Ashley Greene

How to Dress Like Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is probably best known for her role in the 2008 blockbuster hit movie Twilight in which she played the clairvoyant Alice Cullen. Anyone who has seen the movie knows that Greene’s character in the movie dressed in a dark and mysterious manner, but the real Ashley Greene dresses so far to the other end of the fashion spectrum it is almost laughable. In real life Greene dresses in a bright and cheery way that carries her with style and grace on the red carpet and simply around the town.

If you too want to emulate the style of the real life Ashley Greene here is what you do:

•    Dresses: Like her character in the movie Twilight Greene likes to wear a lot of dresses. But unlike the Cullen character, Greene wears bright and cheery colored dresses and not dark and depressing colors. She is often seen wearing colors such as yellows, blues, and other vibrant colors so when choosing your dresses go with the fun and happy colors.
•    Casual: Greene has been spotted off the scene with a simple pair of jeans that she likes to wear topped with a cute tank top. She will finish off this look with a light jacket and again opts for the opposite of her on-screen personality and stays with cheery colors. When you go casual just remember to be comfortable and happy and you should hit the nail on the head.
•    On the red carpet: When Greene is attending a red carpet gala event she is usually seen wearing a long gown that is made of lighter materials that is somewhat flowing. Here she tends to show off a bit of her cleavage and likes to wear gowns that are sleeveless or even strapless. The colors vary, but she usually sticks with the darker blues or goes red.
•    Shoes: The shoes that Greene wears are of course dictated by what she is wearing. When casual, she usually just wears sneakers or flip-flops. When you get your casual footwear go for darker colors that are not too noticeable. When dressing to the hilt, go with what Greene does and get a nice pair of lace up heels that match the dress or gown you will be wearing.
•    Accessories: Aside of a conservative pair of earrings, Greene really doesn’t wear too much in the way of accessories. When you go to accessorize, go for the lighter side of it all.
•    Hair and make-up: In the movie, Greene goes short and wild and again in real life she is the polar opposite. Do your hair down and give it just a hint of body using some gel but aside of that don’t get crazy. Your make-up should be done with lighter colors but should take you some time. Greene has a very nice look, but you can definitely tell she uses a lot of make-up, though she always goes for a more conservative look.

When dressing like Greene remember, you can’t think about the character she played because if that is your model you will not just miss the bull’s-eye, but you will miss the entire target all together.

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