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How to Dress like You’re from the 1940s


Dressing Like You’re from the 1940s Keeps a Smile on Your Face

In the 1910s, things were a bit crazy. The Great War almost ruined everything. We got a little bit of a break in the 1920s, but not for long, because the stock market crash in 1929 and kooky Dust Bowl brought a little bit of craziness back into the mix. Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get much worse, the 1940s came along.

Without a doubt, the 1940s were dark times. The United States had it pretty bad, but lots of other places had it even worse. Left and right, people’s sons, husbands, and fathers were being shipped off to fight in the Second World War and many of them never came home. Adolph Hitler was marching all over Europe while the Jewish community did everything they could to stay alive. Unfortunately, more than six million of them were killed.

Needless to say, there are lots of things about the 1940s that make it a unique decade. Americans were pretty tired from all the chaos, depression, and conflict that were going on around the world. But somehow they managed to stay afloat so that they could see the light at the other end of the tunnel. Eventually, things did actually start to get a little bit better. The war ended in 1945, and we got to enjoy at least a few good years in the 1940s.

One thing that kept heads above water was the great fashions of the 1940s. There is no doubt that the 1940s were one of the greatest decades for fashion. All you need to do is look around and see that the styles from the era are still influential and popular today. It’s one of the greatest times in American fashion and people still love to dress in a way that pays homage to this bygone time.

In fact, all you need to do to dress like you’re from the 1940s is look at what you already have. Most of the clothes you have in your closet will have some trace of a 1940s influence. Modifying your clothing to make it look more like the traditional 1940s style is the best way to go.

However, if you’re looking for a more modern look, you can always add 1940s touches to ultra modern pieces. Mixing and matching is another great way to achieve the look. In fact, a plain t-shirt with a 1940s style design on it is a unique and easy way to start transforming your wardrobe.

But how do you find such a t-shirt? After all, they’re not exactly selling 1940s style t-shirts on the street corners. You can make them yourself. All you need to do is a great custom printing t-shirt company that can print any design that you like on a t-shirt. Create your own design and in no time, you can be up to your ears in 1940s style t-shirts. It really is that easy and all of your friends and fellow fashion junkies will want to know where you find such great t-shirts.

How to Dress like You’re from the 1960s


Express Yourself on a T-shirt to Dress like You’re from the 1960s

Even today, we can’t get enough of 1960s fashion. The folks from the 1960s were so totally fabulous that they knew that the trends of the age would carry on for years to come. And they certainly have. Fashions trends from the 1960s just won’t die and that’s okay with us.

Unlike many of the previous decades, the 1960s didn’t see a single, overall style for the majority of the decade. The 60s were a tumultuous time in fashion as they were a tumultuous time in history. People changed what they were wearing significantly from one year to the next. Fashion was also determined by your social or political affiliations. The 1960s seemed to set the standard for how fashion trends would change significantly from year to year.

However, a few mainstays in the fashion world took center stage throughout the decade. The 1960s introduced the miniskirt which has since taken the fashion world by storm. To this day, the miniskirt is yet to die out. It merely fades away for a few years, but them comes back with a vengeance.

The mini skirt combined with patent leather white go-go boots was the ultimate threat. Historically, women’s fashion was about modesty and propriety. All of those things said their final goodbyes in the 60s. Shorter was better in the 60s.

The 60s also welcomed the first of the hippie look with bellbottom jeans and flower girl tops. Hippies wore their hair long with flared jeans in paisley print. Psychedelic prints were all the rage when it came to 60s fashions. These folks couldn’t get enough of their wild textiles and bellbottom pants. Nehru jackets and mod styles also made a cameo during 1960s fashion.

However, some classic looks still remained. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was a fashion icon during her short lived hay day in the White House. American women looked to her for inspirational timeless looks. The ever popular pillbox hat still remains one of her trademark looks.

Most of all, people cared about their causes in the 60s. It was a time when people became open about personal and political issues. Since then, the t-shirt became a means of advertising opinions and causes. To this day, the t-shirt is a great way to advertise events and different ways of thinking.

With that, dressing like you’re from the 1960s means adding a little bit of hippie flair to your normal t-shirt look. Pair a t-shirt printed with your own personal thoughts with some bellbottom jeans and you’ll look like you stepped right out of a time machine. But how do you get a shirt that’s printed with your own ideas?

Custom t-shirt printing is a perfect way to create your own 1960s style shirts. Custom t-shirt printing services can print anything you can think of on a t-shirt. You‘ll love your personally designed t-shirts so much that you’ll want to share them with all of your friends. After all, it’s time for 60s fashions to make a strong come back.

Clothing tells

What Our Clothing Tells about Us

Clothing tells

You’ve heard the expression wearing it on your sleeve right? Well nothing could be truer than what you actually wear on your sleeves and on the rest of your body for that matter. Cloths say more about us without ever speaking a word then we could tell someone in an hour long conversation.

Just by looking at the way a person’s ensemble is arranged can tell you a lot about them and some of the combinations can tell you even more. Here are some of the things you can gather by observing the way people dress:

•    Sloppy and wrinkled cloths:
When you see sloppy and wrinkled cloths on someone, right away you think of someone that doesn’t care much about how they look. But it is much more than that. A person dressed in this manner is probably much unorganized and has too much on their plate. It can also tell you that the person likes to sleep in and are probably rushing in the morning to get ready and just don’t have the time to iron.
•    Ironed cloths that are prim and proper: This type of person obviously cares a great deal about the way they dress and you can bet that everything else in their life is as tidy as their attire. This person may be what some call a neat freak and is more than likely just a little on the uptight side. Though these individuals are usually on top of their game they are also usually easily frazzled. This will be evident if you ever get to point out a stain to them.
•    Jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops: This is a person that is usually very easy going. They usually care what others think, but only a little bit. These are the types of people that are not easily unnerved and can shrug off many little things that can greatly upset others.
•    Workout cloths like muscle shirts: You know the guy; he is at the grocery store in either a really tight t-shirt or a muscle shirt and is always kind of looking around to see who is looking. This person is obviously stuck on themselves and really likes attention. But give them a break; they worked hard for their body so they deserve a stare or two. Besides, this type of person is also usually insecure about life in general.
•    Baggy clothing like sweat pants: These people are usually very self-conscious and are usually a bit overweight. Usually they want to get into shape with their mouths but rarely with their actions. Instead of doing things the hard way, these people will simply opt to wear loose clothing and hide what they don’t like.
•    Colors: This is a no brainer. People who wear bright cheery colors are usually, well bright and cheery. On the flip side those who wear dark and drab colors are usually depressed and sad all the time.

As you can see, our cloths speak volumes about our lives and our actions and now that you know some of the things that clothing says about you, you may want to think just a bit more before you get dressed in the morning.

Alice Cullen

How to Dress Like Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen

The movie Twilight took the world by storm and was more popular than anyone could have anticipated. One of the main characters in the movie Twilight was Alice Cullen who uses her unique clairvoyant abilities to foresee further events to help Bella when she is in danger. The character of Alice is so popular that more and more you can see women trying to emulate the look of her.

When you too are ready to dress like this future fortune teller, you only have to know two things; dresses and jeans. Her look, though unique, is certainly not a hard one to follow. Here is what you need to know if you want to look like Alice:

•    Dresses: Alice loves dresses, but not just any style will do. Alice opts for the darker colors of the spectrum and the dresses are either strapless or sleeveless. There are a few acceptations to the rule, but if you want to nail her look every time, opt for colors such as grays, blacks, dark blues, dark purples, and other dark colors. The trick is to keep them dark colored and go with a solid color dress. A multicolored dress may look great on you, but it certainly won’t have you looking like Alice. Alice often wears black or dark colored tights under her dresses and if you choose to do so it is an easy way to add to the look.
•    Jeans: Again you want to opt for dark colors. Most of the time Alice’s jeans are a lighter gray but there are other times where she wears black. One thing is for sure and that is you will never find her in a typical pair of blue jeans. The jeans should be form fitting but not too tight and whatever you do stay away from skinny jeans.
•    Shirts: If you are opting for the jeans look then you need to know what type of shirt to wear. Alice almost always goes for the traditional white long sleeved button down shirt topped off with a dark grey or black vest. If she is wearing anything else shirt wise it will then probably be a darker color and is always going to be long sleeved.
•    Shoes: No matter what she is wearing, Alice is usually wearing the same type of shoes. These shoes are black and are a sort of ballet slipper looking shoe.
•    Accessories: Alice likes to wear choker style necklaces and little else. If you do choose to wear earrings, make sure they are low key and simple as Alice never wears flashy or gaudy.
•    Hair and make-up: Alice wears her hair short and funky. To pull off the look, wear your hair short as well and give it extra lift and body using firm holding gels and hairsprays. When applying your makeup go with darker colors as this adds to the Cullen effect.

Again, dressing like Alice Cullen is not that hard to do, but once you do you will be dressing in a unique new fashion that is all Alice’s own.


How to Find Your Own Fashion Style


Fashion is a constantly changing and evolving. The fashion industry and the media have a great amount of influence in determining what is considered fashion and what is not. It changes from season to season, place to place and age group to age group. In fact you can spend your whole life being told what is fashionable and what is not. However, following fashion advice can be time consuming and very expensive. For these reasons it is important to develop your own fashion style and use it as the basis of what you wear.

For anyone who is looking to find their own fashion style, there are many things to take into consideration and many things that can help you pinpoint a style that works for you. Ask yourself the following questions in order to get started.
•    What are your favorite colors and which colors look best on you? These will work well in your fashion style, because if you love the color you are more likely to wear it.
•    What types of patterns are you most attracted to? Do you like stripes, polka dots, plaids, modern prints or solids?
•    Do you prefer ultra feminine clothes, masculine styles or something in between?
•    Do you enjoy following fashion and love to be on the cutting edge of it or do you tend to lean towards items that are considered classic?
•    Can you go through your wardrobe and find items you bought 5 years ago that you wear still or do you invest in almost all-new stuff every season?
•    What are your favorite clothes? Is there one thing in your wardrobe that you have a predominance of?
•    When you look at fashion around you, is there one person’s style or one particular look that most appeals to you? Why don’t you emulate it?
•    Are your clothes divided into work clothes and casual clothes? Are there some things that carry over?
•    Is price were no object which designers would you wear or whose look would you copy?

By analyzing what you like and what you don’t and the things that attract you most in fashion, you can get a great basis for finding your own fashion style. Choosing to opt for the latest trends is one option. Only classic looks is another. However, in reality most people wear a mixture of both. Select classic things that you know you can get years of wear from and use them as the foundation for your wardrobe. They should be in your favorite colors and styles that you will look forward to wearing and that you know you look good in. Use fun additions from the season’s hottest items and accessories to personalize your own style.

The Difference Between a T-Shirt and an Undershirt

Many people wear undershirts on a regular basis, and they may notice that their undershirts look much like the T-shirts that they wear as outerwear. They might even wear an undershirt under their T-shirt, and wonder what the difference is. In some cases, the difference is very minimal. As a matter of fact, is perfectly acceptable to wear a regular, outerwear T-shirt as an undershirt. Some people wear their older T-shirts or T-shirts that have been stained or that have holes in them as undershirts. This is an inexpensive source of undershirts, and it provides some coverage that many people prefer to have.

There are some differences however, with some types of undershirts. T-shirts that are marketed as undershirts are often crew neck T-shirts that are made from a thinner material then many outerwear T-shirts. This provides you with a little extra coverage without adding too much bulk to your frame or making you feel overheated. In colder climates however, a regular T-shirt may be preferred as an undershirt. Or, a thick, ribbed shirt can be worn as an undershirt for extra warmth. Some people choose to wear a thick, long sleeve shirt under their over shirt. This type of undershirt is easy to tell from the typical T-shirt.

Some people choose undershirts that are shaped differently from most crew neck T-shirts. A V-neck T-shirt is a popular item to wear as an undershirt because the lower front means that it will not be visible under the over shirt. Many people like to leave a button unfastened to make their collar looser, and a V-neck undershirt means that they can do this and still keep their undershirt out of sight. It can also keep them a little cooler if they are worried about their undershirt making them too warm when paired with their over shirt.

A sleeveless shirt that is worn as an undershirt is often called an A-shirt. This shirt style is popular to wear under other shirts because it has no sleeves and often has a scoop neck to keep it out of sight. This means that it covers only the areas that the wearer wants extra coverage for and doesn’t add extra fabric in the form of sleeves. These look much different than the typical T-shirt and may be ribbed or have other texture to them that further makes them look different from a T-shirt. The thickness of A-shirts varies quite a bit along with the style of the shirt. Some are made from very thin fabric like other undershirts, and others are thicker and can help the wearer to stay warm.

An undershirt is generally not a shirt that most people would wear by themselves when going out in public. If you have a T-shirt that you wouldn’t consider wearing out in public, either because the shirt is in bad condition or because it is very thin, or perhaps because it has a sleeveless cut, that shirt is a good candidate to wear as an undershirt.

How to Dress Like Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is one of the best known wrestlers to young WWE fans. His style is a combination of over-the-top 80s wrestler style and the more modern, more subdued style of professional wrestlers. Because his clothes are fairly simple, it’s easy to copy his over-the-top style and get a look that screams Jeff Hardy.


Because he so often wears nothing but pants, it’s important to get his pants look correct. Jeff Hardy prefers very brightly colored pants to get the attention of everyone in the audience when he’s in the ring. This also translates into a look that he carries over outside of the ring. Look for pants that have bright patterns in highly contrasting colors. Contrasts such as black and pink, black and yellow, and yellow and green are highly contrasting and are easily visible from long distances away. Find pants and patterns that use these colors and you’ll be on your way to achieving Jeff Hardy style.

Make sure that any pants you wear are very, very baggy. The best type to wear are pants that have a loose, drawstring waist. Look for cotton pants that will flow well and will not cling to your legs.

Arm Accessories

Other than his pants, Jeff Hardy is very well known for his arm decorations. These arm decorations are usually black, and they usually have some type of fringe or other adornments on them. They can be made with black strips of fabric tied around the arm loosely all the way up to the elbows. They might also be made by cutting the sleeves off a long-sleeved black t-shirt and cutting large holes in the sleeves and wearing them without a shirt.

Sometimes, Jeff Hardy does wear white arm accessories. These are constructed in much the same way as the black ones. Sometimes they are sheer black. Sheer black arm accessories can be made from an old pair of black pantyhose. Make sure to cut holes up-and-down the length of the arm accessory in order to make it more realistic. There are times when he uses black underneath the white with holes cut in the white to show off circles of black. These arm accessories will be more difficult to construct, but they will showcase typical Jeff Hardy style. The WWEshop website has some replica versions available for purchase for those who don’t want to make their own. If you have a pair of armbands and a pair of bright pants, you already have the look of Jeff Hardy.


When Jeff Hardy does wear a shirt, it’s usually a tank top. He prefers white tank tops but sometimes wears T-shirts. Sometimes, he wears a sheer shirt that shows off his pecs. His sheer shirts have a seam down each side. Sometimes he wears black tank tops with very thin straps. These have spaghetti straps on top to show off the most muscle possible.

For inspiration, there are many Jeff Hardy style T-shirts in the WWEshop website. These have wild color combinations just like Jeff Hardy wears, and many of them have Jeff Hardy’s picture on them.


Celebrities Wearing T-Shirts – Issue 5 (March 1-7 2009)


Hank Baskett wore a white t-shirt with “Air” written in orange letters which is obviously a Nike t-shirt while posing for a picture with fiance Kendra Wilkinson. Visit People to view the pictures of Hank wearing his Air t-shirt.

Chris Brown was spotted in Miami wearing a black Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt in white letters. Visit Just Jared to view the pictures of Chris wearing his Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt.

Charlize Theron
was seen wearing a black and white jersey for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The back of the t-shirt reads “Long After Dark American Tour ’83 Let That
Sucker Blast!”. Visit Just Jared to view the pictures of Chris wearing his Billionaire Boys Club t-shirt.

Gwen Stefani and her son Kingston were seen a Beverly Hills park and Gwen was wearing a black tanktop with a red, black and white design. Visit The Insider to view the pictures of Gwen wearing her tank top.

Shia LaBeouf was spotted wearing a wrinkled ash grey t-shirt with a man carrying a canoe over his head and the text “Voyager Country”.  Visit Celebuzz to view the pictures of Shia wearing his Voyager Country t-shirt.

Rob Patterson joined Carmen Electra at a Pangaea Nightclub part at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood wearing a black t-shirt with a jolly rogers and the text “So Hip it Hurts”.  Visit Bricks and Stones to view the pictures of Rob wearing his So Hip it Hurts t-shirt.

Orlando Jones was interviewed in Parade Magazine wearing a dark green shirt with Vietnam written across the chest. Visit Ecorazzi to view the pictures of Rob wearing his So Hip it Hurts t-shirt.

Jordin Sparks (the American Idol Winner) wore a white t-shirt with some pink text hidden under her black vest. Visit Just Jared to view the pictures of Jordin wearing a t-shirt.

Britney Spears lands a spokesmodel job for  Candie’s and is wearing their white artistic tank tops with Candie’s logo. Visit Pop  Crunch to view the pictures of Britney wearing a Candies t-shirt.

Lily Allen was spotted (with a pillow over her head) wearing a a black t-shirt with a triangle/prism with the word Grace in large letters. Visit Socialite Life to view the pictures of Lily wearing the Grace t-shirt.

Greg Grunberg was photographed wearing a black t-shirt  with a drawing of a TV with the text I like to watch Band from TV.  Visit Socialite Life to view the pictures of Greg wearing the TV t-shirt.

Zac Effron was seen wearing a black Ed Hardy t-shirt on the set of his film 17 again. Visit Socialite Life to view the pictures of Zac wearing the Ed Hardy shirt.

Celebrities 2

Celebrities Wearing T-Shirts – Issue 4 (February 23-28 2009)

Celebrities 2

Miley Cyrus was seen shopping at Rite Aid wearing a black t-shirt over an undershirt with a white designt hat said I love you.  Visit Socialite Life to view the pictures of Miley wearing her I love you t-shirt.

Kate Winslet was spotted at L.A.X wearing  an army green t-shirt with a recycling symbol and the text “Change your Mind”. Visit Celebitchy to view the pictures of Kate wearing here change your mind t-shirt.

Dev Patel was wearing a dark grey t-shirt with some type of rodent with wings. Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Dev Patel wearing the t-shirt.

Orlando Bloom wore a black and white thin striped t-shirt with his friend Eric Bana who was wearing a white t-shirt the the word Globe in blue across the chest. Visit Socialite life to view Orlando and Eric wearing t-shirts.

Brekin Meyer wore a green Empire Strikes Back t-shirt while at the Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills. Visit Spash News to view Brekin in his Empire Strikes Back t-shirt.

Paris Hilton was spotted in the Narita International Airport wearing jeans and a t-shirt with black text that says something like Honey Bunch and giant red lips below. Visit Bricks and Stones Gossip to check out Paris’ Honey Bunches t-shirt.

Matthew McConaughey was seen wearing his brown J.K. livin brand t-shirt once again while on vacation at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janerio. Visit Celebslam to check out the J.K. livin t-shirt.

Melanie Brown, the formed Spice Girl was seen in West Hollywood wearing a white tank top with a tatoo style heart and roses design. VIsit Just Jared to check out the tattoo style t-shirt.

Jack Black was wearing a white t-shirt with an artistic drawing of wolves while on Hollywood.tv.  Visit The Insider to view Jack in his old school wolves t-shirt.

Celebrities 3

Celebrities Wearing T-Shirts – Issue 3 (February 16-22 2009)

Celebrities 3

Criss Angel was spotted in Vegas wearing a black t-shirt with a dark artistic design on it. Visit Brick & Stones to view the pictures of Criss wearing black fashion t-shirt.

Benji Madded was spotted the Las Vegas night club Wasted Space wearing a DCMA Collective tank top shirt.  Visit Brick & Stones to view the pictures of Benji in his t-shirt line.

Gavin Rossdale was spotted with Gwen Stefani wearing a bright white t-shirt with the number twenty-three on it.  Visit Just Jared to view the pictures of Gavin wearing his 23 t-shirt.

Josh Duhamel was seen returning from his honeymoon with Fergie wearing a light blue Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band t-shirt with a large pink Cadillac. Visit Pacific Coast News to view the pictures of Josh wearing his Bruce Springsteen t-shirt.

Paris Hilton was spotted at the airport in Los Angeles wearing  a bright pink t-shirt featuring a skull with a hat and some other designs. Visit Pacific Coast News to view the pictures of Paris wearing her pink t-shirt.

Justin Timberlake was featured in GQ magazine as one of the 10 Most Stylish Men in America. In one of the pictures Justin is wearing a heathered gray t-shirt with black stripes that look like the US flag but is missing the stars component.  Visit Pop Crunch to view the pictures of Justin wearing a grey t-shirt.

Katie Price was seen running between Santa Monica and Venice wearing a designer black t-shirt with possibly a Kitson style design on the front. Visit The Skinny Website to view the pictures of Kaite wearing her blackfashion t-shirt.

Brody Jenner was wearing a vintage dark gray t-shirt with a skull and pirate sword while filming The Hills in Oahu.  Visit Pacific Coast News to view the pictures of Brody wearing her pirate t-shirt.

How to Dress Like Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones has been a style icon for decades. Who else can accessorize with a bullwhip and still look like a cultured adventurer? His style is well known throughout the world for its iconic look. Anyone can get this look for a day of adventuring or even just a day spent doing nothing special.

The Hat

The man with the hat, as he is sometimes known, is very rarely seen without his fedora. It’s almost a character all its own in his movies, and no Indiana Jones outfit would be complete without one. His fedora is a brown leather hat with a thick brown band through the middle. It should be well weathered if you want to get the true Indy look down.

The Boots

Indiana Jones’ boots are made by a company called Alden, and they are the epitome of old-fashioned charm and quality. These are the boots that he wore in the films, and they are perfect for tromping through the jungle as well as sitting at a sidewalk café. No matter what Indiana Jones is doing, he is always at home in these thick leather boots. The color of the Indy boot that is now manufactured by Alden is slightly lighter in color than the ones on the movies, but the style is the same and the color is similar.

The Jacket

Indiana Jones’ looks would be incomplete without a thick leather jacket. He always wore a brown jacket that went with the rest of his brown and khaki clothing to create a complete look. This jacket is a consumer version of the original Indiana Jones leather jacket and is a perfect replica of the one worn in the movies. The original jacket that was worn has changed slightly throughout the movies and was in a noticeably different style in the last movie. The original jacket, however, does remain an iconic look that is necessary for any realistic Indiana Jones outfit.

Shirts and Pants

Indiana Jones stuck to a strict uniform of light khaki and browns. He usually wore a light khaki shirt that was a good fit for his brown pants and brown jacket. A similar shirt can be found from many designers as a part of a safari collection. The color khaki is popular enough in current clothing lines to make these plentiful. Stores like The Gap and Banana Republic often have plenty of khaki shirts and brown pants that would be suitable for an Indiana Jones outfit. Just look for the lighter khakis or tans rather than the more olive-toned shirts.

The brown pants that you choose should fit well without being too tight. Tight pants can make it hard to run across collapsing bridges and swing from ropes. The pants should have a slight break when you are sitting. They should not be so high that any ankle will be exposed when you are performing athletic maneuvers. They were made out of wool twill for the movies but a thick pair of cotton pants should serve as a suitable facsimile.

How to dress like you are from the 1950s

By the 1950s, the world finally started to catch a break. Things were starting to go well. The conflicts of the early 20th century were over. Well, they were sort of over. But officially, World War II had ended and soldiers finally got to come home and resume their lives. You could say that the 1950s were happier days.

However, the 1950s have become the topic of more than one joke. We all like to poke fun about the way things were back in the 1950s. Wives enjoyed household appliances, readymade foods, and vacuuming in heels. Every household had two children, one boy and one girl, a white picket fence, and a great life. For once, people actually had a chance to sink their teeth into that American dream.

Indeed, things were finally simple again in the 1950s. However, the fashions were anything but simple. The 1950s were one of the greatest eras for American fashion and everyone loves a chance to dress up as a 1950s teenager.

At some point in their life, almost every girl has made a poodle skirt out of hot glue and felt. Guys have jumped at the chance to put on a pair of tight jeans, a cool leather jacket, and grease their hair. If only they could still hang around the soda shop and drive around in cool 1950s style cars.

That’s one of the greatest things about 1950s fashion. It’s so easy to recreate. All a girl needs is a cute pair of saddle oxford shoes, some felt, a t-shirt and red lipstick. All a guy needs is a t-shirt, a leather jacket with a popped collar, and some hair grease. Voila! After a few minutes in the craft room, you’ll be ready for your first 1950s high school dance.
You might think that the basis of 1950s fashion is the poodle skirt, the apron, or the leather jacket. But in reality, the building block for 1950s fashion is the t-shirt. People in the 1950s wanted the free and easy life and the t-shirt became a staple in American fashion. Guys wore them; girls wore them tucked in to their flouncy skirts. The 1950s were a great era for t-shirts.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a great t-shirt. T-shirts are as popular now as they’ve ever been. The nightly family dinners and the twin beds might not have stayed with us, but the 1950s t-shirt has remained. You can’t dress like you’re from the 1950s without a great t-shirt.

Truly great t-shirts aren’t easy to find these days. The best way to get a great t-shirt is to make one yourself. You can get a whole collection of awesome t-shirts when you have them custom printed. Specially designing your own 1950s style t-shirts is a unique and creative way to get that 1950s look. You’ll love them so much, you’ll want to wear them whether you’re in a 1950s mood or not.

How To Dress Like A Tomboy

Are you a girl? Do you want to look like you’re just one of the guys so you can hang out and keep it simple? If this is true, then you want to dress like a tomboy. Here are some tips on how to achieve that look easily.

You’ll need to ditch all the girly clothes and leave them alone. Get yourself some sneakers, Nike, Vans, or Chucks are good and boots are also a good choice just not girly boots, we are talking Doc Marten or work boots here.

You will want some jeans that are comfortable, not low riders, or if it’s summertime, basketball shorts, cargo shorts or just regular old shorts that come down to your knees. Boys don’t wear short shorts, remember that and always avoid skirts of any kind.

When looking at shirts, you will need some t-shirts that are loose fitting and, generally plain looking. You can also throw a button down shirt over it that is also plain and be sure to roll up the sleeves. In the fall, flannel is a great choice for that. Last but not least, top it all off with a baseball cap of some kind.

When dressing like a Tomboy, you can’t just look like one you have to act like a boy. Do things like play video games, get into some sports, and be a bit more physical than a normal girl may be. Remember, Tomboy’s aren’t afraid to mix it up with the boys in football and things like that.

How you talk is also important. Things like “oh my gawd” and “oh no he didn’t” are not things that boys say, ever. Boys say things like “dude”, “man” and “awesome”; you can even combine these into, “dude, awesome!” Remember, girls and boys talk very differently and as for gossip, boys don’t really do it that much.

Yes, you can still have female friends just be sure not to dress like them or act like them otherwise your friends that are boys will start to avoid you. If for a reason you are in a situation where you have to wear dress, make sure it’s not overly girly at all and generally darker in color.

Boys are typically considered to be technology freaks, if you can plug it in, turn it on or have to update it from time to time they love it. This does not really apply to cell phones for some reason. Boys are not on their cell phone all the time texting their friends about everything that is happening.

Remember, boys are all about the immediate what’s going on now. They don’t put too much stock in what is happening tomorrow or the day before. They are generally about what they are currently doing so get into that mindset. They don’t gossip, they brag and they make fun of each other constantly and forget it two seconds later.

Last note, boy’s watch shows on TV like Family Guy, Robot Chicken and anime. They do not watch 90210, Gossip Girl or anything girlie like that. You shouldn’t either. Before you know it you will be just one of the guys.

How to Dress Like Jack Bauer

The television show 24 is one of the most popular TV series on right now. The main character, Jack Bauer, is played by actor Kiefer Sutherland. When it comes to fashion Jack Bauer is a pretty cut and dry guy. But that’s what makes dressing like him so much fun; because it is easily achieved.

Because Jack Bauer dresses like a regular guy it is easy to achieve his look. But his look on the show changes with the situation he finds himself in. You can not only achieve one look for Jack Bauer, but you can base your look on what you are going to be doing.

If you are simply going to be casual most of the time you are in luck. Jack Bauer’s casual look rarely consists of anything more than a pair of regular fit jeans and a comfort-fit long or short sleeve t-shirt topped off with a dark colored lightweight jacket.

The shirts he wears are usually lighter brown and cream colors when worn with the jacket which is a dark brown color. If he is wearing just a shirt the colors tend to be on the darker side. Lots of dark gray and blacks will do the trick. Make sure that the shirts are fit snug to your body but not too tight. On the opposite side of the spectrum do not wear a shirt that is too big. Jack Bauer always wears a nice form fitting shirt but he never tucks them in. His jacket is never buttoned up and always opened –probably to allow easy access to his gun.–

Jack Bauer’s jeans are not tight but are also not to baggy. He seems to wear just a regular cut to a relaxed cut pair of jeans and his belts are either black or brown. He is always on the go and running after or away from bad guys, so it makes sense that his jeans need to be comfortable.

Finding yourself in a dressier situation is alright too as Jack Bauer often finds himself has to look snappy or professional at times on 24. Many times on the show Jack Bauer can be seen in a nice pair of dress pants with a long sleeve button down shirt and a sports blazer. His dress shirts are typically darker grays while his dress pants and sports blazer are usually charcoal or black in color.

Jack Bauer’s shoes will of course vary from situation to situation but they are always black in color. If you really want to complete the look you will need a black lightweight bullet proof vest worn over your shirt, but under your jacket. Add a gun and you have the real thing –though you may not want to carry a gun.–

Now complete the look by not shaving for a couple of days to achieve a nice scruff on your face. Keep your hair short if you want to totally look like Jack Bauer. Now you will have the look and feel of what it is like to be Jack Bauer –without all the bullets being shot at you.–

Celebrities 4

Celebrities Wearing T-Shirts – Issue 2 (February 7-15 2009)

Celebrities 4

Kim Kardashian was wearing a stylish Prince and the Revolution / Black Rain t-shirt. It features prine riding a motorcycle.  The grey t-shirt is v-neck and is think enough to see her white bra through the t-shirt.  Visit Popcrunch to view the pictures of Kim wearing the Prince t-shirt.

T.R. Knight walked with Katherin Heigl wearing a fitted brown t-shirt with a strange orange monster on the chest.  Visit Celebitchy to view pictures of T.R. Knight wearing the brown t-shirt.

Joaquin Phoenix was seen at the airport wearing a black t-shirt under a half buttoned up collared shirt. Visit Celebitchy to view pictures of Joaquin Phoenix wearing the black under t-shirt.

Thomas Dekker stained his bright white t-shirt with blood during a photo shoot for a book “The Dirty Side of Glamour”.  Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Thomas Dekker wearing the bloody white t-shirt.

Hayden Christensen was seen wearing a simple dark grey t-shirt with nothing on it. Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Hayden wearing the blank t-shirt.

Raven Simone showed off her “No Paparazzi” t-shirt at Bondi Blonde’s Style Mansion. The ash grey t-shirt has “No Paparazzi in large letters with an anti-symbol over a an image of a  camera. Visit Icydk to view pictures of Raven wearing the No Paparazzi t-shirt.

K-Fed was in Las Vegas wearing an oversized/baggy t-shirt with his girlfriend Victoria Prince. Visit CelebSlam to view pictures of K-Fed wearing the black t-shirt.

Shenae Grimes was spotted wearing a Notre Dame t-shirt/sweatshirt after completing a Bikram Yoga class in Los Angeles. Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Shenae wearing the t-shirt.

Spencer Pratt was spotted walking with Brody Jenner while wearing a plaid flanner collard shirt with a blank grey t-shirt. Visit Pacific Coast News to view pictures of Spencer wearing the gray t-shirt.

David Archuleta was the the Pro Bowl wearing an artistic type t-shirt with some unreadable text. Visit Spoonkit to view pictures of Spencer wearing the green t-shirt.

Common was seen wearing his own design on a black t-shirt with green text for “I Used to Love her”. Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Common wearing the t-shirt.

Sandra Bullok was seen at the airport wearing a grey scoop neckt-shirt with a tank top underneath. Visit Celebitchy to view pictures of Sandra wearing the grey t-shirt.

Katie Price was wearing a very tight bright pink t-shirt with a pink bunny on it. Visit Pacific Coast to view pictures of Katie wearing the bunny t-shirt.

Mandy Jiroux was with Miley Cyrus wearing a fitted black t-shirt with grey stars and the text “Hollywood”. Visit Pop Crunch to view pictures of Mandy wearing the Hollywood t-shirt.

Jake Gyllenhall was comfortable in his plain white undershirt during a shopping trip with Reese Witherspoon. Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Jake wearing the blank t-shirt.

Josh Duhamel kept casual in a simply white t-shirt with a large “W” with some shapes around it. Visit Pacific Coast News to view pictures of Josh wearing the W t-shirt.

Kevin Connolly supported made up movie in the show Entourage “Medellin” by wearing a Medellin t-shirt. Visit Celebitchy to view pictures of Kevin wearing the Medellin t-shirt.

Shia LeBeouf was walking around Los Angeles with a tan San-Jon Resort, Smith Lake, Michigan. Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Shia wearing the San Jon Resort t-shirt. Shia was also seen wearing a blue t-shirt with red text that read “Bless You boys”. Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Shia wearing the Bless you Boys t-shirt.

Claire Merry was seen running and wearing an bright blue “Au revoir” with the outline of a woman’s face. Visit Hollywood Tuna to view pictures of Claire wearing the t-shirt.

Miley Cyrus was seen wearing a fitted white t-shirt with the black text “Take a picture, it will last longer”. Visit Spash News to view pictures of Miley wearing the Take a Picture t-shirt.

How to Dress Like the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are a group of guys who really know how to dress. They have such impeccable style that guys, and even girls, around the world are imitating the style. To get a style that is similar to the Jonas Brothers, is important to know how to pair jackets, shirts, pants and ties in new and interesting ways.


While the Jonas Brothers may wear a lot of suits, they aren’t the kind of suits that your grandparents wore. These are the flashy suits that have decorative piping and come in metallic colors in many cases. They love to wear light-colored suits with dark piping and dark suits with lighter details. To get the look of the Jonas Brothers suits, get a color scheme in mind first. They like light grays, whites and light neutral tones.

Then, find pieces that go together but that don’t necessarily match perfectly. Make sure your pants and jacket match, but keep the shirt and tie from being the exact same color. You might pair cotton or linen pants with a satin jacket like this one worn recently by one of the Jonas Brothers.


All three of the Jonas Brothers wear ties regularly. These ties can be striped or solid color. Most often, the ties have horizontal, slightly diagonal stripes. Choose neutral colors with your tie. While the occasional Jonas Brother may choose a red or orange tie, they generally wear neutrals colors rather than flashier ties. If you do choose a color, make sure it has diagonal stripes to go with the usual Jonas brother style. Also, make sure you don’t wear your tie tied too tightly. The Jonas Brothers love to loosen up their ties for a chic look but is also a little bit casual. They generally keep the buttons at the top of the collar and loosen the tie to match.

Shirts and Jackets

The Jonas Brothers favor button-up shirts in white and cream. They sometimes wear brown or maybe blue as well. Sometimes they choose striped shirts, and are fond of white shirts with light blue or gray stripes. The shirts can then be worn with a casual jacket if the Jonas Brothers are wearing suits at the time. The Jonas Brothers often wear casual jackets and colors with lots of beiges and browns. Sometimes the jackets are brown with beige accents, and sometimes they are maybe with lighter colored details.

If you don’t have a jacket on, roll up your sleeves. The Jonas Brothers are fond of the rolled-up sleeves look and often roll them up when they are in casual situations. For other casual occasions, they choose to wear crewneck t-shirts with dark pants or with jeans. They also wear a lot of vests with their t-shirts as well as with their suits. If you have a plain, casual t-shirt, pairing it with a neutral colored vest will make it look much more like a Jonas Brothers outfit. If you have a plaid flannel shirt, this will also work well it can be worn with a vest or jacket or on its own.

How to Dress at 30 – Fashion Advice

Up until they hit 30, many people dress in a very youthful style. The 30s are when many people start to see themselves as grown ups for the first time. Or, if they already saw themselves that way, they start to realize that their style has to evolve from the way they dressed in their teens or early 20s to a new, more sophisticated clothing style.


Miniskirts are generally not considered something appropriate for the wardrobe of someone in their 30s. The exact age that this is true varies, but many believe that by 30 to 35 they should no longer be worn. Skirt should go to the knee or below it and not too much thigh should be shown if the woman is sitting down. To get a flirtier look out of a longer skirt, many women wear skirts with a long slit instead of a short hemline.


For anyone who is 30, man or woman, the time for the torn-up jeans is over. Ripped jeans worn on a 20-something can make them look like a rebel. Ripped jeans worn on a 30-something person can make them looks homeless. Clothing should generally be in good condition and a more coordinated, sophisticated look is generally called for. The jeans should be more classic and less trendy. Instead of wearing the latest fad jeans, invest in a few jeans that have a more classic style.

Getting a few pairs of khaki pants will mean that you always have a nice, casual pair of pants when you need them. If you like to wear skirts, have a few pairs that are pencil-skirt style because of their classic shape. A maxi skirt looks good on some people, but it may be considered too trendy for 30-somethings.


The message t-shirts and casual, old vintage t-shirts are no longer appropriate for those in their 30s. Like ripped pants, they have a much different statement when worn by someone in their 20s than by someone in their 30s. A vintage t-shirt on a college student looks like an ironic statement about their own unique style. On a 30-something person, it looks like an ancient t-shirt that you’ve kept around in your wardrobe for far too long. T-shirts are great for any age group, but they should be in good condition and not too trendy in your 30s. They should fit together with your other classic pieces in order to form a more cohesive wardrobe.

While most trendy clothing may be a little too youthful for those in their 30s, the key to a great outfit at this age is wearing great accessories. The accessories you wear can generally be as trendy as you like in order to make your classic wardrobe look more individualized and stylish. Many 30-somethings like to express themselves through their sunglasses and their jewelry. Handbags are another big style point for women in their

Celebrities Wearing T-Shirts – Issue 1 (February 1-6 2009)

Below are a few of the celebrities spotted wearing t-shirts during the first week of February. Not everywhere is cold! T-shirts can be worn in much of the country even in February. To see the pictures of the celebrities please each of the sources below.

Katie Price was seen at a gas station wearing a really cute and white t-shirt with a really unique daisy type flower that covers most of the t-shirt. The daist appears to be made from little colored beads swen on the shirt.To see Katie Price in the t-shirt visit Splash News Katie Price was also spotted wearing a very bright orange t-shirt over a long sleeveed shirt. The orange t-shirt is a Vison Charity  t-shirt with a big circle and sort of a hand drawn face on it which is the Vision Charity logo. See Katie wearing the orange t-shirt at Spash News.

Mandy Moore was seen wearing a very thin white t-shirt with a large scoop neck. The white t-shirt is actually so thin that you can see her black bra under the shirt. Is it fashionable to wear a black bra with a white t-shirt? Check Mandy Moore’s t-shirt at Pop Crunch

Spencer Pratt was seen wearing a dark gray t-shirt with a simple plant like logo on the front. Check out Spencer in his t-shirt at Splash News.

Eric Dane was enjoying the California sun while wearing a tight black t-shirt with a white undershirt showing underneath. Check out Eric in his black t-shirt in Pacific Coast News.

Christian Bale was super casual in blue jeans and a light grey heathered t-shirt. The shirt was blank and a little on the boring side. View Christian in his grey t-shirt at Celebitchy.

Harrison Ford was seen wearing a tight fitting subtle yellow t-shirt and blue jeans on a sunny day in California.   See Harrison in his yellow t-shirt at Pacific Coast News.

Paris Hilton was wearing a t-shirt with a hoodie over it. The t-shirt has a strong vintage look with what appears to be the text “you think” and a cartoon of a Chihuahua wearing glasses and holding a heart but its really hard to tell from the available pictures. It might actually be part of her Paris Hilton clothing line at Kitson. View Paris in her shirt yourself at The Insider.

Madonna was with her daughter wearing a grey v-neck tank top t-shirt with a black and white lion with some color designs in its background. See Madona in her t-shirt at PopCrunch.

Miley Cyrus gave it typical peace sign when being photographed with a very cute and thin textured t-shirt with a painted rainbow and the text “Spread the Love”. Check out Miley’s t-shirt at Ecorazzi.

Liev Schreiber wore a brick red v-neck t-shirt for a bike ride with Naomi Watts and their child. View Liev’s t-shirt over at Celebitchy.

Kristen cavallari wore a white t-shirt with some type of fancy glittery printed giant heart that made up the majority of the front of the shirt. Check out the red heart shirt at Spash News.

How to Dress Like Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is the character played by Miley Cyrus, and her style is very different from the real Miley’s. Hannah Montana is a performer, so she has a style all her own when it comes to the stage. She is a flashy dresser who has a showy stage persona and a wardrobe to back it up. Hannah Montana’s style may be flashy, but it doesn’t take a costume designer to create the look. By pairing the right pieces together, anyone can dress like Hannah Montana.

Make It Sparkle

One of the hallmarks of Hannah’s style is that there is plenty of metallic shine and glitter in her outfits. Any outfit can be made more like one of Hannah’s by adding some rhinestones, glitter or some metallic thread to it. Some silver or gold trim sewn onto the edges of jackets, at the cuffs of sleeves and at the end of a pair of pants will make your items look like something that Hannah would wear.

Although Hannah does wear silver pieces, she tends to prefer gold. She has many jackets and belts that are gold, trimmed with gold or that have gold details. Several of her jackets have a different background color with a gold pattern over that color.

Sequins are also a part of the big picture. If you can find a shirt that is covered in sequins, that’s a perfect way to create a Hannah look.


It’s hard to have a real Hannah Montana look without wearing a jacket. Jackets are an integral part of the overall look, and they add some sparkle when worn correctly. The jackets she wears usually have some sparkling detail or metallic details like lots of rivets. The jackets are almost always short, coming up above the waist. Hannah has jackets in just about every color, including silver, gold, gold and white, black, gray, brown and yellow. Any jacket that has a lot of zippers and buttons is one that looks like Hannah’s style.  If you have a short jacket, add a few sparkling details and it could certainly be one that Hannah owns.


Hannah Montana wears a lot of printed t-shirts. They are almost always brightly-colored, and they often have a large pattern on them. This t-shirt is one that was matched with a jacket with metallic details, a silver belt and a pair of black jeans. She has worn many similar shirts in other stripe colors, such as bright pink and black and red and white. Many times, her shirts are sleeveless or halter-top style.


Hannah loves to accessorize with belts. Her belts usually serve to add some sparkle to the outfit. The belts are usually in silver or gold, but she has also worn belts in purple, red, blue and black among other colors. The more elaborate and detailed the belt is- the better. Many of Hannah’s belts have a lot of intricate design including patterns and large details.  Wearing a dazzling belt is an inexpensive way to add some shine to any outfit and to make it look a little more like Hannah Montana’s.

Rate My Style, I Just Wear T-Shirts

Do you love t-shirts? Do you love them so much that you wear little or nothing else besides t-shirts? Just because you wear nothing but t-shirts, it doesn’t mean that you have poor style. If you know how to wear t-shirts well, can keep them in good condition and will get rid of your older, more worn t-shirts, you can have great style for far less than many other types of clothing would cost.

If you only wear t-shirts, it’s important to keep them in good condition. With a worn, old t-shirt, it’s easy to look sloppy and far too casual for many situations. Keep your t-shirts in good condition by washing them only as often as you need to and using pre-treating stain removers to get out the worst stains.

Keep white t-shirts looking great by occasionally washing them with bleach. This will keep them looking bright white instead of getting dingy over time. Using some baking soda in the wash can also help them to look their best and whitest. If you sweat a lot, consider wearing a t-shirt under your white t-shirt to keep the underarm’s from looking yellowed and stiff.

Most t-shirts will last a long time and through many washes. By taking good care for t-shirt, it can last 50, 60 washes or more. However, there comes a time when a t-shirt should be discarded and replaced with a brand-new one. If your entire wardrobe is t-shirts, it’s a good idea to occasionally look through your shirts and make sure that they are all in good, wearable condition. If they have holes in them that are noticeable, it’s best to get rid of the shirt. If you have t-shirts that are stained and you’ve tried in vain to get the stains out with no success, it’s best to get rid of those shirts as well.

Just because you wear t-shirts only, it doesn’t mean that you always look casual. It’s easy to dress up t-shirts with a fitted blazer and a nice pair of pants. A t-shirt, slacks and a pair of high heels or dress shoes look dressy as well as being comfortable. Make sure to coordinate the color of your t-shirt, pants, jacket and shoes. Even if the shirt is in good shape, it will not look its best if it is worn with clashing colors. Stick with an overall group of colors in your outfit. For instance, an outfit can have an earth-tone theme with a green t-shirt, brown pants and dark brown shoes. Or, you can have a citrus theme with a yellow t-shirt, an orange skirt and yellow flats.

If you take some care with the way you look and you take good care of your t-shirts, you can have impeccable style while wearing nothing but t-shirts every day. You can be the envy of your friends because you always look so well put together without having spent a fortune on your wardrobe. With a little work, your style can easily rate a 10.