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Jessica Stroup

How to Dress Like Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup is probably best known for her role as Erin Siler on the spin-off show from the original Beverly Hills 90210 called 90210. She was born and raised in the Carolinas and has the knock out looks and personality that you would expect from a southern girl. She has a fun and simplistic style and seems to always look her best whether she is just out and about or at a red carpet event.

In order for you to dress like Stroup you have to have the ability to segway from one outfit to the next and look good in all of them as Stroup has a wide variety of outfits that she likes to wear. Here are some ways that to help you dress like Jessica Stroup:

•    Casual: When Stroup goes casual she goes casual. When not on the set or in the public eye she dresses like any other early twenties woman would. She loves to wear jeans and a regular looking t-shirt and the style and colors of the t-shirts can vary greatly so pick a shirt that you like and that you will comfortable in. She usually sticks with blue jeans and they are always on the tight side. If you don’t want to go tight, at least go form-fitting. If you like you can top off the shirt with a zip up sweat jacket of a darker color as Stroup often does. When accessorizing this look take the easy route. All Stroup generally accessorizes this laid back look with is a simple purse and some sunglasses.
•    Dresses and skirts: More times than not you can find Stroup wearing an almost endless variety of dresses and skirts. She wears dresses that are short, long, form fitting, tight, you name, and she has worn it. Knowing that you can choose a dress that compliments your body type best and that you feel comfortable in. Go with violets, grays, black, and blues for your color selection and try to stay with solid colors as opposed to multi-colored.
•    Formal: When Stroup hits the red carpet, people know it. She looks stunning when attending these types of events and usually wears a tight fitting dress that compliments her curves very nicely. Her formal dresses are usually darker colors and she likes to accessorize quite a bit at these events. To mimic this you will want to go with bracelets, hoop or hanging earrings, and an elegant gold necklace with a pendant on it.
•    Shoes: Of course the shoe Stroup goes with depends on what she is wearing and your choice should be no different. When going casual a nice pair o flip-flops will work. For the dresses and skirts you can be like Stroup and go with fun and sassy heels that are usually open-toed. When attending your special event go with the classic look of a closed-toe heel that matches the dress color.
•    Hair and make-up: You can wear your hair up or down as Stroup is a fan of both but go simplistic either way you do it. For you make-up application, go light and try to achieve the all-natural look.

Now go out with confidence and you too will have everyone believing you came from Beverly Hills, or at least the set of the show.


How to Dress Like a Stoner

StonerStoner’s are a laid back bunch and dressing like one should be approached in the same manner. While it is not mandatory that a stoner dresses in a laid back fashion it certainly is common. With that fact known, dressing like a stoner is one of the easiest looks to pull off. The fact is that most stoners either have no cares in the world or at least they act as if they have no cares.

Remember these rules are not hard and fast but for the most part, if you want to look the part of a stoner here is what you do:

•    Shirts: When it comes to shirts you need to consider a couple of layers. First you will want to go with an undershirt. This can vary in color and really any color will do. Many stoners choose to go with a classic white t-shirt and still others go for the gusto and wear a tie-die t-shirt. Whatever t-shirt you choose to go with never tuck it in and top it off with a long sleeved flannel shirt. To pull off the look, be sure that you do not button any of the buttons on the flannel but rather let it just hang open. Don’t forget that you want to go for the look that says you really don’t care what you look like because your life is care-free.

•    Pants: Stoners are typically wearing baggy pants. Shorts every once in a while, but for the most part, pants. You can pull off the stoner look with jeans or with cargos, but the looser the better. If your pants happen to have holes wore in the knees or anywhere else on them, well this just adds to the authenticity of the look.

•    Shoes: Obviously if you are attempting to dress like a stoner then you will be leaving the wing-tips at home. Here is where you will want to go with a really cozy and worn out looking pair of sneakers. The color really doesn’t matter and you don’t even have to tie the laces if you don’t want to. If that sounds like too much then you can also just wear a pair of flip flops.

•    Hair: Once again you want to come off saying that you don’t have a care in the world. That is hard to do if you have a prim and proper hair cut. To pull off the stoner look, simply wash your hair and sort of mess it up after towel drying and then let it air dry.

•    Accessories: Very, very low key here. Go with beaded necklaces and simple looking bracelets if you go with anything. Women can carry hemp purses and the look will be all but complete. Also for the women, if you do decide to put make-up on go very light with it and stay away from big bold colors.

Now just practice say ‘whoa’ and ‘dude’ with every other sentence you utter and your look as a stoner will be perfect.

Tina Fey

How To Dress Like Tina Fey

Tina Fey

Tina Fey is the reigning leading lady of comedy. She has a unique sense of humor that we see in all her writing, producing and acting endeavors. From her beginnings on Saturday Night Live to her own TV shows and movies, she is in a category of her own as a women comedienne. As a writer, actress and producer, Tina Fey has become one of the most recognizable celebrities around, due to her successes.

One of the trademark things about Tina Fey’s look is her glasses. In fact, vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin received comments about her Tina Fey glasses, during the 2008 campaign. If you are looking to dress like the award-winning Tina Fey, the first thing you should get is a pair of glasses in that unmistakable Tina Fey style. If you are attempting a dressy Tina Fey look instead of an everyday one, choose contacts instead.

Tina Fey’s fashion style is very underdone compared to many other celebrities. She tends to dress in rather normal clothes and styles, which makes it easy for most anyone to pull off a Tina Fey look. Jeans and a T-shirt are a common ensemble for her. Is it important to note that she almost always wears a shirt with a flattering, low-cut neckline. To create a true Tina Fey look, opt for dark shirts with a V-neck, scoop neck or princess neckline. Fitted jeans are a must too for her casual look.

The colors she favors are typically dark. She often opts for black tops and dresses, although has also been seen in dark shades of other rich tones like purple, green and brown. She wears jewelry rather sparingly; saving conservative pieces for dressy occasions, though often opts for dangling earrings. She always carries a tiny matching clutch bag with her dressy outfits.

Whether you are looking to pull off a daytime or an evening Tina Fey look, one thing to bear in mind is that her clothes always show off her curves to their best advantage. To successfully dress like her, you will need to invest in items that are form fitting. If your form is not as fit as you’d like, you may want to invest some time in shaping up prior to donning such styles.

Another touch needed for a true Tina Fey look is the hair. Her do is never highlighted blonde, it always a rich chocolate tone. She favors shoulder-length and slightly longer styles. Bangs and a wispy fringed look make her straight hair appear often slightly tousled, which is a great look for her and an easy one to imitate. For special events, she occasionally wears her hair curly for a slightly different look. Keep makeup minimal too in true Tina fashion, with an emphasis on the eyes.

Tina Fey, one of the hottest celebrities around today, has an easy look to mimic. Her girl-next-door looks and style make for an affordable look to recreate for anyone who is determined to be a star.


How to Dress Like You are From the 1970s


Dressing like you’re from the 70s is just fun. Everyone likes dressing in 1970s fashion. No matter how many years pass, the trends of the 70s never seem to get old. After all, people living in the 70s just wanted to have a great time and they had a great time from head to toe.

The 1970s spawned some of the most famous fashion trends to date. Images of celebrities in traditional 1970s attire are the ultimate inspiration for nostalgia and days gone by. After all, the Vietnam War was finally behind us and people were ready to have a good time in the 1970s. The economy was on the rise and it was time to party.

And party is exactly what they did. The 1970s were a time for disco dancing and all-night partying. When that kind of fun is going on, you need to be appropriately dressed for the festivities. The 1970s had no choice but to create some unique fashion trends to match the eccentricity of the age.
If you want to dress like you’re from the 70s there are definitely a few things you will have to invest in.

•    Skirts of all lengths are indicative of this era. Mini-skirts, midi-skirts and maxi-skirts like peasant skirts were all acceptable wear.

•    Platform shoes are a classic 70s look for both genders.

•    Bellbottom pants are the perfect choice for guys or girls.

•    Short shorts and crop tops are great choices for anyone who is comfortable bearing almost all.

•    Trouser suits and leisure suits, as well as flowing kaftans also make an instantaneous 70s outfit.

The details of your look are also important for anyone striving for a genuine 70s look. Shimmery eye shadows, frosted hair and golden tans of 70s beach babes are easy to emulate. The winged layers of Farrah Fawcett’s famous locks are another ideal look to complement your 70s look. Afro haircuts are also a hot style. To say that the fashions of the 1970s were colorful and unique would be the understatement of the century.

Having disco outfits for nights out is indicative of the 70s too. John Travolta’s white polyester suit will go down in infamy, as will his legendary dance moves from Saturday Night Fever. Hot pants are another ideal disco outfit. Satin jackets and men wearing medallions are also genuine 70s looks.

One of the most common fashion trends of the 1970s was the t-shirt. The standard men’s outfit consisted of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. People took pride in creating their own t-shirts and used their personal style and creativity to make plain old t-shirts into something special. Even today, you can buy reproduction 70s style t-shirts in department stores and trendy boutiques. The t-shirts of the 70s are as iconic as Jacqui Kennedy’s Halston sunglasses. Tie-dye T-shirts are the absolute best way to quickly and easily recreate a 70s look on a budget.

If you want to dress like you’re from the 70s, you can easily get the look and the experience of this legendary fashion decade. Remember to go crazy with color and keep your outfits hippie-like.

Dress 1980s

How to Dress 80’s

Dress 1980s

In the 80’s, moderation was the key to nothing. The 80’s was known for its extremes in clothing styles. If it wasn’t bright and attention-getting, it wasn’t worth wearing. Some of the most well-known 80’s styles involve neon colors, strange clothing combinations and plenty of random splashes of color.


There were several interesting styles of 80’s tops that were popular. These included the asymmetrical top which had only one sleeve and the off-the-shoulder shirts which were pulled down off the shoulders but worn with long sleeves. Wearing either one of these shirts is a way to start an 80’s ensemble.

Crop tops were also big throughout the 80’s. Some crop tops had a solid color under them with a different color mesh over it. This would often be a contrasting color such as a pink crop top with white mesh laid over it.

Shirts were often neon colored and bright enough to burn the retinas. For a very authentic 80’s look, wear a neon yellow shirt with paint splattered all over it. Paint splatter was a very popular style that could be found on shirts, pants, handbags, shoes and everything else worn in the 80’s.

Another interesting 80’s fashion was the Hypercolor shirt. The shirt changed colors with the air temperature and with the wearer’s body temperature in different areas. This often led to embarrassing darker colors under the arms, but it’s an authentic 80’s look if you can find it.


The 80’s was all about socks. The more pairs of socks you can wear, the more authentic your look will be. You can pair two or three different pairs of slouch socks stacked so that the top of each is visible for a true 80’s fashion. Once you have on your pairs of socks, put on legwarmers so that they come down just above the socks. Make sure all of the socks are brightly colored, polka dotted or paint splattered.


Everyone loved to wear belts in the 80’s. It didn’t matter if you actually needed to wear a belt or not. It also didn’t matter if you were already wearing one. Wearing two or three belts at the same time was considered perfectly normal. If you wear the layered belt look, try to position them so that they crisscross each other across your middle. Make sure all the belts are visible just like all of your pairs of socks. The belts can be thick or thin, but thin belts together usually look best.

Shorts and Skirts

Miniskirts and surfing shorts were the hot items throughout most of the 80’s. Girls wore checkered, striped, polka dotted or neon miniskirts. In the summer, everyone wore Jams. The more pairs of Jams you have, the better the look will be. The Jams should be extremely brightly colored and should go down to your knees. These shorts can be worn with a Hawaiian-style shirt or with a brightly colored crew neck t-shirt. If you do choose to wear jeans instead of Jams, make sure they are tapered jeans that are as light blue as possible.

Body type

How to Dress for My Body Type

Body type

The way you dress should be influenced by the shape of your body. Your body shape is the biggest indicator of what you should be wearing. To understand your own shape and what will look best on it, you need to know what kind of body shape you actually have. There are four types of body shapes and each one has its own best clothing styles that will flatter it.

Apple Shapes

A person with an apple shape has more weight on their upper body than their lower body. They carry some extra weight, and that weight is generally carried around their middle. If this is your shape, then you need to choose clothing that will not cling to your figure. There are clothing styles that will skim over your stomach instead of making it more noticeable. Something with an empire waist will emphasize your bust while skimming over your stomach. Draw attention to your legs by wearing short skirts or skirts and pants that are brightly colored with a dark colored top.

Pear Shapes

You are a pear shape if you have more weight around your thighs and hips. The result is a torso that is shaped like a pear. If you have a pear shape, you need to try to balance your shape to make yourself look larger on top. This will de-emphasize your hips and thighs. Choose tops with wide neck lines to help create this balance. Stay away from any shirt that fits too tightly. This will make your upper body look smaller. Wear a brighter color on top than you do on bottom to help the eye balance the two. This will draw the eye upward and take the attention away from your problem areas.

Hourglass Shapes

A person with an hourglass shape is someone who has a full bust as well as full hips with a defined waist in the middle. If you have this shape, it’s easy to make yourself look heavier by wearing items that are not tailored well. If you wear something with a very high neckline, it can make you look for heavier than something with a scoop neck. You should also try to wear something that has a waistline in it. If you don’t have anything with a tailored waistline, wear a belt to show off your waist. Stay away from clothes that are too baggy to stiff because they can add bulk to your figure and make you look heavier.

Rectangle Shapes

Someone with a rectangle shape has a straight shape that is not very curvy. Their weight is distributed very evenly without any real problem areas. The challenge with the rectangle shape is to make it look as if you have a defined waist and a larger bust. You may also want it to look like you have larger hips. To do this, wear items that define areas of your figure rather than making everything look the same. A top that is low-cut and draws attention to the bust will make your bust look larger, while an item that has a waist feature such as a tailored waist or a belt will make your waist look smaller.


What to Wear and How to Dress at 60 Years Old


Once you enter your 60s, you may wonder what types of styles are appropriate for this age group. The answer today isn’t as simple as it once was. You are no longer relegated to cardigans and mid-calf skirts just because you’ve turned 60. The name of the fashion game at 60 is often personal style mixed with comfort. There are a few other considerations, however.

Flattering Your Skin

Because people in their 60s tend to have more wrinkles and skin that is less elastic, there are a few types of outfits that just don’t look as good at 60 as they did at 50. Anything low-cut often doesn’t look good on someone who is in their 60s. Instead, many women in their 60s choose to wear a scarf to bring attention to their face rather than to their necks.

A shirt or dress with short sleeves sometimes isn’t as flattering to someone in their 60s either. Anything with spaghetti straps are that is strapless is often not flattering to the skin of someone who is 60. Instead, opt for something with three-quarter sleeves to show off the lower part of your arm where your arm is the thinnest. This still allows you to reveal some skin without making an unflattering mistake. If you are in very good shape and have toned arms, choose something with cap sleeves.

For men, wearing shorts with short sleeves may not be very flattering. A thin pair of pants can be just as cool as a pair of shorts and it will keep too much from being revealed. If you are in good shape, a short-sleeved shirt may show off your muscles nicely, but stay away from “muscle shirts” that have no sleeves.


Strappy shoes often don’t look good on skin that is less elastic. Wearing straps across the top of your foot may not be the most flattering look either. Flats or shoes with chunky heels are perfect to wear in your 60s. For men, anything other than sandals is usually a good look. Just stay away from these socks and sandals look. It can make you look older and perhaps even a little bit confused.


People in their earlier decades are still experimenting with their own style. They are constantly trying new looks and new trends in an effort to find what looks best on them. However, by age 60 you’ll likely already know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Wearing a lot of trendy clothes would then look out of place. Go for classic looks more than fads because you already know that they look best in most situations.


You may wonder whether jeans are appropriate for people 60 and older to wear. Jeans used to be something that was considered appropriate for younger people but not for older ones, but those days are gone. Jeans are perfectly appropriate at 60 and older. There are so many styles of jeans now that anyone can find a style that is perfect for their figure. They are also comfortable and are appropriate for an increasing number of occasions.

Find Your Mojo with Boho – How to Dress Bohemien

Fashion has frequently embraced the Bohemian style, with its exotic and free-spirited way of thinking. This style has a lot of history behind it, but today it’s all about layering, luscious fabrics, rich colors and eye-catching accessories. The best part of the style is that it highlights your own uniqueness and creativity, allowing for a fun expression of individual style through fashion.

“Bohémien” was a term which first emerged in nineteenth century France to describe immigrants who had come to that country from Bohemia, in the Czech region of central Europe. The French Bohemians lived in the lower class gypsy neighborhoods are were known as artists and creators. In Europe, Bohemians were associated with unorthodox social and political views. In more modern times, the term  is often shortened to “Boho” and refers to those who live a non-conforming, impoverished and generally artistic lifestyle.

As it relates to fashion, the Bohemian style conveys an attitude of freedom, independence and appreciation for beauty. The “hippie” look of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s included many elements of this style. The Bohemian look reflects a very relaxed and earthy feel, with flowing fabrics and multiple layers. Materials and accessories are usually made from natural materials such as cotton, linen, wood, stones and leather. Handmade items are popular, as are beads on jewelry, purses, belts and other accessories. Vintage jewelry and similar items always work well with the Bohemian look.

To find your own Bohemian style, begin by studying fashion magazines to develop your own sense of fashion. Study women who are considered fashionable, and what sets them apart from other people. While all fashion icons don’t have Bohemian style, they do follow their own fashion sense. For some examples of modern Bohemian style, check out pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny and Mischa Barton.

Be an individual. Boho style embraces individuality, not just sandals and flowing skirts. There are no guidelines to follow when dressing Bohemian, other than your own inspiration. The point is to find fashions that you love, and put them together in a way that expresses your unique personality.

Be creative. Don’t go with the obvious trends in fashion. The fun part about dressing with Bohemian style is that pieces do not have to match. They should layer well together, but there are no rules when creating your own ensembles. Don’t be afraid to mix it up as you experiment with what works (and what doesn’t). Fortunately there won’t be any paparazzi to photograph your fashion bloopers for all the world to see!

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Accessories are a vital part of the Bohemian style, from berets to shoes. Layer on necklaces of natural stone and beads, the chunkier and more unusual the better. Bags, especially those of leather or fabric, are a great addition to the boho look. Boots are another Bohemian staple, and are versatile enough to wear with skirts and jeans.

Dressing with Bohemian style is a fun way to express yourself while being fashionable and comfortable.


What to Wear to an Audition


The way you dress for an audition says a lot about you as a performer.  It’s important to create a specific plan for exactly what you want to wear in order to project yourself in the right light. You want to create a favorable first impression of you that paints you as a responsible person who will dedicate yourself to a role as well as someone who can relate well to the character.


Many people choose to wear simple, black outfits to their auditions. This is a sort of blank slate that shows you as you are and how you can be molded into the character. A simple outfit that doesn’t call much attention to you can show that you are adaptable and can change to look more like a character. To do this, a simple pair of black pants and a black t-shirt is perfect. Make sure they are in very good condition, are ironed or pressed and have no stains.

Character Dressing

Another school of thought is to dress in a way that is suggestive of the character. To do this, you don’t want to put on a costume per se. What you want to do instead is to wear things that suggest that you have a lot in common with the character. For instance, if the audition was for cowboy, don’t show up in spurs and a 10 gallon hat. Instead, perhaps wear cowboy boots with jeans and a leather jacket. You might also style your hair in the way the character will. This may be particularly important if you are auditioning for. You might wear modern clothing abut style your hair as they would have during the time period.

If you believe that a costume might be in order, you might pack one and bring it with you in a duffel bag. The costume will then be there in case casting seems reluctant to consider you in the role. You can then change into the costume and perhaps have a better chance of succeeding.


In most cases, you want to project an air of confidence in your own abilities to play the character. To do this, it’s important to stay comfortable. If you’re wear clothing that is very uncomfortable, it may be distracting to you and they make you nervous. Instead, find clothing that will work but that will still be comfortable. This may take planning for a week ahead of time, but it’s worth it to look calm, assured and dressed well during your audition.

You also want to feel attractive during your audition. If you feel attractive, you will make others believe you are. Most of being attractive is just projecting your own confidence in yourself. Try on your chosen outfit to make sure that you feel attractive than it. If not, choose something else. You will be in and audition to advertise yourself. If you don’t feel attractive and confident, you will not advertising yourself in your best light. You must believe in what you are advertising to be able to sell it to someone else.

How to Dress at 50 – Fashion Tips and What to Wear

The age of 50 is not as old as it once was. Many people are just as physically active in their 50s as they were in their 20s or 30s. The need to begin to dress like an elderly person is no longer felt by most people today when they reach their 50s. There is little need for a person to change their style much beyond what they wore in their 40s. However, there may be a few practical points that lend themselves to slight changes in style.

Many people in their 50s become grandparents and want to dress more conservatively because of it. This means items that are more classic in style and that are less attention-getting. Darker colors or outfits that are less revealing can often fill this need.

A change of shoe styles can often do this as well. Many women opt for chunkier heels in their 50s because of the discomfort of wearing the skinny heels they wore before. Other women start opting for flats or dressy shoes with laces for comfort. If you find heels or stiff leather shoes very uncomfortable, try on a few pairs of flats. Flats can come in very casual, canvas styles that are comfortable as well as cute or dressy leather styles that can be worn in the place of high heels.

Another change that can happen in your 50s is that you may start to carry more weight around the middle than before, even if you stay very active. This can lend itself to some embarrassment and the need to change clothing styles to accentuate other areas. Wearing items that are tight in the waist or items that require a belt may not be the best looks in your 50s.

Look for colors that will flatter your own coloring. It is easy to get washed out by lighter colors, and those may not look good on everyone. It may be that darker colors are flattering to your skin tone and your features. Try a few different colors and notice the way they make your face look. For those with very dark skin, a darker color will generally not accentuate your features. For those with very light skin, a light color can make your features disappear altogether.

The reason that trends are often not appropriate for people of this age is that by your 50s, you probably realize that not all trends look good of all people. At 50, most people have their own distinct style. No matter what the trends are, the best colors on you are the ones that accentuate your own unique coloring.

Once you have colors that you like, take a look at your best features and choose items that will emphasize them. If you want to emphasize your bust, wear items that are tailored at the bust line or that have a very high waist. A shift dress that skims your body without clinging to your stomach or hips is often flattering at 50, as are empire waist dresses.

Jury duty

What to Wear for Jury Duty

Jury duty

When you are picked for jury duty, there is no one specific dress code. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you are supposed to be dressed conservatively and in a way that shows that you respect the court. If you dress disrespectfully, you may actually be guilty of contempt of court. There should be no T-shirts, jeans, flip-flops or other very casual clothing worn during jury duty.

The standard type of outfit worn by most people for jury duty is business casual. This means that you are dressed in a conservative manner but that you are not necessarily wearing a full suit. A nice pair of pants, a button up shirt and a blazer for man is a good,9 comfortable business casual outfit for jury duty.

If you are a woman, you might wear the same outfit, or it may be a nice blouse with a dressy skirt. You can choose high heels, or flats, but do not wear sandals to court.

Make sure that whatever you wear is neat and in good condition. Tuck in your shirt and wear a belt if you need one. You may need to take a sweater or jacket with you in case the courtroom is chilly. You’ll end up sitting almost all the time, so make sure you’re wearing something that doesn’t have a tight waistband. That could result in discomfort that will distract you from listening to the testimony. Wear something that fits well, is not tight, but it’s not loose enough to look very casual.

The main idea of dressing for jury duty is that you are not supposed to call a lot of attention to yourself. The judge is the center of attention. The lawyers are also there to command attention. One jurist trying to get the attention of the courtroom is considered disrespectful. Dress to blend in, not stand out. If you wear dark colors or neutral colors, this will be much easier. Choose a black or navy jacket and pair it with pants that are either a dark color or are khaki. A good pair of khaki pants will not call attention to you and will go with just about anything.

It is not necessary in most cases to wear a tie. And for women, you don’t necessarily have to wear very trendy, uncomfortable high heels. Just make sure that your accessories and shoes go well with her outfit and don’t distract other jurists who need to be listening to the testimony. For this reason, never show up to jury duty with something very low-cut. For many people, this would be the ultimate distraction. Choose a modest neckline that makes you tlook conservative instead.

Leave the trendy clothes at home and don’t wear anything that is sparkly or very eye-catching. Don’t wear bright colors and don’t pair bright or glittery accessories with your outfit. Choose classic pieces instead that will not be noticed. This will keep the judge happy and keep the other jurists from any unnecessary distractions.


How to Dress for College – Fashion Tips


When dressing for college, there are many factors to consider. The main factor for many college students is staying comfortable while still expressing their own personal style. The comfort factor leads most college campuses to be populated mainly by students who dress very casually.


Because another main point of dressing for a college campus is to express your own individuality, there are no rules at all about what type of jeans to wear. Some students love the punk or grunge look of torn-up jeans. Others want a more put-together look with pressed jeans or dark jeans that are in excellent condition. Still others prefer a retro look to go with their retro style. Retro jeans are often stonewashed or a very light blue color.


At college, most students do wear t-shirts regularly. T-shirts are very versatile and they can give students very different looks depending on the type of t-shirts they are and how they are worn. Someone very fashion conscious can choose a patterned t-shirt or a solid color shirt that goes well with the rest of their outfit. Someone who wants to express distaste for fashion may choose a torn up t-shirt or a vintage t-shirt that is not currently in style. T-shirts can be dressed up for preppy students and dressed down for students with other clothing styles.


Many students wear skirts to show off a fun and flirty look. Skirts are a great way to stay comfortable and cool while running from class to class. There are very few times when a skirt would not be practical, though a shorter skirt may be less practical. Longer skirts are often favored by students because they are more comfortable when sitting on the floor or when running to a class. Skirts in any color and any style are great to wear on a college campus.

Preppy Style

Some college students have a preppy style that leads them to classic clothing in neutral colors. Preppy style is generally expressed through navy blue, black, white and tan. These colors can be worn together in classic pieces to create outfits that never go out of style and always look well put together. A pair of tan pants worn with a navy blue sweater is a classic preppy look, as is a pair of navy blue pants paired with a white shirt.

College girls who love preppy style often wear plaid skirts with white or navy blue shirts or sweaters. One classic collegiate look is a white button-up shirt with a navy blue sweater worn over it paired with a navy blue and white plaid skirt. These looks can be paired with a pair of dark, beige or white shoes. A pair of black or navy blue Mary Jane shoes look great with a plaid skirt is part of an overall preppy college look. For college men, a pair of loafers always looks great with a preppy outfit. A pair of black or navy blue shoes is also perfect to wear.


How to Dress for a Yoga Class


The clothes you wear to a yoga class are far different from the clothes you wear anywhere else. There is a certain type of clothing that is needed for performing yoga. Once you understand the clothing that you need to wear, you will see how much easier it is to perform yoga in this type of clothing than it is to do it in street clothes.

There is no dress code for yoga, and the clothes you wear don’t have to be specially made for yoga. However, they should have the same basic characteristics as special yoga clothing. The two main reasons that most people engage in yoga are to relax and to become more flexible. You can’t do this if you are wearing clothing that is short, constricting or tight or that is distracting to you.


Many people choose yoga clothing in soft colors because it is calming and will not pose a distraction. Bright colors attract the eye, and you want your attention to be inside instead of outside. White, beige and other light, neutral tones can be very calming during a yoga class.


You need to be able to bend and stretch as easily as possible when you are in a yoga class. For this reason, you need an outfit that will bend and stretch with you. Choose clothing that is lightweight so that it will give when you need it to. Many people choose cotton because it has a natural stretch to it and will move with you well.

For many women, choosing a top can be a challenge. It’s important to have a top that is not too tightly fitting but it’s also important not to have one that is so loose that it will ride up while you are doing floor stretches. If you are inverted during your yoga class, you want to be able to concentrate on the poses instead of whether your shirt is riding up. Take some care in choosing a shirt so that it is well tailored and formfitting without being tight. The shirt should also be long to keep it from riding up too high when you are inverted.

Some yoga classes may be cold and may therefore make it necessary to wear a sweatshirt or a light jacket with your top. If you anticipate being cold, make sure to dress warmly. If you are uncomfortable, you will not be able to concentrate well on the yoga. A thin jacket that can be removed easily is a good bet for yoga class. If you become warm during the class, you can remove it without much trouble and without breaking your concentration.

Yoga is something that is practiced barefoot, so wear shoes that can be taken off easily. Depending on the instructor, they may allow you to wear socks if your feet are cold, but most yoga students do practice barefoot.


Pants that fit like pajama bottoms are perfect for yoga class. They should be thin and loose fitting but should not be too loose to the waist. A pair of pants with a drawstring waist that can be adjusted is perfect for doing yoga positioning.

Companies Specializing in Yoga Clothes

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How to Dress Emo – Fashion Tips


Emo is more than a music style it is also a fashion style for a those with lot of emotions that need expressing. Emo is short for emotional, and people who dress this way want people to know how deep their emotions run. For this reason, dressing emo generally means creating a somber look that communicates that depth.


The number one color for dressing emo is black. Other dark colors, such as navy blue, dark gray and dark jewel tones will also create the needed somber look. No matter what articles of clothing you choose and what accessories you pair them with, always make sure to keep the colors dark. Sometimes, black and white will do if the predominant color is black. A black shirt with thin white stripes can look very emo.


Emo guys and girls tend to wear dark pants in a few different styles. The jeans are usually dark blue, black or a very deep gray. The pants are generally straight leg style rather than flaired or tapered. Sometimes these jeans are called “skinny jeans“. Some emo dressers wear dark brown or black corduroy pants.


The tops worn by emo dressers are often either track jackets or vintage-style t-shirts. Many people who dress emo actually do find vintage t-shirts in thrift stores or in vintage clothing stores, but vintage-style shirts that are pre-faded are now readily available online and in many clothing stores. The vintage t-shirt may be worn under a vintage track suit or under an unbuttoned button-up shirt in a dark color. Whatever type of top you choose, make sure it fits tightly. A loose fitting t-shirt does not fit into the emo style.

New t-shirts that are not vintage style can also fit into the emo look. The t-shirts should have some type of printing on them, from nonsensical words to popular sayings to pictures of animals. Some emo dressers like checkered shirts or striped shirts, but those are usually are worn over a t-shirt with printing on it.


In keeping with the dark color scheme, many emo dressers wear a belt with metal studs on it. Emo girls sometimes wear a white belt for a contrasting color, though emo guys usually wear a black one.

Socks and Shoes

Argyle socks are favored by emo dressers, and they can be in any color at all. Even white socks with light-colored patterns on them are ok in the emo world. If you want to keep everything dark, look for black argyle socks with deep red or green patterns on them. Also consider black and white striped or checkered socks instead of argyles.

Shoes are usually tennis shoes like Vans or Converse. These are shoes with a simple construction with a lot of different patterns available. Shoes that tie are preferable to any other kind when dressing emo. Dark-colored tennis shoes with dark-colored laces are the best choice when dressing emo. You may need to replace your white laces with black ones to achieve this look, but it does add to the overall somber appearance.

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How To Dress Like A Rich Person


Rich people have no clue how a normal, everyday person dresses or even where they get their clothes. Normal people don’t have personal shoppers or even much help at the store when buying their clothes. If you want to dress like a rich person, here are some tips and advice to help make everyone think you’ve got money coming out of your, well, ears.

Before we get into that, one thing you must understand, rich people do not, in any way, consider the full life value of a piece of clothing. While you and I may look at a pair of jeans we’ve had for 5 or 6 years and think, “Yay comfy.” A rich person looks at an article of clothing that is 2 weeks old and says, “Eww, that old thing?”

This means you have to think expensive looking, brand new looking, never been worn before looking or you won’t pull it off at all. With that said, here’s how you do it:

1)    You need a few pieces of high quality clothing that looks brand new. To do this, go to department store and look for sales, clearance items and surplus clothing stores. You’ll need at least 2 or 3 shirts or blouses, 2 pairs of pants and a couple pairs of shoes.
2)    When buying your clothing avoid polyester like it’s got the plague! Look for silk, cotton, wool, linen, angora and cashmere.
3)    Accessorize like there’s no tomorrow. You can take the same two outfits and with proper accessories make a lot more looks that work. Some things to get are sunglasses, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and handbags, for the lady that is. Gents, you need watches, rings, sunglasses and cuffs. Look for stylish but be less concerned about materials. A fake pearl necklace in darker light looks just as good as a real one.
4)    They say shoes make the man, or woman and in this case it is so very true. The shoes you choose much be quality footwear and made from either leather or something of equal quality, Women, when choosing your shoes think of your outfit, they must go together.
5)    Your appearance hinges not only on your clothing but also on your personal grooming habits. For the men you have to keep your hair cut and styled and if you choose to grow facial hair, it must be neat, groomed and have clean lines to it. For the women, your hairstyle has to compliment your facial features. A manicure, white even teeth and good skin care is a must as well for men and women.

Lastly, to really complete that rich person look, you need to be in shape. Rich people have personal trainers, who drive them to work out and eat healthy, well most of them do. Whether you think is politically correct or not, the healthier you look the richer you look especially once you get all the clothing and grooming completed. Stick with those tips and you’ll have everyone thinking you got money coming out of your ears, too.


What to Wear For a Triathlon


For a triathlon, it’s important to wear clothing that will move with you, that will not make you hotter or keep you wet with sweat and that is appropriate for each of the three events that will take place.

Wearing One Outfit

If you are planning to wear the same outfit throughout the event, there are a few items that can be perfect for doing all three. This will decrease your time because you will not have to indulge in two changes of clothes. There are shorts that are made for wearing to all three events. These can be either trunk-style shorts of form-fitting bicycle-style shorts. These are generally made to stay put to prevent the discomfort that riding up can cause.

Special triathlon shorts may look much like bicycle shorts, but they are actually made quite differently. While bicycle shorts have a little bit of padding in the seat to make riding more comfortable, triathlon shorts don’t have this feature. The padding of bicycle shorts can make running and swimming less comfortable.

Wearing Two Outfits

Another choice is to wear the same outfit for the bike and running portion of the triathlon and to wear a different outfit for the swimming portion. This may be important if you are swimming in the winter and you need a wetsuit to keep you warm in the frigid water. A proper wetsuit is form fitting and insulated to help you to retain some body heat as you swim.

A wetsuit is an important way to get your swim time lower. Wetsuits are made to be buoyant which can help you to swim faster. They are also important for keeping your muscles warm if the water is anything less than ideal temperatures. They can be worn over the other race wear to save time, but they do take some time to put on and to remove. You may also need some assistance in putting on your wetsuit, so plan for help if you wear one.

The biking and running outfit can be a stretchy pair of shorts or pants and a t-shirt or a stretchy sports shirt. There are also one-piece outfits that can keep the wind away from your skin while allowing you to move freely. Many of these are made especially for triathlons. These outfits may be a little trickier to change into and out of, but they provide little wind resistance while you are biking and they can wick the sweat away from your body as you are running.


It’s important for a triathlon to have shoes that fit perfectly and that will work well for biking as well as running. Some people do change their shoes in between the biking portion and the running portion, but there are shoes that can do both admirably. Choose shoes that grip the road as well as your bike pedals with enough padding to keep your joints from aching during your run. Never wear brand-new shoes to a triathlon. You may end up with blisters before the first mile is completed.

How to Dress to Feel Younger

When you want to feel younger, the way you dress can play an important role in gaining back that feeling. When you feel like you are dressed too old, it can make you think like someone older than your years, sapping your energy. If you want a quick energy boost, add a little life to your wardrobe.

Consider leaving your clothing comfort zone. When you are comfortable with everything in your wardrobe, it means that you have gotten into a clothing routine and have stopped taking chances with your clothing. Break out of that routine by trying a few new things that are far outside that zone of comfort. Try a daring neckline or something that you aren’t 100 percent sure is appropriate for the occasion. This can give you that youthful bit of daring that you might not have felt for awhile.

Once you’ve made up your mind to leave your comfort zone, search for a few trends that will leave it squarely behind. You can do this by looking through women’s magazines that are aimed at young women. Look at Glamour magazine or Marie Claire to find a few daring ideas.

Follow the trends more closely if you want to feel younger. Youthful dressing is all about wearing what is in style at the moment rather than thinking about the lasting power of each clothing item that you buy. To feel more youthful, you have to live in the moment. To dress more youthfully, you have to buy clothing that is strictly for today. It may be out of style in three months, but it will make you feel younger during those months.

If you’ve been dressing more to conceal your figure than to call attention to it, dressing in a way that will show off a little skin is the perfect way to feel younger. You don’t have to have a perfect figure to do this. Everyone has an area that is an asset and that will look great when revealed. You may have a great back that could be shown off with a cut-out dress. You may have great legs that could best be shown off with a very short skirt. You might even have great skin that is best shown off with a deep v-necked shirt or a strapless dress.

Another way to feel younger is to have fun with your accessories. Instead of relying on a few nice pieces, look for fun pieces that are cheap and trendy. You can wear a brightly colored plastic bracelet with a matching necklace made up of giant plastic beads. You can wear a trendy pair of designer-inspired sunglasses.

When you choose a handbag, think small. As you get older and need to carry around more things, you may feel weighed down by your larger bag. To feel younger, think back to the days when all you needed was a lipstick, a wallet and a couple of small personal items. Carry a tiny handbag in a bright color and see how much younger you feel.

How to Dress for a Retail Shop Job Interview

When going for a retail job interview, the way you dress says almost as much about you as your resume. The outfit that you choose and the way you wear it can say a lot about your attention to detail, the way that you present yourself to the world and how interested you are in the way others see you. All of these qualities are extremely important when dealing with the public each day when you work in a retail environment.

Dressing Conservatively

This first impression will be the last impression if you don’t project the right image. For most retail jobs, you will have to dress conservatively. This is particularly important when you are at the job interview. The boss will want to see that you are comfortable dressing in a conservative manner. The public that you will have to deal with may include men, women and children and you will not want to cause offense to any of those groups.

Many bosses will not hire someone if they think that they may come to work dressed too provocatively or in a way that will tarnish the image of the store. Wear a dressy pair of pants with a button-up shirt or a skirt that comes below the knee along with a nice, simple blouse. Adding a matching jacket to the outfit is perfect if you have one.

If you are interviewing for a retail management position, you will need to wear a suit or a very dressy skirt, blouse and jacket combination. Any type of management position interview should also find you with a nice briefcase or portfolio to accessorize your outfit. This will hold your resume and any other information needed. Don’t wear a backpack or carry a large purse for your papers.

Preparing Your Outfit

Your clothes don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to be in the best condition possible. Look over your chosen outfit carefully and make sure there are no frayed edges or small holes that can ruin the effect of the outfit. You should also iron most fabrics the night before to ensure that they look their best. Pair the best pair of shoes that you can with the outfit to give it a polished look. Conservative leather shoes work best with most dressy outfits.

Choosing Your Colors

Choose a neutral color that won’t call too much attention to your outfit. You want your future employer to notice you and to hear you talk about your experience and your attitude toward retail sales rather than staring at your outfit. Don’t choose loud prints for any part of your outfit. If you choose a print, choose a pattern with small, thin stripes.

Choosing tan or navy blue is always a good, conservative choice. It isn’t hard to find items to coordinate with these colors and they are easy to keep looking clean. They always look conservative and they will give you a good chance of making the right impression during your interview.

How to Dress at 30 – Fashion Advice

Up until they hit 30, many people dress in a very youthful style. The 30s are when many people start to see themselves as grown ups for the first time. Or, if they already saw themselves that way, they start to realize that their style has to evolve from the way they dressed in their teens or early 20s to a new, more sophisticated clothing style.


Miniskirts are generally not considered something appropriate for the wardrobe of someone in their 30s. The exact age that this is true varies, but many believe that by 30 to 35 they should no longer be worn. Skirt should go to the knee or below it and not too much thigh should be shown if the woman is sitting down. To get a flirtier look out of a longer skirt, many women wear skirts with a long slit instead of a short hemline.


For anyone who is 30, man or woman, the time for the torn-up jeans is over. Ripped jeans worn on a 20-something can make them look like a rebel. Ripped jeans worn on a 30-something person can make them looks homeless. Clothing should generally be in good condition and a more coordinated, sophisticated look is generally called for. The jeans should be more classic and less trendy. Instead of wearing the latest fad jeans, invest in a few jeans that have a more classic style.

Getting a few pairs of khaki pants will mean that you always have a nice, casual pair of pants when you need them. If you like to wear skirts, have a few pairs that are pencil-skirt style because of their classic shape. A maxi skirt looks good on some people, but it may be considered too trendy for 30-somethings.


The message t-shirts and casual, old vintage t-shirts are no longer appropriate for those in their 30s. Like ripped pants, they have a much different statement when worn by someone in their 20s than by someone in their 30s. A vintage t-shirt on a college student looks like an ironic statement about their own unique style. On a 30-something person, it looks like an ancient t-shirt that you’ve kept around in your wardrobe for far too long. T-shirts are great for any age group, but they should be in good condition and not too trendy in your 30s. They should fit together with your other classic pieces in order to form a more cohesive wardrobe.

While most trendy clothing may be a little too youthful for those in their 30s, the key to a great outfit at this age is wearing great accessories. The accessories you wear can generally be as trendy as you like in order to make your classic wardrobe look more individualized and stylish. Many 30-somethings like to express themselves through their sunglasses and their jewelry. Handbags are another big style point for women in their