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Why Personalized Maternity T-Shirts Are Fun and Great Gifts

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Having a baby is an exciting time in a woman’s life. That enthusiasm is shared by her friends, family and acquaintances in a way that no other life experience is. Motherhood bond woman universally, and so strangers on the street will approach a pregnant woman to congratulate her, ask the sex of the baby or even be bold enough to rub her belly.

If you are looking for a fun and original way to let the expectant mom in your life know you are happy for her, here a few reasons why personalized maternity t-shirts are fun and great gifts.

It’s the Thought That Counts

When you take the time to have a personalized maternity t-shirt mad for someone, it is obvious that you really went out of your way to think about their wants, needs, and the details of the impending arrival. For instance, a maternity t-shirt that says, “Baby Number Four – Coming this Summer!” is very specific. It instantly shares mom’s important news with everyone and is a great conversation starter.

You can get as personal as you want with the details, right down to the name of the new baby. I would only do that if you are certain the parents are comfortable sharing that information, and already refer to the baby by name. If you feel that step is a bit premature, you could simply state, “Baby Tibble # 2” or “This Belly Contains a Future Soccer Player!”

Make ‘Em Laugh!

Another reason why personalized maternity t-shirts are fun and great gifts is that it’s a great way to inject a sense of humor into the occasion. “I’m Growing a Human Being -What Did You Do Today?” is sure to get a few snickers. Although the “Never Mess with a Pregnant Woman” message is one to be taken seriously.

Is your friend really struggling to eat right during the pregnancy, or lamenting the things she can’t have? “Kill for Coffee” or “We’re Hungry” are both cute and poignant. Anyone who has been pregnant should be able to relate to them instantly.

Make a Statement

Personalized maternity t-shirts are also a great way for the mom-to-be to get a message across to inquisitive friends and strangers. “We’re Not Finding Out!” or “Don’t Touch the Belly!” are pretty clear. And let’s face it, after about the fifth month, the most patient of expectant parents has dealt with enough unsolicited questions and belly rubs to shoot her hormones through the roof.

Other messages like “Got Mother’s Milk?” or “Miracle in Progress” may be appropriate depending on your friend’s plans and beliefs. Or perhaps simple is best. Messages like “Baby Diaz” or “Two Peas in this Pod” are simple but sweet.

If you are still wondering why personalized maternity t-shirts are fun and great gifts, remember this: even after the blessed event this shirt will be a keepsake for both mother and child. Unless she plans to recycle, then you can’t go wrong with the “Yes, I’m Pregnant!” version. It can be worn again and again.

When to Give Maternity T-Shirts


So there’s a baby in your future? Ok, it may not be yours, but if someone you love is pregnant you are undoubtedly sharing in the excitement and anticipation. You’ve probably thought of several different ways to show you care and are considering getting one or two of those cute maternity t-shirts for your special friend. Now you are wondering when to give maternity t-shirts, how to choose and what options are out there. These are great questions and here are your answers.

How Soon Can I Give a Maternity T-Shirt?

If mom has decided to announce the pregnancy, it’s not too soon to start giving gifts. Although she may not even be showing yet, receiving gifts will make the impending pregnancy feel more real. Granted if she is having morning sickness it may seem pretty real already! So a positive reminder of the event would be particularly helpful.

So go ahead and give a maternity t-shirt early on the pregnancy. The mom will appreciate your excitement on her behalf. And having some cute and fun maternity clothing will help her look forward to the day her clothes no longer fit rather than dreading it.

A Maternity T-Shirt for All Seasons

Once the mom-to-be starts to show is another time to give maternity t-shirts. “Baby Bump” or “Oops! I Did It Again!” can be cute sayings for maternity t-shirts. You might even consider giving two or three t-shirts to cover the different stages of pregnancy. Try starting with “Under Construction” for the first trimester, then “Mommy in Training” for the middle part, and finally, “Are We There Yet?” for those final couple of months. Your friend will get a kick out of the different sentiments, and really appreciate the time and thought you put into this gift.

When to Give Maternity T-Shirts to an Active Baby

Does your pregnant mom complain that this baby is constantly kicking, jumping or dancing around in her belly? This is a great time to help her enjoy and make light of her situation with a cute saying like, “Belly Dancing in Progress” or “Future Soccer Player.” By playing up the specifics of the pregnancy, mom can be proud of every jab and kick she receives.

Showered with Love

Of course if you are still wondering when to give maternity t-shirts to that future mom, the baby shower is a perfect venue. Amidst the soft baby blankets and cuddly stuffed bears that she is sure to receive a personalized maternity t-shirt is guaranteed to be a hit. Since most baby showers will take place in the third trimester, you will want to make sure the maternity t-shirt you choose is a good size fit, and appropriate to see mom through these final months.

Remember, she may continue to wear this shirt after the birth of the child, so consider that factor as well. To make it very personal consider labeling the shirt with the family name like “Baby LaPointe” or expected date, “Due in June!”

When it comes down to knowing when to give a maternity t-shirt you just need to think of your friend’s needs at this point in her pregnancy. Simply announcing “Baby Bulge” might be all it takes to make her smile.

How To Customize Maternity T-shirts For Gifts

Creating Custom Maternity T-shirts for Gifts

The anticipation of a new child creates excitement and good will not just for the parents but also for anyone close to them. Baby showers team with well wishers bearing adorable little onesies, blue striped baseball caps, and tiny pink dresses all designed to don the new infant in style and comfort.

What about the mother-to-be? Certainly she benefits from this baby booty, and her eyes light up with each new receiving blanket, but what if you wanted to treat her to a special, one-of-a-kind gift for her use? This is the thinking behind latest gift-giving trend for expectant mothers. Creating custom maternity T-shirts as gifts is a fun and personal way to let the mom know you are thinking of her.

•    Factors to Consider When Creating
Custom Maternity T-shirts as Gifts

The primary consideration in choosing any apparel item is to make sure you know the proper size. This is especially important in creating custom maternity clothes, as a t-shirt labeled “Baby Cosby-Under Construction” is not likely to be returnable. Other than size, you will want to have some idea of the mom’s taste and personality. You wouldn’t want to give a bright pink maternity T-shirt with rhinestone lettered “Baby Princess” on it to your Harley-loving biker friend.

The other important consideration is to know any strong stands your friend has taken on important issues. You wouldn’t give a t-shirt that says “Got Mother’s Milk?” unless you know your friend intends to nurse, and doesn’t mind announcing it to the world. Of course, if you know your girlfriend hates when strangers rub her baby belly a “Don’t Touch!” T-shirt might be quite appropriate.

If you want to stay away from anything too intimate or politically charged, there are plenty of announcement type logos that would work. “Coming Soon to a Basinet Near You: Baby Murphy” written in a Marquee font is benign but appropriate. “Pea in the Pod” or “Biscuit in the Oven” are also cute, without being too personal.

On the other hand, you may be choosing a custom maternity t-shirt as a gift because of the humor it can bring. “We’re Hungry”, “Who’s Your Daddy?” or “I Just Wanted a Backrub” are all possibilities. You can even get Dad his own “My Boys Can Swim” t-shirt.

•    Your Custom Maternity T-shirt Gift: A Time to Remember

While a quote can certainly elicit a smile or a laugh, pictures still say a thousand words. Realistic, cartoon-ish, famous images are all available to choose from. You could even do a before and after shot with a real picture of “before” mom during pre-pregnancy, and an arrow pointing to her belly as the “after.”

Your friend, daughter, or loved one will really appreciate the time and effort you took to seek out a special design and saying just for them. To personalize it even further you can make it time specific, like “Coming this Summer”. Or you can bring other family members into it by saying “Jack and Sara’s Future Tagalong”. The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination. Not only will this gift be a fun and practical way to show you care, it will be a lasting keepsake for the mother-to-be of this special time in her life.