Sophia Loren

How to Dress Like Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

In the 1950s and 1960s Sophia Loren ignited the Silver Screen with a sexiness that some would argue has yet to be rivaled. The Italian actress was extremely good looking and she had no problem showing what she had. Loren blazed a trail for women everywhere when it came to sex appeal and for that reason there are many who aspire to dress like her.

Not everyone can pull off the Sophia Loren look. It not only takes someone with a great figure, but you will have to have the utmost confidence in yourself as well. Here are some ways you too can ignite a room the Sophia Loren did:

•    Wear lots of red: Loren always added a lot of red to her wardrobe. She had the reputation of being feisty and vivacious and the color red certainly helped bring that to the forefront. Everyone looks a little more daring in red and by you adding it to your wardrobe you are telling the world that you may be down to earth, but you are as lively and sexy as they come. There are few colors that can make the statement that red does, which is why Loren wore the color on an almost daily basis.
•    Show your stuff: One thing Loren did with almost every outfit she wore was show off her cleavage. Sometimes she showed so much it left little to the imagination. Wear outfits and skirts that will accentuate what you have and when you think you are showing enough cleavage, show a little more. No matter what occasion you are dressing for you have to make sure that you find a way to show off your cleavage. That is the true spirit of Loren.
•    Wear halter dresses: Another staple in Loren’s wardrobe was the halter dress. She liked to wear ones that were long and that flared. By wearing this type of dress you are showing, like Loren did, that your spirit is sensual, yet you have the undertones of a playful and very famine women. A halter dress is the perfect garment to bring out both features at the same time.
•    Show off your gams: Along with showing off her cleavage, Loren knew she had great legs and loved to show those off as well. You can accomplish this by wearing some of the same ultra miniskirts as Loren did. If you are not comfortable in super short miniskirts you must try to stay in the skirt family or you risk losing the full effect that you are going after. Accentuate your toned calf muscles in Loren fashion by dawning a great looking pair of high heels.
•    Switch up your hair: Loren always put a lot into her hair but rarely was it the same. She would sometimes wear it up and sometimes wear it down but it always looked as ravaging as the rest of her. Take extra time when styling your hair to ensure it comes out looking its finest.

Again, dressing like Sophia Loren is only the first step in capturing her essence. To complete the effect you will have to work on your confidence over and over again.

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