How to Dress Like a Stoner

StonerStoner’s are a laid back bunch and dressing like one should be approached in the same manner. While it is not mandatory that a stoner dresses in a laid back fashion it certainly is common. With that fact known, dressing like a stoner is one of the easiest looks to pull off. The fact is that most stoners either have no cares in the world or at least they act as if they have no cares.

Remember these rules are not hard and fast but for the most part, if you want to look the part of a stoner here is what you do:

•    Shirts: When it comes to shirts you need to consider a couple of layers. First you will want to go with an undershirt. This can vary in color and really any color will do. Many stoners choose to go with a classic white t-shirt and still others go for the gusto and wear a tie-die t-shirt. Whatever t-shirt you choose to go with never tuck it in and top it off with a long sleeved flannel shirt. To pull off the look, be sure that you do not button any of the buttons on the flannel but rather let it just hang open. Don’t forget that you want to go for the look that says you really don’t care what you look like because your life is care-free.

•    Pants: Stoners are typically wearing baggy pants. Shorts every once in a while, but for the most part, pants. You can pull off the stoner look with jeans or with cargos, but the looser the better. If your pants happen to have holes wore in the knees or anywhere else on them, well this just adds to the authenticity of the look.

•    Shoes: Obviously if you are attempting to dress like a stoner then you will be leaving the wing-tips at home. Here is where you will want to go with a really cozy and worn out looking pair of sneakers. The color really doesn’t matter and you don’t even have to tie the laces if you don’t want to. If that sounds like too much then you can also just wear a pair of flip flops.

•    Hair: Once again you want to come off saying that you don’t have a care in the world. That is hard to do if you have a prim and proper hair cut. To pull off the stoner look, simply wash your hair and sort of mess it up after towel drying and then let it air dry.

•    Accessories: Very, very low key here. Go with beaded necklaces and simple looking bracelets if you go with anything. Women can carry hemp purses and the look will be all but complete. Also for the women, if you do decide to put make-up on go very light with it and stay away from big bold colors.

Now just practice say ‘whoa’ and ‘dude’ with every other sentence you utter and your look as a stoner will be perfect.

16 thoughts on “How to Dress Like a Stoner

  1. jessica

    omg! my cousin dresses like this and looks just like that kid! does that mean he’s smoking pot?? should i be concerned?? is he just tryin to be cool and fit in?

  2. bree

    No, it doesn’t mean he’s smoking pot. Also, I doubt anyone knows for sure if that boy is a stoner. Don’t be a hysterical, presumptuous idiot.

  3. David

    This is just stupid, who ever wrote this has never been nor do they know anything about stoners… untied shoes, a flannel shirt? you have to be kidding me. You just attempted to describe some 90’s stereotype and still failed.

  4. Jizzbo Mcweedstock

    Okay retardo’s, smoking weed isnt bad. And why is there something up about “how to dress like a stoner”? If your a true stoner you wouldnt give a sh*t..
    Some stoners like polos others like wife beaters it doesnt matter just make sure to blaze it up, dammit! Smoke a bowl, burn the mary, f..HOLY CRAL THERES A SPIDER IN MY CARPET. sorry kinda freaked out. Wtf why am i typing out all my done..goodbye interwebs

  5. Mackenzie

    Holy fuck pot is nothing to be concerned about. If you’re so “concerned” about weed, why’d you even read this? damn man
    haha I’m started to stop caring about the way I look.

  6. Cameron

    Dude I go with cargo shorts usually kahki and a bob marley shirt with my baggy beanie but ya know it’s whatevs I like my beaded bracelet lots of em and necklace flip flops or vans usually besides bob marley just band shirts like grateful dead, deadmau5, sublime etc. But ya I don’t really think stoners have a style cause let’s face it every culture has potheads ^_^

  7. Cosmic420

    I smoke weed and I love it, but I don’t particularly dress like this. I usually wear jeans, a black shirt or my t-Rex galaxy tank top, and Nike shoes. Sometimes I wear a hoodie or a jacket depending on the weather. That’s just been my style since before I even started smoking. I don’t really think there’s a “stoner look”. I think people go about it differently.

  8. Cosmic420

    And CM Punk that’s stereotypical because I smoke weed and work harder than most people I know. I’m only 18 and I have a good job, I’m out of school, and I’m about to move out into my own place. Not all stoners are slackers.

  9. Kewrock

    LoL!. Stoner garb of the 80’s. Open flannel over a rock concert tee. A faded Levi’s jacket. Or, if your parents had a few extra bucks, a black leather jacket. Fury collared bomber or zippered biker only. Flannels are for lesbians now.

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