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How To Become A Wholesale Printer

wholesale printer

If you are interested in becoming a wholesale printer, you need to realize that this is a highly competitive and constantly evolving industry that requires a great deal of commitment and research in order to generate the most beneficial outcome and profit margin.

In the late 15th century, the printing press was developed in Europe and perhaps no one truly realized the evolution that would occur the minute printed materials became readily available. Today’s common use of wholesale printing companies definitely evolved from the enlightenment that occurred when mass printing first became available.

Because competition is fierce, and thanks to electronic file transfer methods, there is no longer a guarantee that local companies will choose you as their wholesale printing company.  This is not to say that everyone will look to non-local printers for bids on their printing, but large companies who are driven by cost-saving measures will most likely try to find the best possible price.

There are many types of printing methods available today, and the technology is ever-evolving.  Because wholesale printers frequently offer not only finished project printing, but also design services, a wholesale printer will generally need to provide optional design services. Utilizing outside designers may or may not prove cost-effective depending on the volume of design work requested by clients.  But, printing is the main business of a wholesale printer.

Printing options range from LaserJet printers, to large scale printing presses with expensive computer interface software. The price can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars into the millions of dollars range.  Quite honestly, the right type of equipment depends on the type and amount of printing that a printer will be producing.

A common area of specialization for wholesale printing is office stationary, including business cards.  For these types of printed material, often a LaserJet printer will suffice and provide a high-quality, low cost print of the requested materials.  However, some wholesale printers work in cooperation with direct-mail advertising companies that produce high color, large quantity orders of postcards, flyers, etc. for direct mail purposes.  When a wholesale printer begins to accept these types of projects, it is probably time to upgrade to a press printer and to save that Laser Jet for smaller projects.

Because competition is rough in wholesale printing, and because most customers shop online for wholesale printing needs, it is definitely most important to pay attention to current rates and delivery timeframes.  Estimation of these two things can win or lose you potential customers.  Most people expect to receive business cards in a few days, and when ordering them from a wholesale printer they do not expect to pay much for the product.  Wholesale printers have setup and overhead costs, and if you are going to become a wholesale printer, you will need to know what these costs are. There is a cost associated with using the services of a designer, and that cost may be substantial for some projects depending on the time required.  There is a cost to operate the printing equipment, a cost for the ink or toner and a cost for the paper.  All of these costs must be passed on to the customer in order to generate a profit; however it’s a matter of finding the right balance in fees.  It is very advisable to investigate what other wholesale printers are charging, and the types of projects they are producing. If you can determine the type of equipment they use, and where they are located, you should find out as much as you can.

Wholesale printing is one of the few businesses that can afford to be completely online.  Many wholesale printers do not offer a storefront. Rather they handle their orders and quotes electronically though a website. This can substantially decrease operational overhead costs, because you only need to operate when you have projects to be completed.

It is important to stay current on technology – and to stay aware of the business practices of other printers in order to maintain your competitiveness.

What Is Wholesale Printing

wholesale printing

The world of wholesale printing has evolved significantly since the invention of the printing press in the late 15th century.  Technology is always improving, and if Gutenberg took a look at what wholesale printers are using today he would most likely not even begin to recognize the equipment.

The process of printing involves “pressing” text, images and designs onto paper and other materials.  Initially, the process was actually pressing. A plate-maker would assemble an actual printing plate with individual letters and etchings, which was then coated with ink and pressed onto paper.  Newspapers were commonly made with this technique well into the early 1900s.  The process of manually creating the press-plates was replaced over time with computer generated plates, or screens.  Today’s printers employ highly technical and sophisticated computer systems and design software in order to lay out the printed materials.

The other major difference that Gutenberg might notice is the availability of color printing.  Naturally, when applying ink by hand to a press-plate was the common technique there was little room for multi-colored design. This is simply not the case today. Today, wholesale printers have access to technology that allows them to blend millions of difference colors from cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks, giving them the ability to print in any color the customer requests.

What you need to know when searching for a wholesale printer is the type of equipment that they utilize, what technology they have for design work and color blending and also the size of their customer base.  The reason that this last item is so important is that when you approach a wholesale printer with a print job, they will prioritize the larges jobs with the shortest timeline first.  Therefore, if you only need a few thousand or even less items printed your job could take much longer than if you needed tens of thousands of items printed.  Wholesale printers earn a majority of their income from direct-mail companies who will order items in quantities of millions.  Therefore, it is always best to know the size and type of the company’s customer base.

Speaking of quantity, many people not involved in the printing world do not realize that per-item cost reduces significantly with higher quantity orders.  For example, if you were to order 1,000 postcards you might pay 40 cents per item for the printing. While, if you order 10,000 of the same postcard the price drops to 2 cents per item.  Why is this the case?  Well, remember that when you order a print job from a wholesale printer, they need to prepare the printing plates.  This is a timely and costly part of the project known as setup.  Setup also includes preparing the inks, cutting the postcards and starting up the presses.  These things all require people and power.  Thus, your startup cost is distributed across each item of your order.  When you order a high quantity, the start up cost is identical to when you order a low quantity.  Thus, after a certain point you are only paying for the printing and the cost savings are quite significant.

There are many wholesale printers located throughout the world and unlike the first printers in the 15th century – these companies generally all employ electronic file transfer systems and overnight shipping. For this reason, you have the option to select a printer that might be located in a different city, state or even a different country.  This ability is definitely a benefit to those looking to find a wholesale printer. At the same time, competition in the wholesale printing industry can also prove beneficial to printers, who are able to obtain equipment and supplies at a lower rate than they would if the field was restricted.

Overall, the business of wholesale printing is necessary to the spread of printed information across the globe.  It is important when you are looking for a wholesale printer, to look for the best rates and quickest turnaround time.

When to Give Maternity T-Shirts


So there’s a baby in your future? Ok, it may not be yours, but if someone you love is pregnant you are undoubtedly sharing in the excitement and anticipation. You’ve probably thought of several different ways to show you care and are considering getting one or two of those cute maternity t-shirts for your special friend. Now you are wondering when to give maternity t-shirts, how to choose and what options are out there. These are great questions and here are your answers.

How Soon Can I Give a Maternity T-Shirt?

If mom has decided to announce the pregnancy, it’s not too soon to start giving gifts. Although she may not even be showing yet, receiving gifts will make the impending pregnancy feel more real. Granted if she is having morning sickness it may seem pretty real already! So a positive reminder of the event would be particularly helpful.

So go ahead and give a maternity t-shirt early on the pregnancy. The mom will appreciate your excitement on her behalf. And having some cute and fun maternity clothing will help her look forward to the day her clothes no longer fit rather than dreading it.

A Maternity T-Shirt for All Seasons

Once the mom-to-be starts to show is another time to give maternity t-shirts. “Baby Bump” or “Oops! I Did It Again!” can be cute sayings for maternity t-shirts. You might even consider giving two or three t-shirts to cover the different stages of pregnancy. Try starting with “Under Construction” for the first trimester, then “Mommy in Training” for the middle part, and finally, “Are We There Yet?” for those final couple of months. Your friend will get a kick out of the different sentiments, and really appreciate the time and thought you put into this gift.

When to Give Maternity T-Shirts to an Active Baby

Does your pregnant mom complain that this baby is constantly kicking, jumping or dancing around in her belly? This is a great time to help her enjoy and make light of her situation with a cute saying like, “Belly Dancing in Progress” or “Future Soccer Player.” By playing up the specifics of the pregnancy, mom can be proud of every jab and kick she receives.

Showered with Love

Of course if you are still wondering when to give maternity t-shirts to that future mom, the baby shower is a perfect venue. Amidst the soft baby blankets and cuddly stuffed bears that she is sure to receive a personalized maternity t-shirt is guaranteed to be a hit. Since most baby showers will take place in the third trimester, you will want to make sure the maternity t-shirt you choose is a good size fit, and appropriate to see mom through these final months.

Remember, she may continue to wear this shirt after the birth of the child, so consider that factor as well. To make it very personal consider labeling the shirt with the family name like “Baby LaPointe” or expected date, “Due in June!”

When it comes down to knowing when to give a maternity t-shirt you just need to think of your friend’s needs at this point in her pregnancy. Simply announcing “Baby Bulge” might be all it takes to make her smile.

What to Wear with Sweaters


While the main purpose of a sweater is to keep you cool, sweaters can also be worn to help make you look cool. There are many different styles of sweaters to choose from these days which is good news because it means that your options for what to wear with your sweaters are pretty much wide open.

What you will wear with your sweater will depend on the type of sweater that it is and what the occasion of the day calls for. Here are some different ways in which you can look good in a variety of different sweaters:

Sweater vest: A sweater vest can be a great alternative to a full and bulkier sweater. Sweater vests look especially good when worn over top of a white button down shirt and tie such as one you would wear to the office. A sweater vest can also be worn over top of a long sleeved collared shirt on the golf course to provide you with the warmth you need without hindering your play like a bulky full length sweater might do.
Cardigan sweaters: Cardigan sweaters look great with a variety of outfits. You can wear them with khaki pants and your favorite shirt or you can use them to dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The important thing to remember with cardigans is that they tend to be a bit on the formal side so when choosing your outfits to go with your cardigans, choose accordingly.
Full length sweaters: These sweaters are a great fashion piece and sort of resemble a sweater trench coat. They go great with anything that the ladies like to wear from jeans to dress pants. If the sweater is a dark color then you will want to go with a lighter colored undershirt and vice-versa. This look is tied in perfectly with a black pair of high heels. Depending on the situation you may want to have the sweater opened or closed slightly.
Multi colored sweaters: Most of the sweaters you see these days are solid colors but there are still a good deal available that have multi colors or patterns such as stripes, especially for the ladies. The perfect pairings with these types of sweaters are a white pair of pants or white colored jeans. You can choose to go with heels or pumps with this look and either will look great.
Holiday sweaters: Ok these are a bit much at times but if you get hit with the holiday bug then go for a nice holiday sweater. You can wear your holiday sweater with jeans or even a pair of khaki pants and you will look both festive and great at the same time. For the holiday look go for a pair of comfortable flats if you are a woman or a pair of cozy loafers if you are a man.

While the main function of the sweater will always be to keep you warm, sweaters will always have the ability to help you look better if you just take the time and let them.

What to Wear with Sperry Topsiders

Sperry Topsiders

When you hear the words ‘boat shoes’ you probably imagine a pair of Sperry Topsiders. Though the company now makes other types of shoes, their staple is still the classic Topsiders. The shoes are slip on and made or a durable leather on top and a non-skid bottom that is tough enough to withstand the wind and pounding rain on the deck of a boat and yet look good enough to hit the yacht club in.

You can wear your Sperry Topsiders with more than just clothes for the boat and still look great in the process. Here are a few examples of outfits that go great with Sperry Topsiders:

Preppy look: This is a classic look that involves the Topsiders. Start off with a pair of dress shorts that are beige or tan colored and wear a bright colored Polo style shirt tucked in. A brown belt contrasts the outfit nicely and will also match the color of the typical Topsiders. When wearing the Topsiders you should not have on any socks, but if you insist on doing so wear the kind that are below the ankle so that they stay as hidden as possible. Finish off the entire preppy look with a sweater cross draped over your shoulders.
Casual with jeans: A great casual look that utilizes the Topsider is jeans and a nice button down shirt. The shirt should be tucked in and again you will want to go with a brown belt to match the Topsiders. The jeans should be a comfort fit and not be worn too tightly as doing so will ruin the appearance of casual. No need to wear a tie with this look and a couple of buttons being undone on the shirt is just fine. Again you shouldn’t wear socks but if you have to opt for the ones that won’t be all that noticeable.
Khaki pants:  No matter what color your khaki pants are, you can enhance the look with a pair of Sperry Topsiders. You can wear a Polo style shirt tucked in or you can go with a button down shirt that is long sleeved depending on how formal you wish to look. A nice lightweight jacket completes the look if it is chilly out. You can also wear a plain black scarf that is simply draped over your neck and allowed to hang evenly without tying it at all. The no sock rule still applies.
Get cute with skirts: Ladies can get cute with any type of skirt they wear as Sperry Topsiders now come in a wide variety of colors and not just the classic brown that everyone is accustomed too. Pair your favorite cute skirt with your favorite top and depending on the color find the perfect pair of Topsiders to compliment the outfit. If it is chilly out then a cardigan sweater will do the trick every time. Like the guys, if you wear socks, be sure they are hidden as much as possible.

Whether you are going out on the boat or just out for a night on the town, the Sperry Topsider is the ultimate shoe that can encompass both situations and then some.

What to Wear with Sneakers


It used to be that wearing sneakers meant that you were going to do something athletic like play basketball or go running. While that still holds true, the sneaker can now be seen in everyday fashion and thanks to timeless classic sneakers like Converse even a type of formal wear can sport sneakers.

Knowing what to wear with your sneakers is really a matter of the type of sneakers you have and what it is you intend on doing for the day. Here are some tips that will have you looking your best in your sneakers:

Go sloppy formal: This is the look that teen icons on the Disney Channel such as the Jonas Brothers are making famous. Wearing a pair of dress pants, put on a white button down shirt. Leave the shirt untucked and leave the top two buttons undone. Wear a neck tie, but do so in a loose manner. Wear a sports coat but don’t button the front. Finally, wear a pair of Converse high top sneakers and you have the sloppy formal look pegged.
Go casual: Going casual in your sneakers is relatively easy. This can be accomplished by wearing a pair of cargo shorts and your favorite t-shirt that will of course be untucked. High top or low top sneakers here are up to you, but most seem to prefer the low tops with this look. This ultra casual look also gives you the perfect opportunity to wear your favorite ball cap.
Go with jeans: Jeans always look great with sneakers with one exception; skinny jeans. The problem with wearing sneakers and skinny jeans is that the skinny jeans tapper down and end up hugging your ankles. Then you go and put your bulky sneakers on and your feet have the appearance of being ten times too big in proportion to the rest of your body. Avoid skinny jeans, but all others generally go with sneakers. A looser fit is nice because they will cover the top of the sneaker even if you are wearing high tops and therefore won’t bunch up at the bottom. You can wear almost any top you like with this fashion from shirts, to sweater, and everything in between.
Go for dresses and skirts: Here is one for the ladies. Wearing short dresses and skirts are always fun and make a great combination to a pair of Converse high top sneakers. For the dress look you may want to add a lightweight jacket and for the skirt look you will want to add a t-shirt or a blouse. This look is seen all over in Hollywood by some of the younger actresses that are popular today. This look can be further enhanced by wearing a black pair of leggings underneath. You can go all out and finish off the look with a black scarf and just let it hang down in front of you evenly without tying it at all.

While athletes will always have the need to wear sneakers when performing their sports, sneakers will still always have a place in fashion and by pairing them with the right clothes in your closet you too will look great no matter what you put on.

What to Wear with Pumps


Pumps offer a great alternative to high heels as pumps still have a heel, but the heels are just generally on the shorter side versus a full-blown high heel. This allows for a great look but better overall comfort as you walk throughout the day. That is probably why these types of shoes are the choice of the professional working woman everywhere. But pumps can be worn on more than just work occasions. In addition to the office, they can also be worn when just out and about.

Knowing what to pair your pumps with will have you looking you best no matter where you find yourself from day to day. Here a few ways to look great in your pumps:

Pants suit: This is a great look for the office. Nothing says sophistication like a nice dressy pants suit and a matching pair of pumps. While you can go with any color that best suites you, colors such as beige and tan seem to be the colors of choice by many professional women.
Dresses and skirts: When just out and about a great garment to wear is a shorter dress. Pumps look great with these types of dresses and if the dress is the right color you can use it as an opportunity to go with a fun and wild print on the pumps. Skirts paired with nice white blouses also look extremely nice and offer a welcomed change to the typical pair of jeans. Again wear any color pump you like and don’t be afraid of fun and interesting patterns.
Jeans: Even jeans look great with a nice pair of pumps. Typically though you should go with a fit that is not tight at the ankles like skinny jeans are. Going with a nice form fitting boot cut pair of jeans and topping it off with your favorite blouse or t-shirt will be the perfect compliment for your favorite pair of pumps.
Work attire: A great outfit for sporting your pumps is a gray work skirt, a white blouse that is frilly at the top and a gray blazer. Go with black pumps for this outfit and accessorize lightly. This will have you looking your best at any work related event you attend.
Leggings: Another popular garment that is accompanying the pumps of many of those in Hollywood these days is the leggings. Leggings can be worn with a multitude of different style and fashions of pumps and depending on how fancy you want to look, the leggings and pumps can help. You can add a pair of black leggings to your typical work skirt and attire or wear leggings under your dresses or miniskirts. The pumps that are worn with the leggings should offset the leggings in regards to color.

Pumps offer a wide variety of options for women whether they are going out for a night on the town or are on their way into the office. With such style and versatility every woman should have at least one pair of these wondrous shoes.

What to Wear with Gold

Gold dress

Gold is a color that is often associated with wealth and prosperity. Gold is also a color that many people are afraid to incorporate into their daily fashions. But wearing gold doesn’t have to be such a challenge; you simply have to know what to wear it with.

Whether you choose to wear your gold as part of your garments or part of your accessories there are literally hundreds of possibilities with gold. Here are just a few ideas of what you too can wear with gold:

Going casual: For typical day wear gold is best worn in the form of accessories by detailing. You can turn a very plain looking jean skirt into a fabulous casual dress that can be worn out just about anywhere by having small gold beads sewn across the pockets or even along the back seem. The process couldn’t be easier and the supplies can be found at any craft store. Alternatively you can buy a skinny belt that is gold and that too will jazz up the ordinary.
Carry gold accents: If you are going out for the evening and wearing black, a great way to incorporate some gold is by carrying a purse or handbag that is gold or has gold accents. If a pure gold purse is too much for you, try a black purse that has gold accents such as different gold beadings or even some gold on the strap. Some purses will even have a gold chain in place of the strap and this can make for a great gold accent as well.
Wear the gold: Of course the most obvious way to incorporate gold into your outfits is by way of gold jewelry. This can be accomplished with expensive rings and necklaces, but if you are going for a look such as the popular Bohemian look in which you layer several gold necklaces, this can tend to get a bit pricey. Luckily there are a number of great looking faux gold necklaces that can be purchased for a fraction of the price of real gold. Acquiring several of these faux gold necklaces and layering them with traditional beaded necklaces will have you pulling off the Bohemian look flawlessly and rather inexpensively. If you are wearing formal wear that is black then a simple gold necklace, gold earrings, and a couple of gold bracelets really help to not only bring out the black, but they will help tie in the entire outfit in an elegant manner.
Step out in gold: Gold shoes are another great way to add gold into your ensemble mix. A pair of gold heels, wedge sandals, or even gladiator shoes can be the perfect pairing for your hot little black dress that you like so much. Gold shoes also make for a great addition to jeans of any color, especially the darker ones.

Gold is nothing to be afraid of, it is to be cherished and used. Remember that everything that glitters is gold and that gold is glorious so wear it and enjoy it.

What to Wear with Flats


Flats where once only known as the shoes that women wore when they wanted ultra comfort, but as fashion often does, flats have made a complete 180 and have now made it to the forefront in women’s footwear. This is probably due to so many famous actresses now gracing a great looking pair of flats both on and off the screen. Flats are a very versatile shoe and can be worn with a number of different outfits and deciding what you want to pair you flats with is simply a matter of where it is you may be going for the day.

While flats go with almost anything, here are a few ideas for you to experiment with when wearing your flats:

Skinny jeans: This look is sweeping through Hollywood and making its way quickly to the mainstream. If you like to wear skinny jeans then this is the look for you and your flats. Pair your skinny jeans with your favorite t-shirt and finish it off with a lightweight leather jacket. As for the flats go crazy and try different looks. Skinny jeans look great with animal print flats, metallic colored flats, and even bright solid colored flats. Mix and match here and find what works best for you. If you don’t like the look or feel of skinny jeans on your body you can still accomplish about the same great look by just going with a tighter fit of jeans than  you normally would.
Dresses: A great way to compliment almost any dress you have in your wardrobe is by pairing them with a great looking pair of flats. Really it doesn’t matter how long the dress is what is important is the color. Go with solid colors on the dress and match them with the flats. This combination works equally as well with light and bright colors like white and yellow, as it does with darker colors like blue and black. For a great look and a cozy feel try ballerina flats with your favorite dress.
Capris and shorts: You can wear flats with capris and shorts to complete a cool and casual look. You can wear a simple t-shirt with this look and top it off with a light jacket if the weather is cooling off. Most of the time when wearing flats you will not wear socks but in this case it is totally up to you. If you do choose to go with socks go with no higher than calf high.
Leggings and tights: This look is great and easy to pull off. Simply start with a black pair of tights or leggings and top it off with a miniskirt or dress and your favorite pair of sassy flats. The result will be a hip but casual look. You can also go for a bit of a wilder look and dress in animal print leggings with a solid color flat. This look will spice up your appearance and definitely have people doing a double take.

Flats look great no matter how you decide you like to dress. From casual to formal, flats will have you covered.

What to Wear with Dunks


Dunks have been a part of the Nike line of shoes since the 80s. These shoes were originally meant to be for athletes only, but now they are worn by athletes, skaters, and both men and women with a number of different outfits. Because they come in so many colors now, it really isn’t too hard to mix and match them into your wardrobes lineup.

Both high top and low top Dunks are available and the patterns and colors seem to be endless. Here are some ways that you can incorporate your dunks into your outfits:

Jeans: This is a no brainer and really any style Dunks go with jeans. If you are like many these days that likes the look of skinny jeans then you will want to go with a low top pair of Dunks so that your feet don’t look like they are ten times too big. Typically with the jeans look you can wear whatever as far as a top goes, but most prefer a loose fitting t-shirt. You can get really creative and fins a t-shirt that has a saying on it like, ’Wear your Dunks.’
Skirts and dresses: This one is obviously for the ladies. Cute miniskirts with your favorite tops look great with high top Dunks. You can also wear a shorter style dress and the same pair of Dunks.  This is also a great opportunity for you to wear different layers as the weather gets cooler.
Leggings and tights: Wearing black tights or leggings with a miniskirt goes really well with dunks. High top or low top is a personal preference and these days you will see many women wearing both. Wear a brighter colored top like yellow or pink and be sure that those colors are in the Dunks. This look is also usually seen with the shoe laces untied on the Dunks. You can add even more pizzazz to the look by wearing bright colored shoe laces that contrast the top.
Shorts and t-shirt: When it is all said and done, Dunks are still great athletic shoes. You can wear a plain black pair or any other solid color with your basketball shorts and basketball shirt and hit the courts in style. You can also just wear cargo shorts, your favorite t-shirt, and any type of multi-colored Dunks you like.
Capris: Even capris fit into the fashion realm of Dunks. Women can wear a light colored pair of capris with a bright colored top such as red and either wear a pair of Dunks that matches the shirt or go with a pair that is lighter like the capris. The choice of low tops or high tops is again up to you but this look seems to be better paired with low tops.

Dunks are the perfect all around shoe and can be worn in almost any situation you like. If you don’t already have pair of these versatile shoes you may want to pick up a pair or two and start enjoying your wardrobe even more than you do now.

What to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a garment that has gained much popularity over the past few years and is really a piece that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. Pencil skirts are great because they hug and flatter the natural curves of the hips and make you look your best no matter what the shape of your hips are. The garment can be worn to the office, or dressed down and worn on an everyday basis, or you can dress it up and wear it to a cocktail party. However, just as with any other clothing in your closet, this versatile piece of clothing can look unappealing if worn with the wrong outfit.

Because the pencil skirt is so versatile it is extremely easy to mix and match different articles of clothing that you now have in your closet to make for a great look. Here are some examples:

Tops: If you are dressing to go to the office then choose a blouse with a professional look. Long sleeved blouses that have a collar are perfect for the office environment and look great when tucked in. When you are simply going out and about go with a colorless blouse that you do not tuck in. Boat necks and cowl-necks look great and both tight fitting or loose fitting will work and your choice should be based on what you feel the most comfortable in.
Shoes: When it comes to footwear and pencil skirt the topic is really wide open. If you are wearing your pencil skirt to work then you can pair it with a nice sensible pair of heel that will compliment the entire outfit you are wearing. When you are going out with your pencil skirt on you can go with sandal heels or a low cut ankle boot for a more risqué look. You can even go for an ultra-casual look and wear a pair of ballerina flats which will not only look great but will allow your feet maximum comfort.
Belts: Wearing a belt with your pencil skirt is a great way to help define your waist. You will want to go with a skinny belt over a wider belt as this will help to define the precise lines of the pencil skirt. When choosing the color of your belt, consider the occasion. Go with a neutral colored belt when going to the office and bright and fun colors when out and about. You can also give your legs the illusion of being longer by wearing your belt up higher on the pencil skirt, or make them seem short by wearing it down on the pencil skirt.
Colors: Again this will depend on the occasion. Black is very versatile and can usually be worn anywhere. Neutral colors look great for the office and brighter colors are usually reserved for the more casual look.

Pencil skirts can be worn in a number of different ways all designed to make women look great. Being sure to pair your pencil skirt with the appropriate top and shoes will have you too looking fantastic.

What to Wear with a Leather Jacket

leather jacket

There may be no garment that can compare with the versatility of a nice leather jacket. A leather jacket can be worn in the most casual of circumstances and can also be worn to some semi-formal events. You may be wondering what to wear with your leather jacket, but the options are so vast perhaps you should be wondering what not to wear with it.

Leather jackets come in all kinds of colors now but the most popular and the most timeless color is black. Here is what will look great with your black leather jacket:

Pants: If you typically go out for a night on the town in your semi-dress pants and a button down shirt, try jazzing it up with your leather jacket. Really any color goes. Dark colored pants look great with the black leather as do lighter colors. Try to stay with solid colors though as a pattern won’t look right. If all you have is a lighter colored leather jacket such as white leather then stick with darker colored pants.
Jeans: With jeans you can accomplish a couple of different looks. Wear darker colored jeans such as black with a darker colored t-shirt and top it off with your black leather jacket. This will have you come off looking like a biker or at the very least a rebel of some sort. If you wear your black leather jacket with a white t-shirt and a true pair of ‘blue’ jeans you can pass yourself off as a ‘greaser’ like in the movie Grease.
Skirts: Here’s one of the ladies. If you are wearing a cute white or any other light colored skirt that is frilly at the bottom you can go for the skater girl look by topping off the outfit with a black leather jacket and a wild hairdo. If you have a darker colored skirt then try to go with a different color of leather such as red or white. Just as with pants, you want to stay with a solid color. Skirts that are too busy in the design department will take away from the leather jacket and leave you looking awkward.
More leather: What looks better than a great looking back leather jacket? Pairing that black leather jacket with a dark colored t-shirt and some black leather pants. This will give you that ‘rocker’ look and if you have the build to pull off the look, then by all means go for it. A word of warning here, this look is one that is on the warmer side and you will sweat, so be prepared for that.
No shorts: Weather you are a guy or a girl don’t wear your leather jacket with shorts. It simply doesn’t look right and doing so will have people looking at you for all the wrong reasons.

A great leather jacket can enhance almost any outfit you can put together. Just stick to solid colors and leave the shorts behind and you too can sport your leather jacket in style.

What to Wear with a Fedora


It seems every time you turn on the television these days you can see a number of the stars from stage and screen wearing an infamous fedora. A fedora is a hat that is made of a felt like material and is creased down the middle and pinched on both ends in the front. The brim of the hat is somewhat flexible to create different looks and everyone from Humphrey Bogart to Indiana Jones has graced this type of hat.

Finding a fedora is as simple as going to any department store and choosing one as they come in a wide variety of colors. Knowing what to pair with your fedora with is another story. Sure you could just wear it with everything you put on, but to get a great look you can dress to compliment your fedora. Here are a few ways to do so:

The suit look: This is a classic look that began with the Blues Brothers and is still seen frequently today. To accomplish this look all you have to do is start with a black fedora and then get a black or navy blue suit and a white long sleeved button down collared shirt. Finish off the look with a black tie, black dress shoes, and of course black sunglasses and you will have the unmistakable cool look that has seen many generations.
Jeans and tank look: This look is for the ladies and is being made quite popular by the who’s who in Hollywood starlets. The look is easily mimicked and consists of a lighter colored fedora such as white and paired with black jeans and a black tank top. Strappy heels seem to be the shoes that go with this look and many of the younger women in Hollywood like skinny jeans with this look. It definitely takes a certain type to pull off skinny jeans and if they are not your thing just go a bit on the tighter side with your jeans and you will be all set.
Relaxed formal look: This is what many of the guys in Hollywood are doing these days. They begin with a black or dark gray fedora and pair it with a sort of ‘sloppy formal’ attire. To get this look you need to wear dress pants and a white button down collared shirt. Leave the collared shirt untucked and the top two buttons undone. You will want to get a neck tie but secure it loosely and over the shirt you can go for a sweater vest. In the shoe department you can either go for a pair of dress shoes or you can go for a pair of high top Converse.
Untouchables look: Back in the days of prohibition fedoras graced the heads of many of the police that raided illegal liquor taverns as they went after the likes of such criminals as Al Capone. Even the great Elliot Ness is depicted as always having on his fedora. To get the look of these Untouchables you need only wear dress pants, dress shoes, a long sleeved white collared shirt with a tie and instead of a jacket or blazer go with a long style rain coat. They typically wore tan fedoras but any color you like will fit the look just fine.

Fedoras are a timeless classic that can look great with almost anything you wear and when paired with the right clothing you too can look calm, cool, and collective.

What to Wear to a Class Reunion

Class Reunion

When your class reunion roles around it is a great opportunity for you to see your old friends and school mates and it is sure to be a fun time had by all. You can take the time spent there and learn about what everyone has done with the past ten years of their lives and compare stories with everyone you run into.

Getting ready to go to a class reunion can be stressful though as you may run into a problem deciding what to wear. This stress can be eliminated by doing a little planning ahead for both guys and gals alike. Here are some tips to get you on the right track to class reunion success:

Primp up early: Before you decide what you will be wearing, be sure you will look your best in it by getting all your primping done before the reunion rolls around. This means getting your hair done and colored, getting a manicure, pedicure, you name it. Don’t wait until the last minute and scramble, instead start the week before the reunion. This will give you plenty of time and leave you much less stressed. You should also try on your outfit and be sure that it fits you before the actual night of the reunion.

Women: A safe bet is the little black dress for the women. The length should be about down to the top of the knee and whether or not you want it sleeveless or just short sleeved will be a personal preference on how much skin you are alright with showing. If it is chilly out you can jazz up the look with a bright wrap. Dress up the look with a nice pair of sandals that are on the risqué side and carry a small purse that matches. Bring out the black in the dress by wearing silver colored jewelry and go with a bold bracelet to tie in the whole outfit. This will leave you looking as great as the day you graduated from school.

Men: Men can’t go wrong with a nice suit that is topped off with a stylish looking neck tie. Of course you may not want to get that fancy in which case you can probably get away with just wearing a pair of dress pants and a long sleeved button down shirt. As for the tie, if you are not sure whether or not you want to wear one simply put a good looking one in your pocket. Once you get to the reunion take a minute or two before you get out of the car and observe what all the other guys are wearing. If the majority of them have on a neck tie then you can wear yours, if not you can keep it in your pocket just in case or you can leave it behind in the car.

Above all else be yourself and have fun. You certainly want to dress to impress but you should never feel like you have to act like you are something you are not, not even at your class reunion.

What to Wear for Confirmation?


Confirmation is a special ceremony that requires a certain level of respectful dress in order to show respect to everyone present in the church as well as to the institution itself. In many parishes, there are strict dress codes that specify exactly what must be worn when taking part in a confirmation ceremony. In others, there are a few guidelines that kids can use to put together a respectful, appropriate outfit.


For girls, a nice dress is generally a part of the required attire. In just about any church confirmation ceremony, it would be inappropriate to wear anything that reveals the stomach at all. The dress should not be strapless and it should not have spaghetti straps. The dress may be sleeveless if it is a tasteful dress that is not too revealing elsewhere in its design.

If a skirt is worn, it should be at least knee length A longer dress than falls two or three inches below the knee or that hits at mid-calf may be required in some churches.

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure it is not sheer or too tight. A see-through shirt, even with a camisole under it, is not appropriate at confirmation. Likewise, a tight-fitting dress, shirt or skirt can be considered disrespectful. Shorts should be avoided as well as t-shirts.

Keep footwear formal but not too adult in style. A pair of low heels is an age appropriate selection that may be worn to confirmation, but a strappy pair of very high heels can be considered inappropriate to the occasion. A pair of flats that matches the dress is a good way to stay appropriate as well as comfortable and in style.

Keep jewelry to a minimum. A simple earring and necklace set that is tasteful and not too large is appropriate to the occasion. Dozens of bangle bracelets are not. Keep jewelry small and not too showy. Take out any piercings that are not on the ears.


Boys should wear either a suit or an outfit that incorporates a jacket or tie into a cohesive outfit. The key is to keep the outfit dressy and respectful. If the boy doesn’t own a suit, the outfit can consist of a dressy pair of khaki pants with a neutral-colored tie. The outfit may also be a dressy jacket with a dark pair of slacks and a light button-up shirt. Keep ties neutral in color.

Boys should not wear shorts, short-sleeved shirts or very loose pants. Keep the button-up shirts light in color and without patterns. The trend of wearing pants that are loose enough to slip off is an inappropriate look for confirmation. Choose ones that fit well or wear a belt.

Footwear should fit the occasion and the outfit. Tennis shoes are generally not advised for a confirmation ceremony. The shoes can be nice loafers that are in good condition or they can be dressier leather shoes. The shoes should be neutral in color and should generally match the outfit being worn.

What To Wear Camping


Camping is simply one of those activities that you love or hate. True camping aficionados will do it year round regardless of temperature or terrain. However, most people who enjoy camping are fine weather friends to the activity. They enjoy camping when it is warm and dry outside and love the opportunity to be at one with nature. Nothing beats the sound of falling asleep listening to the peaceful sounds of nature, unless of course you prefer to be lulled to sleep by the sweet hum of an air conditioner.

When you embark on a camping trip, there is always the question of what to wear and it is closely tied to the fact that camping requires a lot of packing. Therefore you want to make the best use of the clothes you choose to bring camping by opting for multi-purpose clothes. It is also important to bring clothing that you can layer. If the night turns cold you will want to be able to add another layer and keep warm. Bringing a warm-up suit that can be used to sleep in is a great choice in terms of versatile clothing.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of material the clothes are made from. It is important to choose items that can dry quickly and are lightweight. These will keep you comfortable and dry, while allowing you to do a little laundry by hand so you can wear these things repeatedly. This allows you to bring the least amount of clothes and saves packing space. It is also the perfect type of clothing to keep you cool and comfortable on warm days in the summer – the high season for camping.

Be sure to choose protective clothing appropriate to the area you are going. You may need hiking boots or at least closed shoes to comfortably walk to the area in which you are camping. If you are planning to go to any of the areas where ticks are abundant long pants tucked into your socks and long sleeved shirts are essential choices. Even if you are not crazy about that fashion statement, it will keep you healthy. If your main choices for tops are tank tops, bring along a lightweight shirt with short sleeves to protect your shoulders from the sun at least occasionally.

For most camping expeditions to less wild places, shorts, T-shirts, bathing suits and sandals or flip flops will be the uniform of choice. Many campgrounds are located on the water or have swimming pools available for use. You will want to bring a comfortable bathing suit that you can have fun in. Warmer clothing for the evening may still be necessary. Be sure to check the weather before you go to be sure that you know what to expect and how to be best prepared.

By choosing your camping attire wisely you will have fewer things to bring along but will still be ready for anything that comes your way. Remember camping is all about fun and getting away from it all so don’t sweat the details too much.

What Length Dress to Wear

Length dress

A Dress for Every Occasion

Women love to wear dresses and there is good reason for that. Dresses allow a woman to express herself and stay feminine all at the same time. What’s more, dresses offer great comfort and there is a dress for every occasion. But how do you know which type of dress goes best with each occasion? This can usually be determined by the dress’ length.

Wearing dresses really should come down to comfort but in this fashionably savvy world in which we live there are actually a few rules that should be heeded as well:

Casual: When going casual sky’s the limit. You need to consider comfort first and fashion second. The biggest no, no is wearing a dress that doesn’t compliment your body. As far as the length goers you can go conservative with a dress that comes down to your ankles or go a bit more on the risqué side and wear a dress that only comes down to the top of your knee. Since you are going casual the only person that dictates the rule on length here is you.
Work: When you are wearing a dress to go to work in you don’t want to go too short. Really you shouldn’t go any higher than knee length. Remember you want to be noticed at work for the things you do at work not for the clothes you wear. Stay professional and stay on the longer side.
Semi-formal events: Depending on the type of event it is you usually have two choices; dresses and gowns. In the evening you will probably want to go with a gown especially if the event is more on the formal side. The length is usually longer and the gown will tend to be a bit more on the elegant side. If you are attending an afternoon semi-formal event then you can usually opt for a longer dress. If the event is more of a laid back atmosphere with many friends in attendance then you may be able to get away with a slightly shorter style, but you still shouldn’t go shorter that knee length.
Night out on the town: If you are just going to let it all hang out for a girl’s night out then you can again go wild and choose what you like. This will be the most acceptable time to break out that dress that is really short and maybe on the tighter side. If you don’t want to go with such a revealing dress you can go with a semi-revealing dress that comes down to about mid thigh. This will give you more coverage but still let you flaunt your stuff just a bit.

When in doubt go a bit longer than you want to. While there are certain situations where you can get away with going a bit longer in length, nothing makes you stand out the wrong way faster than wearing a totally inappropriate short dress. That will have you called many names fairly quickly.

When Is West Virginia Day

West Vieginia

West Virginia Day

Most states within America have different birthdays and are celebrated throughout the year in different ways. West Virginia has a birthday, but it also celebrates other special events in the course of its long history. West Virginia Day is one of them. More than just a birthday for this state, West Virginia Day celebrates not only its birth, but also its right to decide the course of their future by themselves; a day that serves as historically important as well as defining their purpose and future legacy.

West Virginia Day is celebrated every June 20th in West Virginia. The anniversary celebrates the day in 1863 when the state of West Virginia was officially ‘born’ and admitted into the United States of America as its thirty-fifth state, during the midst of the Civil War. That may not seem odd to most people, but for the most part, most of the state of Virginia had seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy at the outbreak of the Civil War. Virginians, however, were divided in their loyalties, and laying in the middle of the Mason-Dixon line, it is no wonder that families and neighbors were split on the issue of whether they supported the North or the South in this Civil War. The area of Virginia that is now known as West Virginia decided to join the Union while the majority of the rest of Virginia joined the South. Wanting to determine their right to decide for themselves and to declare this pro-Northern area a separate state, politically and civic-minded leaders from several counties urged Washington government representatives to create for them a new state. After two long years of haggling and fence sitting, West Virginia was admitted to the United States on June 20, 1863.

For the next sixty years, West Virginia celebrated their day of decision informally, but the day became an official state holiday in 1927, and has been celebrated with parades and festivals ever since. Children in countywide school districts learn about the unique history of their state and celebrate the day with plays, stories and readings of famous West Virginians. Parades, festivals and local civic events serve to remind every county within the state of their unique heritage.

West Virginia is known as the land of coalmines and tree studded mountains. Its history is studded with events that, for non-natives, are generally unknown. The first free mail delivery service started in 1896 West Virginia, though their very first post office was not created until 1972. It was also the first state to initiate a state tax on goods, way back in 1921. It is home to Organ Cave, the third largest in the United States, as well as to the Golden Delicious apple, which originated in Clay County. Much of the stone that was used to build the Washington Monument, located in Washington D.C., came from a quarry near Hinton.

West Virginia is tucked away in the rolling mountains of the Allegheny Mountains, a land of proud people. West Virginians live in towns or scattered in various nooks and crannies found in the thousands of miles of tree studded mountains and hills that cover most of the state. With a state population of almost two million people, inhabitants of the state enjoy celebrating the birth and independence-minded history of their state with local and statewide festivities that serve to remind not only West Virginians, but other American states as well, that the right to choose their own path is a God given right. The ability to make such as decision as to split from their mother state and create their own is an example of American spirit and fortitude that is seldom allowed or recognized in other countries around the world.

Understanding Daylight Saving Time

daylight savings time

Oh, the blissful days of summer, when the sun rises early and sets late, enough daylight to enjoy the warmth, get all the work done, and still have time, if you’re lucky, to sit and enjoy watching a sunset. The only trouble is, people have to be constantly reminded to switch their clocks forward every spring, and back every fall. It might have been easier to just keep things the way they were, but since World War One, Americans have been ‘switching back and forth’ every spring and summer, to the point that it has become a tradition as loved as baseball and apple pie.

In the United States, daylight saving time began during the years following the First World War, which ended in 1918. Originally meant to ‘preserve daylight and provide standard time for the United States’, the law that has had Americans switching clocks twice a year was officially adopted on March 19, 1918. Such a law set regular, standard time zones and set a prescribed Daylight Summer Time that began on March 31 and was observed for a 7-month period of time. However, after the war ended, Americans complained so much about the time changes that the law was vetoed and thereafter, different states were allowed to observe or not.

However, the practice was revived during World War Two. President Franklin Roosevelt called it ‘War Time’, and it lasted from February 2, 1942 to September 30, 1945. This ‘war time’ was instituted to last year-round. After the war, individual states were again allowed to determine whether or not they wanted to change clocks and observe a Daylight Saving Time every spring and summer. However, as one could imagine, mass confusion resulted as airline and train schedules, not to mention the chaos caused within the broadcasting media, caused the federal government to halt the free-for-all. By 1966, Congress finally took action and standardized one pattern that the country was to follow, and President Lyndon Johnson created a Daylight Saving Time that would start on the last Sunday of every April and end on the last Sunday in October of every year. This was called the Uniform Time Act of 1966. However, the fun didn’t stop there, as in 1972, Congress then decided if a state happened to incorporate two or more time zones, they could exempt one part of the state from the time change, while the other part would change their clocks.

Daylight Saving Time start and stop dates underwent several additional changes over the years, until today, the time determined for the beginning of Daylight Saving Time is designated as the second Sunday in March through the first Sunday in November. Unless, of course, you live in Hawaii or much of Arizona, which have steadfastly refused to play this game.

Nevertheless, Daylight Saving Time seems to serve most Americans as the true beginning of the spring and summer season, and brings with it days of longer play for children across America, and longer hours of work for many adults. While gaining an extra hour of sleep appeals to most Americans, knowing that the sun won’t set, in most states, until after 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. leaves others shaking their head in chagrin. While most Americans don’t seem to really mind having to change their clocks twice a year, they do have to be constantly reminded to do so. Daylight Saving Time invariably means that some people are late, or early, to work, and that many companies have employees working all night to update computers and catch up or get ahead on lost, or gained, work hours.

Daylight Saving Time, for whatever reason it was begun, has become a tradition that is observed all across America, and while some grumble, others giggle with glee at the extra hours of daylight granted by, not Mother Nature, but the United States government.

What’s Trendy in Maternity Clothes


Being pregnant is hip. This is good news for maternity clothes. For too long, women had to forsake fashion for unattractive and limited maternity clothes. Not all that long ago, it was considered unseemly to be out and about showing off your baby belly. Not anymore, those days are long gone. Rejoice fashion minded new moms everywhere.

The first places to look for the hottest trends in maternity fashions are celebrity moms. It seems everyday someone announces they are having a new baby. While we may not much in common with a movie star in every day life, being pregnant is a common experience for all women. Everyone’s body will undergo big and wonderful changes as their baby grows. So everyone will need new clothes to fit that beautiful baby creating body.

Maybe you aren’t the girl who normally embraces the latest trends in clothing. You like to have clothes that work throughout the seasons and are very versatile. Being pregnant is a great time to break out of the practical mold. Yes, you will still need some of the basic pieces of a wardrobe in neutral go anywhere colors. Then go for it. Buy that cute shirt. The beauty of maternity clothes is that you only wear them for a season. You aren’t going to be wearing that shirt next year; you will be wearing something with baby spit up on it. So embrace the trends.

The most important consideration for maternity clothing, practical or trendy, is comfort. When shopping, be sure to sit down and move around in the clothes as you try them on. Maternity clothes are sized to be the same as what you normally wear. So if you are normally a medium, try mediums. Then if those don’t fit, move up or down as needed. Buy fabrics that are easily cared for. Cotton and cotton blends are a great choice. These fabrics also breathe and as you feel warmer when pregnant this is an important consideration.

All your favorite wardrobe items are available in maternity styles. If you are a dress girl, check out a cute halter dress in a fun print. If you prefer jeans, get a pair with embellishments on the side. Be adventurous. Buy that fabulous piece that can be used as both a strapless dress and a skirt. Swimwear and lingerie are other necessities that can also be fun and very sexy.

Don’t forsake your favorite activities just because you are pregnant. In fact exercise will help you feel more energetic and make you more prepared for labor. So get a new pair of yoga pants and a new hoodie and stretch away. Active wear is also great for those days you don’t feel so comfortable in your new body and just need something comfy to wear around the house.

One of the hottest trends in maternity fashions is t-shirts with designs about being pregnant. T-shirts are a perfect marriage of fashion and comfort. Often these t-shirts are more fitted than other maternity shirts. But when you are wearing a shirt announcing the baby is “Due in July”, you want everyone to see that wonderful baby belly. If no one can see your “Buddha Belly” what would the point of the fun t-shirt be? Announce to the world you are having a princess, a future world changer or the next big thing. The best place to shop for these t-shirts is online. There is any number of retailers with great, inexpensive, and fashionable options.