How To Dress Like A Tomboy

Are you a girl? Do you want to look like you’re just one of the guys so you can hang out and keep it simple? If this is true, then you want to dress like a tomboy. Here are some tips on how to achieve that look easily.

You’ll need to ditch all the girly clothes and leave them alone. Get yourself some sneakers, Nike, Vans, or Chucks are good and boots are also a good choice just not girly boots, we are talking Doc Marten or work boots here.

You will want some jeans that are comfortable, not low riders, or if it’s summertime, basketball shorts, cargo shorts or just regular old shorts that come down to your knees. Boys don’t wear short shorts, remember that and always avoid skirts of any kind.

When looking at shirts, you will need some t-shirts that are loose fitting and, generally plain looking. You can also throw a button down shirt over it that is also plain and be sure to roll up the sleeves. In the fall, flannel is a great choice for that. Last but not least, top it all off with a baseball cap of some kind.

When dressing like a Tomboy, you can’t just look like one you have to act like a boy. Do things like play video games, get into some sports, and be a bit more physical than a normal girl may be. Remember, Tomboy’s aren’t afraid to mix it up with the boys in football and things like that.

How you talk is also important. Things like “oh my gawd” and “oh no he didn’t” are not things that boys say, ever. Boys say things like “dude”, “man” and “awesome”; you can even combine these into, “dude, awesome!” Remember, girls and boys talk very differently and as for gossip, boys don’t really do it that much.

Yes, you can still have female friends just be sure not to dress like them or act like them otherwise your friends that are boys will start to avoid you. If for a reason you are in a situation where you have to wear dress, make sure it’s not overly girly at all and generally darker in color.

Boys are typically considered to be technology freaks, if you can plug it in, turn it on or have to update it from time to time they love it. This does not really apply to cell phones for some reason. Boys are not on their cell phone all the time texting their friends about everything that is happening.

Remember, boys are all about the immediate what’s going on now. They don’t put too much stock in what is happening tomorrow or the day before. They are generally about what they are currently doing so get into that mindset. They don’t gossip, they brag and they make fun of each other constantly and forget it two seconds later.

Last note, boy’s watch shows on TV like Family Guy, Robot Chicken and anime. They do not watch 90210, Gossip Girl or anything girlie like that. You shouldn’t either. Before you know it you will be just one of the guys.

5 thoughts on “How To Dress Like A Tomboy

  1. Samantha

    I think that girls should embrace their gender, because we do get away with a lot. Take Marilyn Monroe’s performance in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” as an example.
    Looking like a girl doesn’t mean being uncomfortable with what you wear, either. There’s a lot of options out there for the not-so-girly girl.

    But if being at all girly just isn’t your thing, and you naturally gravitate toward dressing boyish then so be it. You’re being yourself, which is always the most important thing in any friendship or relationship. I don’t recommend trying to act like a guy in order to GET a guy. Why would a straight guy want to be with somebody who looks like his best buddy? Besides, eventually he’ll start to see through it when you slip up by telling him that you and your friends went shopping on the weekend for party dresses.

  2. Liz

    well, they r wrong. boys do wear shorts,all the time in fact!!! we tomboys still say oh my god!

  3. Joe

    I know I’m a girl buy my name is a boys name but anyway I like being a tomboy tomboys rule

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