement, whether it’s politically, socially, or personally. The funky, unique style of an artist is craved by many, both artists and non-artists alike.

Artists manage to achieve that coveted style without breaking the bank. Yet they still look as if they only wear one-of-a-kind couture that would set you back a few bucks. However, just the opposite is true. Artists make the most out of what they have. They take ordinary t-shirts, jeans, pants and dresses and make them into something special. They use scissors, paint, and anything else they can get their hands on to turn that ratty old shirt into something spectacular. They don’t call them ‘starving artists’ for nothing.

While artists love to make their clothing more unique by adding their own special touch, there are also other tell-tale signs of a person being an artist. If you know these things, you can do them too, in order to truly give the impression that you are an artist.

•    Forget about the details. Most artists do not spend time on seeking out jewelry to go with an outfit. They wear jewelry that is unique and stands out.
•    Quite often their outfits are un-ironed and have a thrown together look, because in fact they were thrown together. If you spend too much time on matching details, you will give away the fact, that you are not quite artist material.
•    Many artists wear dark colors and often are not quite in the right size. The starving artist look often means shopping in places like second-hand stores and vintage stores and choosing things with style. Sometimes they don’t perfectly fit, but adjustments can be made.
•    Artists often tend to have a bohemian look to their clothing. Flowing outfits in a variety of colors are perfect for an artist look.

The most important part of dressing like an artist is letting your creativity show through what you are wearing. Whether you have a T-shirt, jacket or skirt, an artist is bound to change it to make it unique. Paint, adornments and rips help them to make it their own. Because they are not confined by the typical fashion rules, they will also mix and match styles, textures, fabrics and even fads to get something completely new.

Dressing like an artist is about being resourceful and using what you have. Let your imagination soar and create artistic outfits that are completely unique. Just remember to always be relaxed enough to get paint on your clothes.


Top 5 Places to Wear a Tuxedo T-Shirt


T-shirts are one of the greatest inventions of modern times. Just about everyone has at least a few of these leisurely staples in their closet, and some won’t wear anything but. With their comfortable fit, soft textures and catchy graphics, they’re the antithesis of formal wear. That’s why at first glance, a tuxedo t-shirt seems a bit ironic. While a traditional tuxedo includes a complicated ensemble consisting of a jacket, trousers, a waistcoat or cummerbund, a dress shirt, a bow tie, dress socks and polished dress shoes, the tuxedo t-shirt condenses all of those trappings into one easy-to-wear piece. This popular trend is a humorous take on the formalities of life as they relate to the wardrobe.

The classic tuxedo t-shirt features a white image of an imitation tuxedo shirt, jacket lapels, bow tie and sometimes a flower, printed on a black t-shirt. Just like regular tuxedos, the shirts can also be found in different colors, such as light blue or white. Varying color schemes are also available to imitate tuxedo ensembles, such as a black shirt with a red vest and tie. But who really cares which one you pick? The attraction is the tongue-in-cheek humor and the fact that you can pull off wearing a t-shirt when you should be wearing a tuxedo!

Tuxedo t-shirts aren’t for every occasion, but here are a few situations where the look may just be appropriate.

1.    At the beach.
Your date will be so impressed that you dressed up for your big night out. Well, sort of. The tuxedo t-shirt will make you look dressed up without have to get dressed up, which is why it’s genius. Plus you’ll stay cool if it’s hot out.
2.    At parties. The tuxedo t-shirt is the perfect get-up for a party. Not only will you stand out in the crowd, you’re sure to get lots of comments from men and women alike. Best of all, the ladies will know that your personality is even more attractive than your looks!
3.    At weddings. This occasion must be approached with caution. If your fiancé has been planning the perfect wedding for going on two years, a tuxedo t-shirt likely isn’t part of the plan. Show up in this baby, and you might as well head for home. But if you’re a couple with a sense of humor and want to break the tension usually associated with a wedding, this is the way to go. To create a truly custom look, have your names and wedding date printed on the back of your shirt. A tuxedo t-shirt could also be a fun choice if you’re a guest at a wedding that isn’t overly formal.
4.    At a second wedding. You already endured the pomp and circumstance of a big first wedding. This time around, why not have some fun? Dress in a tuxedo t-shirt (and of course a matching bride t-shirt for her). If you have attendants, let them in on the fun too.
5.    As a gag gift. If you’ve got a family member or buddy that absolutely refuses to don a shirt and tie, a tuxedo t-shirt is the perfect gag gift. Try giving it as a party gift at a bachelor party (so the lucky guy can sport it at the wedding rehearsal).

Buy a Tuxedo T-Shirt

Anna Kornikova

How to Dress Like Anna Kournikova

Anna Kornikova

Anna Kournikova is famous all over the globe for many reasons. Her rocking tennis body is the envy of many women, and the fantasies of many men; her signature cascading blonde locks make her stand out in a crowd; and her high profile relationship with Enrique Iglesias all work to thrust her into the spotlight. You may love her, you may hate her, but Anna Kournikova has style and finesse that is uniquely hers. You can copy this Russian beauty’s look by following the steps below.

Let’s start with the hair. If you don’t already have a shining blonde mane, then you will need to find a wig, or get hair extensions for a more realistic effect. Extensions will be the very expensive option, since you will need to first buy the hair, and then find a salon that will put them in for you. Be sure to keep your hair well conditioned to maintain the shine. Anna usually wears her hair up in a ponytail during the day. For nighttime, she lets it fall down her back in long, loose waves.

Anna has a distinct sun-kissed glow. Get this same look the healthy way by applying self tanner. Be sure to exfoliate your skin first to remove the dead skin cells, otherwise you may end up with dark patches and an uneven skin tone.

Anna has a phenomenally fit body due to years on the tennis courts. Because of this, she can wear very little clothing and still look fantastic. Whether you opt for an all white tennis outfit, skimpy bikini, or little black dress for the evening, keep your accessories at a minimum. Anna doesn’t wear much jewelry, and her look is understated and sexy as a result.

When it comes to clothes, find a cute tennis skirt with a matching racer back tank. Anna tends to wear sporty outfits on and off the court, so don’t limit your outfit to only the gym. Be sure that everything you buy is form fitting. When looking for a bikini, buy the skimpiest one in the store. Anna has a hot beach body and likes to show it off. When it comes to a night on the town, Anna’s pick is a little black dress. Pick out a short one that shows a healthy amount of your legs, and pair them with some short heels. Anna is rarely seen in stilettos.

Get a simple but classy bag. Anna doesn’t overdo it on the accessories, but can always be seen with a practical yet sophisticated purse. She has been spotted carrying the Louis Vuitton Multicolor 30 Speedy to various tennis matches. This is a very informal bag that doesn’t stand out too much and will go with anything.

As far as makeup goes, Anna favors the natural look. By day she usually wears some smudged black liner, mascara, and light gloss. At night she opts to vamp it up by adding some bold red lipstick. Less is more when making up your face like Anna.

From hitting the gym to religiously using self-tanner, it takes a bit more effort to pull off the Anna Kournikova look. But by following these steps, you’re sure to stop traffic like she does.