How to Dress Like Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones has been a style icon for decades. Who else can accessorize with a bullwhip and still look like a cultured adventurer? His style is well known throughout the world for its iconic look. Anyone can get this look for a day of adventuring or even just a day spent doing nothing special.

The Hat

The man with the hat, as he is sometimes known, is very rarely seen without his fedora. It’s almost a character all its own in his movies, and no Indiana Jones outfit would be complete without one. His fedora is a brown leather hat with a thick brown band through the middle. It should be well weathered if you want to get the true Indy look down.

The Boots

Indiana Jones’ boots are made by a company called Alden, and they are the epitome of old-fashioned charm and quality. These are the boots that he wore in the films, and they are perfect for tromping through the jungle as well as sitting at a sidewalk café. No matter what Indiana Jones is doing, he is always at home in these thick leather boots. The color of the Indy boot that is now manufactured by Alden is slightly lighter in color than the ones on the movies, but the style is the same and the color is similar.

The Jacket

Indiana Jones’ looks would be incomplete without a thick leather jacket. He always wore a brown jacket that went with the rest of his brown and khaki clothing to create a complete look. This jacket is a consumer version of the original Indiana Jones leather jacket and is a perfect replica of the one worn in the movies. The original jacket that was worn has changed slightly throughout the movies and was in a noticeably different style in the last movie. The original jacket, however, does remain an iconic look that is necessary for any realistic Indiana Jones outfit.

Shirts and Pants

Indiana Jones stuck to a strict uniform of light khaki and browns. He usually wore a light khaki shirt that was a good fit for his brown pants and brown jacket. A similar shirt can be found from many designers as a part of a safari collection. The color khaki is popular enough in current clothing lines to make these plentiful. Stores like The Gap and Banana Republic often have plenty of khaki shirts and brown pants that would be suitable for an Indiana Jones outfit. Just look for the lighter khakis or tans rather than the more olive-toned shirts.

The brown pants that you choose should fit well without being too tight. Tight pants can make it hard to run across collapsing bridges and swing from ropes. The pants should have a slight break when you are sitting. They should not be so high that any ankle will be exposed when you are performing athletic maneuvers. They were made out of wool twill for the movies but a thick pair of cotton pants should serve as a suitable facsimile.

One thought on “How to Dress Like Indiana Jones

  1. Carsten

    terrible… every clothing part has been described completely wrong – and several important parts are missing. Have a look to photographs from Indiana Jones – you’ll see how important the bag is for the overall dress.
    And a fedora is never made of leather. It is always felt – Indiana Jones never wear a leather hat.

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