Miranda Lambert

How to Dress like Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

Ever since the 2003 season of the popular television show Nashville Star in which she placed third, Miranda Lambert has been burning up the country music charts. She has been nominated for several Gammy Awards and is due to release her third album in the near future. She has a beauty that matches her sassy personality and she truly is a girl from Texas and dresses that way most of the time. That being said, she can dawn the red carpet with the best of them.

Here are some sure fire ways that you too can dress like Miranda Lambert:

•    Jeans: Like the typical cowgirl, Lambert likes to wear jeans. Most of the time when she is performing on stage it is usually done in jeans. She wears form fitting but doesn’t seem to go too tight and she has been known to wear jeans occasionally that have a couple of rips and tears in them. Be sure when you choose your jeans that you go with the more traditional blue color or lighter and don’t go too tight.
•    Shirts: Most of the shirts that Lambert wears are either tank tops or spaghetti strap shirts. She usually opts for lighter colors like creams and white and the shirts will sometimes have a saying on them. Go with shirts that fit you nicely and if you want to you can even go with a more southern looking short sleeved button down shirt as Lambert has been known to wear them from time to time.
•    Formal: No jeans and shirts here. When hitting the red carpet Lambert looks amazing and likes to wear a dress as opposed to a gown. The dress you select for your big night out should be form fitting, but not too tight, and can range in color from yellow, to white, to dark gray, and ever color in between.
•    Shoes: Though she is a true country girl you will rarely see Lambert sporting cowboy boots. Instead she usually opts of a sexy pair of high heels unless she is on the red carpet. When being formal she goes with a more traditional closed-toe heel that isn’t quite so high. When going formal match the color of the shoes with the dress you wear but feel free to go with an attention grabbing color like red when it comes to the high heels you wear with your jeans and t-shirt.
•    Accessories: When not performing Lambert likes things that hang. She wears a lot of beaded necklaces or even gold chain necklaces that have big pendants on them. She also likes bracelets and earrings that are on the bigger and flashier side. So really anything goes with your accessorizing.
•    Hair and make-up: Lambert has long blonde hair and sweeping bangs. To achieve her look use some body defining hair products and take a little extra time with the styling. When applying your makeup go for the country girl look, which is a more laid back look. Lambert has the unique ability to look as though she isn’t wearing any make-up at all even though everyone knows that she is.

All that remains is for you to learn to play the guitar and perhaps you too can strum your way into America’s heart.

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