What to Wear with Sneakers


It used to be that wearing sneakers meant that you were going to do something athletic like play basketball or go running. While that still holds true, the sneaker can now be seen in everyday fashion and thanks to timeless classic sneakers like Converse even a type of formal wear can sport sneakers.

Knowing what to wear with your sneakers is really a matter of the type of sneakers you have and what it is you intend on doing for the day. Here are some tips that will have you looking your best in your sneakers:

Go sloppy formal: This is the look that teen icons on the Disney Channel such as the Jonas Brothers are making famous. Wearing a pair of dress pants, put on a white button down shirt. Leave the shirt untucked and leave the top two buttons undone. Wear a neck tie, but do so in a loose manner. Wear a sports coat but don’t button the front. Finally, wear a pair of Converse high top sneakers and you have the sloppy formal look pegged.
Go casual: Going casual in your sneakers is relatively easy. This can be accomplished by wearing a pair of cargo shorts and your favorite t-shirt that will of course be untucked. High top or low top sneakers here are up to you, but most seem to prefer the low tops with this look. This ultra casual look also gives you the perfect opportunity to wear your favorite ball cap.
Go with jeans: Jeans always look great with sneakers with one exception; skinny jeans. The problem with wearing sneakers and skinny jeans is that the skinny jeans tapper down and end up hugging your ankles. Then you go and put your bulky sneakers on and your feet have the appearance of being ten times too big in proportion to the rest of your body. Avoid skinny jeans, but all others generally go with sneakers. A looser fit is nice because they will cover the top of the sneaker even if you are wearing high tops and therefore won’t bunch up at the bottom. You can wear almost any top you like with this fashion from shirts, to sweater, and everything in between.
Go for dresses and skirts: Here is one for the ladies. Wearing short dresses and skirts are always fun and make a great combination to a pair of Converse high top sneakers. For the dress look you may want to add a lightweight jacket and for the skirt look you will want to add a t-shirt or a blouse. This look is seen all over in Hollywood by some of the younger actresses that are popular today. This look can be further enhanced by wearing a black pair of leggings underneath. You can go all out and finish off the look with a black scarf and just let it hang down in front of you evenly without tying it at all.

While athletes will always have the need to wear sneakers when performing their sports, sneakers will still always have a place in fashion and by pairing them with the right clothes in your closet you too will look great no matter what you put on.

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