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How to Dress like You’re from the 1940s


Dressing Like You’re from the 1940s Keeps a Smile on Your Face

In the 1910s, things were a bit crazy. The Great War almost ruined everything. We got a little bit of a break in the 1920s, but not for long, because the stock market crash in 1929 and kooky Dust Bowl brought a little bit of craziness back into the mix. Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get much worse, the 1940s came along.

Without a doubt, the 1940s were dark times. The United States had it pretty bad, but lots of other places had it even worse. Left and right, people’s sons, husbands, and fathers were being shipped off to fight in the Second World War and many of them never came home. Adolph Hitler was marching all over Europe while the Jewish community did everything they could to stay alive. Unfortunately, more than six million of them were killed.

Needless to say, there are lots of things about the 1940s that make it a unique decade. Americans were pretty tired from all the chaos, depression, and conflict that were going on around the world. But somehow they managed to stay afloat so that they could see the light at the other end of the tunnel. Eventually, things did actually start to get a little bit better. The war ended in 1945, and we got to enjoy at least a few good years in the 1940s.

One thing that kept heads above water was the great fashions of the 1940s. There is no doubt that the 1940s were one of the greatest decades for fashion. All you need to do is look around and see that the styles from the era are still influential and popular today. It’s one of the greatest times in American fashion and people still love to dress in a way that pays homage to this bygone time.

In fact, all you need to do to dress like you’re from the 1940s is look at what you already have. Most of the clothes you have in your closet will have some trace of a 1940s influence. Modifying your clothing to make it look more like the traditional 1940s style is the best way to go.

However, if you’re looking for a more modern look, you can always add 1940s touches to ultra modern pieces. Mixing and matching is another great way to achieve the look. In fact, a plain t-shirt with a 1940s style design on it is a unique and easy way to start transforming your wardrobe.

But how do you find such a t-shirt? After all, they’re not exactly selling 1940s style t-shirts on the street corners. You can make them yourself. All you need to do is a great custom printing t-shirt company that can print any design that you like on a t-shirt. Create your own design and in no time, you can be up to your ears in 1940s style t-shirts. It really is that easy and all of your friends and fellow fashion junkies will want to know where you find such great t-shirts.

How to Dress like Barbie


Life-Size T-shirt Barbie

Barbie has been a fashion icon longer than almost any living model or fashionista. Yet, she never gets old. If only we could all be so lucky. With her endless style, devoted Ken, perfect proportions, and ageless beauty, it’s no wonder that young girls have wanted to dress like Barbie for more than fifty years.

Barbie brings something entirely new to the concept of unrealistic beauty. We all know that celebrities and actresses on the red carpet have a whole team of experts working on them to make them beautiful. They spend hours in the spa and weeks pouring over outfit possibilities with stylists and consultants. Needless to say, an appearance on the red carpet is the beautiful result of countless hours, dollars, and hardworking people.

Barbie on the other hand is a whole new brand of unrealistic beauty in that, well, she’s plastic. But that hasn’t stopped young girls from striving to look and dress just like her. The great thing about Barbie is that we get to see her even when she’s not wearing a ball gown. We get to see Barbie when she’s bumming on the beach, treating animals, roaming through the safari, making ice cream, and working at the hospital, just to name a few.

With that said, it’s pretty easy to dress like Barbie. Almost anything you put on could technically be classified and Barbie-wear. To date, there are few things that Barbie hasn’t done and few outfits that Barbie hasn’t worn. Barbie is the ultimate fashion icon because she looks great no matter what she wears.

Barbie even turns the basic t-shirt into something special. In fact, Barbie can be seen wearing a fabulous t-shirt almost as often as she can be seen wearing an evening gown or a pair of high heels. With that, any Barbie inspired wardrobe simply must include a multitude of t-shirts that can be mixed and matched at will.

But how does a person get their hands on a truck load of basic yet stylish t-shirts? Stocking your wardrobe with awesome t-shirts has never been easier than it is with custom t-shirt printing services. With the help of a custom t-shirt printer, you can turn any regular t-shirt into a piece of clothing that even Barbie and Midge would fight over. Just let your creativity take over and you can create a one of a kind t-shirt that’s all your own.

When you design your own custom printed t-shirts to dress like Barbie, you can still make your style your own. There’s punk rock Barbie, heavy metal Barbie, and skate board Barbie. Almost any style can be interpreted as Barbie inspired style.

The trick to turning your custom printed t-shirt into a Barbie outfit is the high heels. With a pair of super high heels, even a regular old t-shirt can look Barbie fabulous. But then if you’re wearing a custom printed t-shirt of your own design, you won’t need the high heels to look as fabulous as Barbie. Only Custom T-shirt Barbie can look as fabulous as you.

How to Dress like an Artist

Artist t-shirt

Become an Artist with Custom T-shirt Printing

Artists are all about being creative. You might think that their need to leave their artistic mark ends with a canvas, a lump of clay, or a sheet of paper. This is not the case. You can spot an artist from across the street by the way they dress.

Artists tend to extend their artistic chops to every area of their lives, including their wardrobes. They can’t stop creating, even if they try. Everything they touch, own, and wear becomes a medium of individual expression. It’s the artist’s way.

Take an artist’s clothes for example. Artists always look like they just stepped off of some bohemian runway. Their clothes make a statement, whether it’s politically, socially, or personally. The funky, unique style of an artist is craved by many, both artists and non-artists alike.

Artists manage to achieve that coveted style without breaking the bank. Yet they still look as if they only wear one-of-a-kind couture that would set you back a few bucks. However, just the opposite is true. Artists make the most out of what they have. They take ordinary t-shirts, jeans, pants and dresses and make them into something special. They use scissors, paint, and anything else they can get their hands on to turn that ratty old shirt into something spectacular. They don’t call them ‘starving artists’ for nothing.

However, there’s another way that you can dress like an artist without raiding your desk drawer at work of safety pins or creating your own textiles with your son’s finger paints. You can actually take the creative process of designing your own clothing to a whole new level with custom t-shirt printing.

Custom t-shirt printing services are the ultimate in artistic clothing design. With custom t-shirt printing, you can put anything you want right on a t-shirt. From words, to pictures, to your very own designs, it can be on a shirt in no time.

Better yet, custom t-shirt printing doesn’t just allow you to dress like an artist. You can actually become an artist with custom t-shirt printing. Your original designs don’t have to stay on the paper or in your head. You can actually wear your unique designs right on your shirt sleeve.

Custom t-shirt printing is also a great way to share your creativity with the masses. You can specially design your own t-shirts and give them as gifts to friends and family. Everyone you know can be wearing your artistic creations. With that, you and everyone you know can dress like an artist.

Dressing like an artist is about being resourceful and using what you have. Custom t-shirt printing lies at the fingertips of every aspiring artist out there. In no time, you can have a closet full of artistic t-shirts that bear your unique designs. Everyone will want to know where you got your unique wardrobe and you can tell them with pride that “You made it yourself.” With that phrase, you won’t just be dressed like an artist. You will actually be one.

How to Dress like a French Woman

Paris T-shirt

French Fashion Made Easy with Custom T-Shirt Printing

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. It’s no wonder that the women of Paris are some of the best dressed women on the planet. After all, they have to keep up their reputation of being beautiful and fabulous, right? Otherwise, they might have to move the fashion capital of Europe to some other, less illuminated European city. That, by French standards, would be positively tragic.

Women all over the world have spent thousands of dollars trying to look as put together and fashion-forward as a Parisian mademoiselle. For those with a little more cash at their disposal, they can go straight to the source and stock their wardrobes with one-of-a-kind pieces from French dwelling designer labels. Anyone can look French when dressed in head to toe haute couture.

But since most of us don’t have a six figure annual clothing budget, we have to get a little creative when it comes to recreating that ultra feminine look you see on the streets of Paris and in fashion magazines.

With a little bit of a padded wallet, you might even be able to hit up a consignment shop or thrift store and find an original Chanel suit or a Burberry coat. But the heart of French fashion is creativity and uniqueness. If you really want to dress like a French woman, it’s time to put a little bit of thought and originality into each ensemble.

Now, most of us don’t have an on-call live-in seamstress that can whip up our own personal designs at the drop of a hat. However, there is a way that every Americana can create a wardrobe full of French fashions that are all her own.

Customized t-shirt printing can help you and all of your friends unlock the secrets of dressing like a French woman. When you custom print your very own clothing, every piece of clothing that you buy can have a touch of France printed right on it.

The best thing about creating a Paris- inspired wardrobe with custom t-shirt printing is that you can have that French flair no matter where you go. Even your weekend wear and workout shirts can have your favorite French phrase printed on them.

You can even have t-shirts printed with the globally recognized image of the Eiffel Tower. Nothing says style and romance quite like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe. However, if you are going to French-ify your workout wear, you may want to choose something other than Marie Antoinette’s famous phrase, ‘Let them eat cake.’ You don’t want to tempt your fellow exercisers.

Dressing like a French woman is easy when you have the help of a custom printing service. Not only can you make French street style your very own, but you can even pass on your custom printed French fashions to friends and family. Give them as gifts or create a posse fabulously dressed ladies. After all, French women aren’t the only ones on Earth that should look great.

How to Dress like a Cowgirl


Live the Glamorous Life of a Cowgirl in Custom Printed T-shirts

Cowgirls are practical people. Their primary passions in life are cows, horses and life on the farm. They don’t get caught up in celebrity gossip, the latest fashions, and whether or not they should be wearing a black belt with their brown boots. In general, cowgirls care about function over fashion when it comes to their apparel.

How can you blame them? After all, who would want to be wearing a pair of shorts or even a pair of pinstripe trousers when riding full speed through a patch of mesquite? What if you were thrown off of your horse into a cactus? What if your horse stepped on your foot and you were wearing a pair of peep toe pumps? Most of all, it’s just downright dangerous to ride a horse without heeled boots.

It’s true that being a cowgirl means sacrificing a little bit of personal style for the sake of being safe and comfortable while performing daily tasks. Being a cowgirl isn’t exactly for your average mall walker. However, when cowgirls aren’t on the range bringing in the cattle, you can bet the ranch that they are looking their best. Just where do you think the term “Buckle Bunny” comes from?

Cowgirls make up for lost time when they get an opportunity to get out on the ‘town’ and be seen. They dress up in all of their usual western wear. But they do it with enough rhinestones, glitter, and glam that you’d think they were walking the red carpet at the Grand Ole Opry. Buckle Bunnies, otherwise known as rodeo groupies, set the standard in western glamour. Nothing can outdo these gals with their bedazzled teal jeans, glittery fingernails, and big jewelry.

In a nutshell, cowgirls love to look their best. But because their everyday lives require that they get a little dirty every now and then, it’s important that they’re appropriately dressed. However, it’s easy to dress like a cowgirl and look great if you remember to use your imagination when it comes to your wardrobe. With a little ingenuity and attention to detail, you can have a comfortable, practical, cowgirl worthy wardrobe.

But just how do you get your hands on such a collection of western wear? It’s easy to acquire a unique cowgirl wardrobe with a custom t-shirt printing service on your side. When you design and custom print your own t-shirts, the marriage of style and function is almost instantaneous. There’s nothing you can’t do when you design your own t-shirts.

When you want to dress like a cowgirl, you can be the best dressed cowgirl on the range when you employ the services of a custom t-shirt printing company. Your very own western designs can be seen while you’re working cattle as well as while you’re cheering on your favorite celebrity bull rider. Custom t-shirt printing allows you to create cowgirl fashions that are all your own. All the other cowgirls will want to know where you got such a great wardrobe.

What’s Hot In T-Shirt Designing

Creative T-Shirt Designing

People like to show of their creative side, and they like to make statements.  One of the best ways to show your personality at first glance is to wear interesting and unique clothing.  As young girls discovered during the fluorescent clothing fad of the 1980s, the only rules that apply to fashion are the rules that the people wearing the clothing make.  This holds true especially in the t-shirt customization field.  If you are interested in creating unique and cool-looking t-shirts, we have some excellent suggestions.

The hot thing right now is the color-changing, or morphing t-shirt.  These shirts are generally cotton t-shirts with an ironed-on design in a single contrasting color.  However, the surprise is that when you walk into sunlight the design becomes a menagerie of colors and changes the look entirely.  This is an interesting way to go from business casual to office picnic fun!  The shirts are particularly common with tourists in beach areas who want a nice shirt to take home, and one that draws some attention.  The technology for producing these shirts is relatively new, however photosensitive inks have been around for decades.

Airbrushing is another popular t-shirt personalization option that many people are using to show off their favorite things, their grandchildren and even their new car.  Airbrushing is an artistic method that takes a great deal of talent and practice to perfect. A good airbrush t-shirt designer can generally take any image or photograph and transform a t-shirt into an excellent replica of the original.  There are unlimited design opportunities and possibilities with airbrushing, thus it is really no surprise that kiosks are popping up at tourist areas and shopping malls across the world.

Glow in the dark t-shirts have been popular among children and adults for years.  The type of glow in the dark shirt is what has changed.  No longer do the designs you see glow on their own. Now, designers have placed glow in the dark words and designs on the shirt that are not visible during the light of day.  What a different look this provides, and what a surprise some people get when they realize what their shirt is really saying when the lights are low.  This type of shirt makes a great gag gift, or a neat gift for that young nephew who has every toy he can ever possibly play with.

During the 1990s, shirts decorated with rhinestones, glitter and sequins gained popularity. There are a number of ways in which these items can be attached to the shirt they are decorating. Rhinestones can be glued, or a better option is to actually use a grommet of sorts with prongs that hold the stone in place and prevent it from falling off in the laundry or while being worn.  Because these shirts can be fairly expensive t-shirt options, no one wants to see their shirt fall apart.  Sequins are generally sewn onto the shirt, either by hand or machine. And glitter is generally glued to the material with special fabric glue.

For those with young children who would like to help with the creation of their own custom t-shirts there is the option to print an iron transfer in black and white and to allow the child to use fabric markers and paints to customize their own t-shirt.  Another way to involve even the youngest family members in to the t-shirt creation process is to make shirts with the child’s handprints or footprints placed on the fabric.  There are a variety of ways to do this, however the most common is to simply stamp the child’s hand onto the shirt after dipping it in thick fabric paint.

There are so many different methods available for creating unique and creative decorated t-shirts that there really is not reason to ever wear a plain shirt again.

How To Customize Maternity T-shirts For Gifts

Creating Custom Maternity T-shirts for Gifts

The anticipation of a new child creates excitement and good will not just for the parents but also for anyone close to them. Baby showers team with well wishers bearing adorable little onesies, blue striped baseball caps, and tiny pink dresses all designed to don the new infant in style and comfort.

What about the mother-to-be? Certainly she benefits from this baby booty, and her eyes light up with each new receiving blanket, but what if you wanted to treat her to a special, one-of-a-kind gift for her use? This is the thinking behind latest gift-giving trend for expectant mothers. Creating custom maternity T-shirts as gifts is a fun and personal way to let the mom know you are thinking of her.

•    Factors to Consider When Creating
Custom Maternity T-shirts as Gifts

The primary consideration in choosing any apparel item is to make sure you know the proper size. This is especially important in creating custom maternity clothes, as a t-shirt labeled “Baby Cosby-Under Construction” is not likely to be returnable. Other than size, you will want to have some idea of the mom’s taste and personality. You wouldn’t want to give a bright pink maternity T-shirt with rhinestone lettered “Baby Princess” on it to your Harley-loving biker friend.

The other important consideration is to know any strong stands your friend has taken on important issues. You wouldn’t give a t-shirt that says “Got Mother’s Milk?” unless you know your friend intends to nurse, and doesn’t mind announcing it to the world. Of course, if you know your girlfriend hates when strangers rub her baby belly a “Don’t Touch!” T-shirt might be quite appropriate.

If you want to stay away from anything too intimate or politically charged, there are plenty of announcement type logos that would work. “Coming Soon to a Basinet Near You: Baby Murphy” written in a Marquee font is benign but appropriate. “Pea in the Pod” or “Biscuit in the Oven” are also cute, without being too personal.

On the other hand, you may be choosing a custom maternity t-shirt as a gift because of the humor it can bring. “We’re Hungry”, “Who’s Your Daddy?” or “I Just Wanted a Backrub” are all possibilities. You can even get Dad his own “My Boys Can Swim” t-shirt.

•    Your Custom Maternity T-shirt Gift: A Time to Remember

While a quote can certainly elicit a smile or a laugh, pictures still say a thousand words. Realistic, cartoon-ish, famous images are all available to choose from. You could even do a before and after shot with a real picture of “before” mom during pre-pregnancy, and an arrow pointing to her belly as the “after.”

Your friend, daughter, or loved one will really appreciate the time and effort you took to seek out a special design and saying just for them. To personalize it even further you can make it time specific, like “Coming this Summer”. Or you can bring other family members into it by saying “Jack and Sara’s Future Tagalong”. The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination. Not only will this gift be a fun and practical way to show you care, it will be a lasting keepsake for the mother-to-be of this special time in her life.