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Anna Kornikova

How to Dress Like Anna Kournikova

Anna Kornikova

Anna Kournikova is famous all over the globe for many reasons. Her rocking tennis body is the envy of many women, and the fantasies of many men; her signature cascading blonde locks make her stand out in a crowd; and her high profile relationship with Enrique Iglesias all work to thrust her into the spotlight. You may love her, you may hate her, but Anna Kournikova has style and finesse that is uniquely hers. You can copy this Russian beauty’s look by following the steps below.

Let’s start with the hair. If you don’t already have a shining blonde mane, then you will need to find a wig, or get hair extensions for a more realistic effect. Extensions will be the very expensive option, since you will need to first buy the hair, and then find a salon that will put them in for you. Be sure to keep your hair well conditioned to maintain the shine. Anna usually wears her hair up in a ponytail during the day. For nighttime, she lets it fall down her back in long, loose waves.

Anna has a distinct sun-kissed glow. Get this same look the healthy way by applying self tanner. Be sure to exfoliate your skin first to remove the dead skin cells, otherwise you may end up with dark patches and an uneven skin tone.

Anna has a phenomenally fit body due to years on the tennis courts. Because of this, she can wear very little clothing and still look fantastic. Whether you opt for an all white tennis outfit, skimpy bikini, or little black dress for the evening, keep your accessories at a minimum. Anna doesn’t wear much jewelry, and her look is understated and sexy as a result.

When it comes to clothes, find a cute tennis skirt with a matching racer back tank. Anna tends to wear sporty outfits on and off the court, so don’t limit your outfit to only the gym. Be sure that everything you buy is form fitting. When looking for a bikini, buy the skimpiest one in the store. Anna has a hot beach body and likes to show it off. When it comes to a night on the town, Anna’s pick is a little black dress. Pick out a short one that shows a healthy amount of your legs, and pair them with some short heels. Anna is rarely seen in stilettos.

Get a simple but classy bag. Anna doesn’t overdo it on the accessories, but can always be seen with a practical yet sophisticated purse. She has been spotted carrying the Louis Vuitton Multicolor 30 Speedy to various tennis matches. This is a very informal bag that doesn’t stand out too much and will go with anything.

As far as makeup goes, Anna favors the natural look. By day she usually wears some smudged black liner, mascara, and light gloss. At night she opts to vamp it up by adding some bold red lipstick. Less is more when making up your face like Anna.

From hitting the gym to religiously using self-tanner, it takes a bit more effort to pull off the Anna Kournikova look. But by following these steps, you’re sure to stop traffic like she does.

Nick Jonas

How to Dress Like Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers Band that features the three brothers singing all kinds of poppy music on the Disney Channel and beyond. The group’s fame has lead them all the way to their own television show on the Disney Channel called JONAS. Among teenagers there is probably no other male artist today that has the popularity that Nick Jonas does with the younger ladies. Add that to the fact that he has dated –or at least was rumored to have dated- Miley Cyrus (Niley) and it is no wonder why so many teenage boys now want to dress like him.

Jonas has a classic cool look about him and seems to resemble some of the rockers of yesteryear but he always puts his own flair on the style as well. Here are some ways that you can go about dressing like Nick Jonas:

•    Skinny jeans: Like many teenagers these days, Jonas like to go with skinny jeans. If you are not a fan of skinny jeans you will need to go with a tight pair of jeans otherwise the look is instantly lost. Stick with darker colors when selecting your skinny jeans as that is what Jonas is usually wearing.
•    Shirts and tops: Jonas likes to layer his shirts and tops and will usually wear an undershirt followed by a t-shirt and then top it all off with a light jacket. The jacket should be vintage and lightweight and you should leave it unbuttoned to get the full effect. If the jacket has a collar, be sure to go classic Jonas style and ‘pop’ up the collar. You can also go with another one of Jonas’ favorite styles and wear a muscle shirt that is sleeveless and looks like it came out of the seventies. When Jonas does this style shirt he usually has an odd pattern like horizontal stripes and he never wears what are known as ‘wife beaters.’
•    Shoes: This is the easiest part of Jonas’ ensemble to nail. All you need is a pair of Converse high tops that are a lighter color and you will nail the Nick Jonas shoe look. Jonas wears his Converse with just about every outfit he has.
•    Accessories: Jonas likes to accessorize and does so in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes Jonas will sport his now tell-tail scarf that he sometimes let hang and other times wraps around his neck. Other times Jonas likes to wear a button down shirt and top it off with a loosely tied neck tie. His neck ties will range from a traditional color like red or navy blue on one night and then a wild and whacky color like lime green on another, it really just depends on the outfit he is wearing. He also has a number of necklaces he likes to wear from time to time. So the point is to go with something to decorate your neckline and you can’t miss.

No just practice his famous jump that he does on stage and maybe get some voice lessons and you too will be driving the girls crazy.

Tiger Woods

How to Dress Like Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

In the world of golf there is no name that is more recognizable than that of Tiger Woods. He seems to win every time he plays and when Woods is playing in a tournament the rest of the field is usually competing for second place. Woods is also a smashing success in the business world and brings in millions of dollars every year in endorsements alone. So successful is woods that men everywhere are using the golf clubs he uses, using the golf balls he uses, and of course dressing like him too.

Tiger is not that hard to mimic when it comes to the way he dresses. When you think about looking like Woods you really only have to think about two things; red and black. You too can look like Tiger Woods by following these simple procedures:

•    Shirts: Unless it is cold outside you will always find Woods wearing a short sleeved shirt. Believe it or not they are not always collared either. Woods has made famous a type of ‘collarless’ golf shirt that is made of a special climate controlled material and what was once a no, no on the golf course is now widely accepted. When you choose your shirts, always go for red and black as this is what woods wears about 85 percent of the time. To really nail Woods, be sure that your shirts are Nike brand as that is Woods’ biggest sponsor and therefore that is all he sports.
•    Pants: If Woods ever wears shorts, he certainly doesn’t do so on the golf course. He can always be found wearing a dark colored pair of trousers that are usually pleated and cuffed. He tops those off with a nice black belt and that is all there is to the underside of Tiger Woods.
•    Hat: Woods is often seen on and off the golf course wearing one of his two trademark hats. He is either wearing his Nike ‘Swoosh’ hat or his Tiger Woods hat that is distinguished with the TW on the front. His TW hat is almost always black and his Nike hat is usually either black or red.
•    Accessories: For all the money the guy has made, he is simply not a flashy guy. Off the golf course he wears a pretty nice watch, but that is it as far as jewelry goes. On the golf course the only accessories you will find Woods dawning is his customary white glove on his left hand and maybe a sweater vest from time to time.
•    Hair: Tigers hair is always short and trim. The only variation Woods allows himself is an occasional gote. If you want to complete the Tiger look you will have to get your hair cut short and keep it very prim and proper.

All that is left is for you to practice your golf every day for about 12 hours per day and after 20 years or so your golf game may match Tiger’s, but probably not. Oh well, at least you can look like the superstar.


How to Dress like Barbie


Barbie has been a fashion icon longer than almost any living model or fashionista. Yet, she never gets old. If only we could all be so lucky. With her endless style, devoted Ken, perfect proportions, and ageless beauty, it’s no wonder that young girls have wanted to dress like Barbie for more than fifty years.

Barbie brings something entirely new to the concept of unrealistic beauty. We all know that celebrities and actresses on the red carpet have a whole team of experts working on them to make them beautiful. They spend hours in the spa and weeks pouring over outfit possibilities with stylists and consultants. Needless to say, an appearance on the red carpet is the beautiful result of countless hours, dollars, and hardworking people.

Barbie on the other hand is a whole new brand of unrealistic beauty in that, well, she’s plastic. But that hasn’t stopped young girls from striving to look and dress just like her. The great thing about Barbie is that we get to see her even when she’s not wearing a ball gown. We get to see Barbie when she’s bumming on the beach, treating animals, roaming through the safari, making ice cream, and working at the hospital, just to name a few.

With that said, it’s pretty easy to dress like Barbie. Almost anything you put on could technically be classified and Barbie-wear. To date, there are few things that Barbie hasn’t done and few outfits that Barbie hasn’t worn. Barbie is the ultimate fashion icon because she looks great no matter what she wears. To dress like Barbie, keep these things in mind.

•    Barbie even turns the basic t-shirt into something special. In fact, Barbie can be seen wearing a fabulous t-shirt almost as often as she can be seen wearing an evening gown or a pair of high heels. With that, any Barbie inspired wardrobe simply must include a multitude of t-shirts in many different colors that can be mixed and matched at will. Make sure the T-shirts are fitted and show off your assets.
•    Keep on hand a multitude of skirts and dresses of differing styles and lengths. Barbie always has the perfect look for everything. She is also not afraid of style and will wear anything.
•    Make sure to choose tailored pants. Barbie always shows off her great legs by wearing pants that accentuate and hug them.
•    Short shorts and crop tops must definitely be in your wardrobe as Barbie loves to bare a little skin, I mean plastic.
•    High heels are an absolute must. Barbie wears heels with practically everything, so get lots of shoes in lots of colors.
•    Remember to accessorize. Necklaces, belts, purses, hats and scarves all help to pull together a Barbie-like outfit.

To complete your Barbie look, grow your hair very long. Keep your hair in good condition so it always looks shiny and touchable. You must also stay in shape. While it’s easy for Barbie because of her plastic-ness, for people it is important to work hard to maintain that hourglass look. If not the sands will quickly shift and your shape will not be the same.

Start investing your Barbie wardrobe today and be ready for whatever comes your way.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

How to Dress Like Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal has been doing movies since 1992 and has parlayed her talent all the way to becoming the girlfriend of Batman in the latest movie of the Batman saga, The Dark Knight. Gyllenhaal has described her own style of fashion as quirky and eclectic, but her sense of style is one that can easily be transcended for just about any woman who wants to give it a shot.

Here are some surefire tips to get you on the path of looking like Maggie Gyllenhaal:

•    Black dresses: Gyllenhaal seems to be a big fan of black so when you think about buying dresses to emulate her style think black. The dresses themselves can range from short sun dress style to longer and fuller dresses. Gyllenhaal has been seen in black dresses that have long sleeves, but see seems to like to show what she’s got and often wears dresses that expose her shoulders and just a bit of her cleavage. When you choose your black dresses, make sure you go with form fitting, but stay away from ultra tight.

•    Formal: When appearing at red carpet event, Gyllenhaal is usually seen in a darker colored strapless gown. If there are any straps it may be only one that sweeps over one shoulder. Choose gowns that show lots of skin in the back as Gyllenhaal often likes to give just a little tease out to all her fans.

•    Shoes: Gyllenhaal has been seen in several different pairs of shoes and is not really particular to one or the other. With her dresses she likes to wear black heels that are not too high but do have some lift to them. You can use those or also get away with a tasteful pair of sandals. Go high heels when you go formal. You of course want to go with black here no matter what style shoe you choose to go with.

•    Accessories:
Gyllenhaal is not really that big on accessories unless she is at a red carpet event. When she goes to a red carpet event she goes all out. If you are being casual then simple earrings and necklaces do the trick, but if you are planning to go more formal, then you want to go with big hanging earrings and gaudy necklaces as well.

•    Hair and make-up: Gyllenhaal usually has an in-between hair cut, meaning it is not too long and not too short. Style your hair with a part to the side and use some type of hair product to give it some body. You can also add loose curls as she often does. When you apply your make-up be sure that you bring out your cheekbones. Gyllenhaal has great cheekbones and she uses make-up to highlight this fact. She also typically goes on the heavy side of lipstick to bring out her lips so you should choose a color, like dark red to bring out yours.

While you may never date Batman, you can achieve the look of Maggie Gyllenhaal with very little ease and preparation.

Dakota Fanning

How to Dress Like Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is coming of age with style and grace, and she has a wardrobe that reflects her age and her elegant sense of style. She dresses in age-appropriate clothing that is both fun and traditional.


To events, parties and dressy occasions, Dakota Fanning has made a name for herself with her elegant dresses and her impeccable style. Her dresses are often brightly colored, adding some fun to her look. She likes bright yellow, red, black and white, green and plain black.

Dakota Fanning often wears dresses that are strapless. If you choose a Dakota Fanning dress, find a strapless dress that has a high neckline in order to get her age-appropriate look. Dakota Fanning never reveals too much, and she always keeps conservative lines on her dresses. The dress can be a few inches above the knee length or longer. She wears both shorter-than-knee-length dresses and long, ankle or floor-length hemlines.

Many of her dresses have a cute pattern on them such as a floral, leaf or scrolling pattern. The pattern should be in a contrasting color as the background of the dress in order to give it a fun look.

Look for dresses that have fun necklines and hems like scalloped or ruffled edges to give the dress a youthful look. Dresses that have a gathered area of fabric on one side to give the dress an asymmetrical look would be another good choice.


When Dakota Fanning wears jeans, she prefers the acid-washed look of the early 80s. These jeans have a dappled look with both light and medium blue color in them. Choose tapered-leg or skinny-cut jeans to get her casual look. She prefers to wear Seven jeans, but her style of jeans can be found in less pricey brands. Other brands that Dakota Fanning loves to wear are Juicy Couture pieces and True Religion jeans and shorts.


One of the hallmarks of the Dakota Fanning style is the delicate fabrics that she prefers. If you are looking for a dress like one of hers, look for silk with a satin sheen. If you want to wear a top or pants like hers, think silk and satin as well. She often wears silky shorts with matching shirts when she has an event that isn’t quite dressy enough for a formal gown.

Sometimes she wears a shiny satin top with a pair or tight-fitting black pants or leggings. To get this look, get a top that is either strapless or has spaghetti straps. Pair it with a plain pair of skinny black pants.

Like all of young Hollywood, Dakota Fanning loves to wear high heels. Because she is young, Dakota Fanning’s heels aren’t quite stiletto height. Choose a two or three inch heel to get her shoe height. The shoes should be strappy heels that have an ankle strap or a t-strap with an open toe. The shoes can be in any fun, bright color like purple or blue. If you are wearing a black dress, choose a shoe in a fun color to liven up the outfit.


How to Dress Like Shakira


Shakira is an international star whose eclectic style has captured the imagination of her legions of fans. Her style is a fun mixture of many different styles to create a cohesive, fascinating look.


The shirts that Shakira wears are generally the type that bare the abs. Shakira has incredibly toned abs and enjoy showing them off when she can. To get this look, choose a belly-baring shirt that is tight fitting and brightly colored to give it a fun, flirty look.

If you have a t-shirt that you want to incorporate into this look, she also wears torn t-shirts that are torn strategically to reveal the abs. This can be done by cutting the t-shirt crosswise to leave a few inches of the stomach in view. If the edges of the t-shirt get a little frayed, that is a part of some of Shakira’s looks.

Sometimes Shakira shies away from shirts all together and wears a bikini top instead. This look can be worn with a brightly-colored bikini top and a pair of low-rise jeans or light-colored pants.


Shakira wears many different types of pants, but they are generally very tight fitting. One of the things her style is known for is how tightly her pants fit. To get this look, wear pants that are one to two times smaller than you would normally wear.

Sometimes her pants are jeans, but often she wears leather pants. These can be pricy, so faux leather is an alternative that can help to keep the cost down.

Choose pants that are in bright colors or in warm neutrals. When she’s wearing a fun, colorful outfit, she wears pants in orange, yellow or white. When she’s wearing an outfit that is sultrier, she often chooses pants in beige, tan or other warm neutral colors.


Some of what makes Shakira’s outfits so memorable are the accessories that she wears with each of her outfits. The accessories have a Middle Eastern touch to reflect her Lebanese heritage. She likes to wear small Middle Eastern accessories like scarves, tassels and other pieces that represent that part of her life.

You can get these Middle Eastern touches by finding small pieces such as earrings and belts that have coins or small bells on them. These are fun accessories that add a bit of Shakira’s flair to any outfit. Look for lots of silver bracelets to complement the outfit. She enjoys wearing five or more bracelets to make her outfit her own. To get her look, wear plenty of silver rings as well. She often wears rings on every finger. Choose intricate rings that have plenty of detail. Bracelets that are attached to rings are another part of her look.


Shakira loves to wear fashionable boots with her outfit. She often pairs a pair of tight leather pants with a pair of tall leather boots. Look for black boots that reach to mid-calf. If the boots have plenty of zippers or snaps on them, this is the perfect Shakira look.

Cameron Diaz

How to Dress Like Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has a fun, causal style that always looks well put together without looking too fussy. She is the master pairing a few chic casual pieces together and making a complete look that flatters her tall, thin frame. To get Cameron Diaz’s look, there are a few simple pieces you’ll need.


Cameron Diaz knows that the top she wears should not be too tight and should look nice without looking formal. She opts for baggy shirts or shirts that are a size too large for her slender figure. She likes to wear light-colored tops, many of which are white. When she wears t-shirts, she keeps them interesting by choosing ones with a scooped neck or a v-neck. Sometimes she pairs a small, thin jacket over her t-shirt to complete the look.

Her dressy tops are often strapless or with tiny cap sleeves. She loves to wear dressy white tops when she’s going to an event, and she pairs those with a straight skirt.


Because she is so tall and thin, the skinny jeans trend was made for Cameron Diaz. Her jeans are always tight and usually are in a deep blue color. She keeps her jeans in good conditions, staying away from the torn jeans trends that younger actresses sometimes favor. To copy the look of her jeans, find a medium or dark-wash pair of jeans that are tightly fitted. They should be slim-fit jeans if possible and they should reach below the ankle.


Part of Cameron Diaz’s casual look is her many, many pairs of sandals and flats. She loves flats in bright colors and pastels. Sometimes she wears sandals in metallic colors, such as copper. She is often pictured in flats or low-heeled pumps in colors like bright yellow or pink. She prefers to wear simple shoe designs that work perfectly with her casual look. There are no fussy bows or other details for Cameron’s shoes. Her bright, causal shoe choices give her outfit some color, but they don’t draw too much attention away from the other items she’s wearing.


Cameron Diaz always seems to be wearing beautiful, intricate jewelry. She usually wears a medium-length necklace and is often photographed with short, dangly earrings. Occasionally she will wear metallic hoop earrings instead of the dangly style. She prefers gold jewelry to other tones. Her necklaces are often thick and may have several pendants on them. This chic, breezy necklace style fits well with her jeans and t-shirts and creates a unique and individualized look for Cameron.


Like many actresses, she loves large sunglasses and even larger handbags. She is often seen in cream-colored and pastel handbags that are worn over the shoulder. Occasionally she will carry a metallic clutch bag. For formal occasions, she is usually seen holding a tiny bag in one hand and has minimal jewelry. When out for a day of shopping, she opts for large, dark sunglasses that have thick frames and she carries a huge handbag to hold her shopping finds.

Scarlett Johansson

How To Dress Like Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a popular American actress who is much followed in the press. She has been acting since the age of 10 and has received multiple award nominations for her work. This beautiful blond actress is married to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. She also has a music career in addition to the award-winning acting career she enjoys. She is also active politically and with charities. She is from a very culturally diverse family that has show business in the blood. She is also fiercely private about certain aspects of her life.

Scarlett Johansson is a very beautiful woman with an hourglass figure. Many of her fashion choices are made in consequence of her figure. She doesn’t necessarily try to camouflage it, but she wants to show it to its best possible light. She tends to gravitate towards vintage clothing that was made for exactly this body type. She also has a tendency to choose tops that are low cut or have interesting details in the front. For everyday wear, Scarlett gravitates toward short dresses that show off her assets.

When it comes to red carpet wear, it is very important to make an entrance. Scarlett always chooses a striking dress that oozes with sensuality. Her long flowing gowns are typically off the shoulder and accentuate her curves. Heavier, more dramatic makeup than usual and coiffed hair create a flawless look for her that has the classic look of years gone by.

In regards to accessories, Scarlet likes big jewelry and is often spotted wearing huge necklaces. She also likes earrings that dangle. However, small delicate earrings are the norm according to Scarlett’s fashion sense. Her taste in shoes is definitely high heels, with shoes that have the toes peeking out being one of her favorites. In fact, even the boots she wears are high-heeled. She also loves big dark glasses and fun purses.

If you want to dress like Scarlett Johansson, be prepared to wear a variety of feminine, figure-hugging dresses and other items to look your best. She is all about a very sexy look. If you are striving to mimic her look, you may also want to invest in some figure accentuating undergarments like push-up bras and underwear that slim, in order to create the best lines under these sexy outfits. In addition, you will need to buy skinny pants and get a variety of tops that show your décolletage. Be sure to get a selection of heels, some dark glasses and some fun costume jewelry.

To make your Scarlett Johansson look complete, opt for simple makeup with lip gloss instead of lipstick. Try a variety of looks with your hair. Scarlett wears it both up and down. Keep your hair in tip top condition and have it dyed regularly if it needs it. Work with any natural curl on occasion for a sexy wind blown look.

Start dressing like Scarlett Johansson today and before you know it, you’ll be the center of attention.

Katie Holmes

How to Dress Like Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes likes to dress comfortably and stylishly with a few key pieces that seem to go with everything. Like many people who dress in classic shapes, she chooses mainly neutral colors and items that never go out of style.


One of the main pieces that Katie Holmes is known for are her many pairs of leggings. She was one of the starters of this trend over the past few years, wearing leggings instead of pants and pairing them with long shirts and long, colorful sweaters. This 80s throwback can be worn in black or navy blue just as Katie Holmes wears. If you want this look, wear your leggings so that hey fit tightly, and pair them with a pair of matching flats.


Katie Holmes often wears jeans when she is out with her daughter, shopping and taking her daughter out to play. The jeans she chooses are usually of the skinny fit that is so popular right now with most of Hollywood but Katie occasionally also wears baggy jeans.


Katie Holmes wears a lot of t-shirt, both with her leggings and with her jeans. She favors t-shirt of all types, but she seems partial to white t-shirts. This gives her a retro look that is always in style.

To choose a t-shirt to go with a Katie Holmes look, find one that is understated in style. She often wears plain, one-color t-shirts that have no printing on them. When she wears a t-shirt that has a printed design on it, the design is usually small and not attention getting.

Skirts and Vests

Katie Holmes also wears a lot of skirts. She prefers to pair long tops with her skits or tops that are loose or layered. She is not into the form-fitting skirt look that many stars like to incorporate into their looks. When she has a meeting or a dressy daytime function to go to, she often wears a pencil skirt with a plain, loose top. One typical look for her is a white top with a scooped neckline and a straight black skirt that goes to about knee length.

Often Katie Holmes wears dressy slacks instead of a skirt when she has somewhere to go. Unlike her skirts, her pants are always skinny cut and fit her tightly.  One signature look for Katie Holmes is wearing a vest with a light-colored shirt and a dark skirt. To get this look, wear a vest that is patterned and coordinates with your skirt, and choose a simple skirt that won’t take attention away from the vest.


Katie Holmes really shines when it comes to her eveningwear. She loves to wear extravagant, show-stopping gowns to premiers and awards events. She has access to gowns from all the top designers and takes advantage of those connections. She wears a lot of Versace and Gucci dresses to events, but the Katie Holmes look can be had by wearing a strapless gown in a deep color. The dress should have plenty of details such as folds, layers and perhaps an asymmetrical hemline. This will give you the Katie Holmes look without paying for the top designs.

Daisy Lowe

How To Dress Like Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe is a British model who is barely 20 years old. The brunette beauty started modeling at age 2. She is the daughter of musician Gavin Rossdale, who is presently married to Gwen Stefani, and Pearl Lowe, a one-time singer/songwriter who became a fashion and textile designer. She is currently dating a rock band member. She has become the face of multiple designer’s lines in recent years. One of the popular British “It” girls, Daisy Lowe has a much more girl next door look and her personal style is much more mainstream than some of her counterparts.

Daisy Lowe has a very young style when it comes to fashion. However, it is very reminiscent of 1980’s styles. She wears oversized T-shirts with colorful prints, paired with a blazer and shiny leggings. She wears a lot of black. The white T-shirt with the colorful prints are what brings the only bit of color to the look. It is a very easy to duplicate style and can easily appeal to the masses.

She is a big fan of short dresses. Daisy Lowe tends to lean towards black and white prints and geometric prints in multiple colors. She favors strapless dresses and has opted for some pretty terrible looks. She also likes to choose brilliantly colored short dresses that capture attention. Her short dresses are fun and great for going out.

Daisy loves accessories like oversized glasses and oversized bags. High heels are one of her favorites. She also likes high heel boots. Daisy Lowe still looks like a little girl from time to time, but her reputation and some of her pictures establish that she is truly not a little girl anymore. She tends to choose rather risqué ensembles and is actually known as being a bad girl. Daisy’s personal style is not heavily accessorized like many of her contemporaries. A simple unadorned look is just perfect for so many girls, especially at that age.

If you want to dress like Daisy Lowe, it is actually pretty easy. You will need to invest in some skinny jeans and dark blazers. Order a variety of white T-shirts and have them custom-printed with any colorful image you like. You can put an actual picture on the front or something you designed yourself or you can choose a design to have permanently attached to the shirt. This look paired with flat shoes makes a typical look from the 80’s that is popular with Daisy Lowe.

For special events you will need to get into a black form fitting gown or a very short dress. If you choose the short dress, pairing it with black tights will take it from trashy to acceptable easily.

To complete your Daisy Lowe experience means going for the whole look. Heavy bangs in her hair are Daisy’s signature look. She also has a fondness of dark, blackberry colored lipstick. With dark rimmed eyes, the look is pure sex. Get your Daisy Lowe fashions today and create her look in no time.

How to Dress Like Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a model turned TV personality who is a familiar figure in fashion. She is often on best dressed lists and is frequently in the front row of fashion shows when she is not onstage. She is an advocate for multiple charities and has even designed jewelry for a Fair Trade organization. Many of the pieces she designed are often seen with the outfits she wears.

Alexa’s style is often referred to as London street chic. She always looks trendy and well put together, but of course would look good in practically anything. Alexa often has a tousled, messy hairdo going on, but her outfits get all the attention. She has a knack for putting together things that look simply great. One of her signature looks is definitely the T-shirt dress, layered with a cardigan and black tights, boot shoes and a big bag to round it out.

Alexa definitely likes to try a variety of different things and can be seen sporting many varied looks. Sleeveless shirts, tank tops and tops with spaghetti straps are common features of Alexa Chung’s style. She often pairs these with sexy, tight jeans for a fresh, young look. While she will occasionally be seen in more lively colors, most of her wardrobe is made up of tones of black, gray, brown and blue.

Dressing up means mini skirts and dresses for Alexa. Short hemlines show off her great model’s legs. For a little warmth and to pull an outfit together she is often seen in black tights. She also favors layering such looks with cardigans, see-through tops and light jackets. For extra special occasion she often opts for short, strapless billowy dresses that are reminiscent of the prom seasons of the 1980s. Yet for Alexa, the look works.

Alexa Chung is not as obsessed with big bags as many other style mavens. While she does occasionally go for the big bag, she is also often seen with smaller bags and even clutches. Her taste in accessories tends to lean towards wide belts and long necklaces with large pendants. When it comes to shoes, Alexa gravitates towards shoe boots. If you are trying to emulate her look keep the jewelry toned down. More of her style comes from the clothing she wears.

Alexa Chung’s style is sometimes very casual. She can often be seen in T-shirts and jeans. Many of the T-shirts in her wardrobe are simple white tees with a fun design printed on them. If you are looking to emulate the exciting Alexa Chung style, a great place to start is with some skinny jeans and some fun, printed T-shirts. You can have a custom-printed T-shirt made easily by simply choosing the color you want and the design you would like on it. Practically anything you want can adorn a tee. Copy a fun style like Alexa’s, or create something completely unique to you.

Get started today by investing in the basics of an Alexa Chung wardrobe and before you know it, people will be mistaking you for her.

Rachel McAdams

How to Dress Like Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is well-known for her old-style glamour and her elegant Hollywood look. She brings on the glamour with a host of classic gowns that all complement her figure and her style.


The many gowns in Rachel McAdams’ wardrobe make her stand out every time she dresses up. Many of her gowns are couture, one-of-a-kind dresses. Most people don’t have access to designer originals, but there are traits of her gowns that can be found in other dresses.

One of the most important factors in choosing a Rachel McAdams gown is to look for one that has a high-quality fabric. Look for thick, natural fabrics that hang well and look expensive. She chooses gowns that shine and are deep in color. Choose a smooth silk in place of polyester or chiffon.

When you choose a dress for a Rachel McAdams look, choose your colors carefully. She rarely wears pale colors and instead looks for vibrant color with some contrast in her outfit. Look for dresses that have deep colors like burgundy, deep purple, white or black. If the dress has two of these colors, allowing the dress some bright contrast, the dress will be a good representation of Rachel McAdams’ gowns.

Make sure the dress you choose has simple lines and isn’t too fussy with the adornments. Stay away from bows, ruffles or anything that ruins the clean lines of the dress. You can choose dresses that have some lace on them as long as it is incorporated into the dress and not hanging loosely. Make sure that the dress fits well without being too snug, and think of classic Hollywood style when you choose a hemline. Rachel wears a lot of ankle-length dresses that evoke old Hollywood glamour.

When you’re going for a Rachel McAdams look, keep it feminine form head to toe. The clothes should be old-fashioned in style instead of having newer, trendier lines. Look for dresses that have long bodices and that flow well.


Rachel also wears pants to some events as well as when she’s out with friends. Her look in pants is to choose straight-leg pants that fit impeccably and that aren’t too short. Many of her pants are low-rise pants that are worn with a top that just skis the top of the pants. Stay away from cropped pants or pants that fall over the shoes in order to get her look. Choose a neutral color like black or tan and pair the pants with a simple, elegant shirt made from a natural fabric. This will allow the shirt to flow well.


The shoes that Rachel chooses are generally high heels, even when she’s wearing casual pants. She wears Christian Louboutin heels to many events and photo sessions. She prefers shoes that have thin heels, an ankle strap and an open toe. Look for strappy heels in either black or a bright, fun color. For a retro, Rachel McAdams look, choose shoes that have two contrasting colors such as black and white or pink and red.

Pete Wentz

How to Dress Like Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz has a sought-after, indie style that many people in the music business try to emulate. When you see a musician wearing the latest trends in indie and scene fashion, Pete Wentz usually did it first. When you want to dress like Pete Wentz, think black. The basis of his entire wardrobe is black pieces and other pieces that are heavily accented with black.

Jeans and Pants

To get the Pete Wentz look, start with the jeans. He has many, many pairs of black jeans. Some are a lighter shade of black than others, allowing him to wear a deep pair of black jeans with dressier shirts and a more added pair of black jeans with a more casual shirt. The jeans are usually very tight fitting and have a tapered led. Many of his jeans have a low rise, but he also wears jeans that sit at the natural waist. To get his look, try a pair of jeans with a low rise that fit tightly all the way down to the ankles.

Other than black jeans, Pete Wentz also wears plain black pants. These pants fit tightly and are tapered, just like the jeans, And like the jeans, the top of the pants usually have a low rise. These modern-style pants can be dressed up or down, like the jeans. Occasionally he pairs a jacket with the black pants in order to dress them up for an event. This allows him to dress up without wearing a more traditional outfit such as a suit.


Pete Wentz wears a lot of t-shirts, usually long sleeved. The shirts are usually black, like most of his wardrobe. Sometimes he wears printed t-shirts in more than one color, but they usually incorporate some black in them. The t-shirt should fit tightly like the pants.

Some of Pete Wentz’s t-shirts are vintage or vintage-style t-shirts that have a printed location on them. These can be found at thrift stores on in vintage clothing shops. A t-shirt that advertises a small, local restaurant that no one has heard of or that is long gone is a perfect Pete Wentz look. Sometimes Pete Wentz will wear a dark vest over his t-shirts for a retro look that sets him apart.

Pete Wentz is also a big fan of hoodies. A black, long-sleeved hoodie is a must if you want to dress like Pete Wentz. Put on the hoodie over the t-shirt, leaving the top of the hoodie undone to show off the t-shirt underneath it. When you wear the hoodie, keep the hood over your head to get the same look as Pete Wentz.


A big part of the indie look is the shoes. Pete Wentz wears many different styles of old-style skater shoes that have plenty of wear. Look for Converse or Van’s shoes that are either black, another dark color or that have a pattern on them. Black and white checkered shoes are a perfect way to complete your Pete Wentz look.

Megan Fox

How to Dress Like Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Film and television star Megan Fox has quickly risen to the status of fashion maven, especially since her leading role in the “Transformers” movies. This beautiful actress first started out as a teenage model, successfully modeling until breaking into acting in the early 2000’s. Her chiseled, slim figure looks amazing in today’s hottest looks, which is why numerous magazines have declared her to be one of the sexiest women in the world.

Fitted dresses. Megan Fox often appears in dresses, and the designs tend to be very similar. She prefers form-fitting styles that accentuate her chest and her toned body, and with lengths that are usually at or above the knee. Her dresses are usually strapless or spaghetti straps. They often have a very structured look due to underwire bras and seams, and the overall effect is always one of sexy strength. To pull off Megan’s style, it’s absolutely essential to be in shape and have a well-defined body. If you’re not quite there yet, get ready to hit the gym for lots of weights and toning exercises.

Bright colors. Although she leans toward neutrals, Megan Fox still likes to experiment with bright pops of color in her wardrobe. Her dark brown hair and clear skin are the perfect backdrop for sizzling colors such as bright pink, orange, deep purple and turquoise.

Shiny fabrics. Megan Fox can often be found wearing lustrous fabrics in her dresses and tops. The extra shine plays off her long tresses for a truly beautiful effect. If you choose to wear a shiny fabric, be sure to wear minimal jewelry so as to not detract from the overall look.

High heels. On the red carpet, Megan Fox goes for the jugular in old-fashioned high heels. She’s been known to wear very traditional styles such as peep-toed black leather Jimmy Choos, Courtney Crawford black patent slingbacks and Christian Louboutin Alti pumps, but she’s not afraid to walk on the wild side of footwear either. Check out Megan’s leopard print stilettos from Yves Saint Laurent, or the cagey Brian Atwood Lola snakeskin heels she’s recently sported.

Casual comfort. When out to run errands or shop, Megan prefers jeans and t-shirts with a youthful vibe. She often wears skinny jeans in both regular and distressed finishes from designers such as Current Elliott, Diesel, True Religion and Siwy. If you want to try out the hot skinny jean look, go for a basic black pair that you can wear as a jean or under tunics in place of tights, such as the Siwy Hannah style. Or check out AG Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Cigarette Leg Jeans, a white jean style with great versatility. The lean look balances out longer tops, and flat shoes won’t get lost underneath its narrow leg openings.

Sophisticated accessories. Megan Fox never overdoes the accessories. She prefers minimal jewelry, and will sometimes slip on a sassy hat when shopping outdoors. Like many Hollywood starlets, Megan enjoys sporting the latest designer handbag around town.

Amy Winehouse

How to Dress Like Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has a unique style that takes retro elements and chic casual pieces and turns them into a signature style that is all her own. If you want to dress like Amy Winehouse, get into the spirit by teasing your hair upward into a bouffant hairdo and paint on some cat-eye eyeliner. Then, look for pieces that fit into the casual 50’s rocker look that Amy Winehouse has made famous.


Most of the time, Amy Winehouse wears sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops that show off her slender frame. While she favors black, ribbed shirts, she also wears a white tank top regularly. Often, her tank top is short, revealing some of her midriff. Sometimes she ties up one side of the shirt to make it shorter. This gives her an interesting, asymmetrical look that goes well with her retro style.
When Amy Winehouse wears shorts, she sometimes pairs a simple polo shirt with them. While black is her perennial favorite color for clothing, she also wears pastel colors, red and blue polo shirts for a simple casual look in warm weather.


Amy Winehouse is usually seen wearing skinny jeans. In her large collection of skinny jeans, she has colors all over the rainbow. She is seen in medium and dark blue jeans sometimes, but she also wears light blue and pastel jeans. She has also been seen in white jeans on occasion. When she’s performing, she often chooses to wear black jeans as part of her stage outfit.


In the warmer months, Amy Winehouse is a definite fan of short shorts. She loves to wear casual white and off-white shorts during the spring and summer, and she always makes them look unique and interesting by pairing them with offbeat shoes, tops and accessories. She will occasionally wear longer shorts, always pairing them with a small tank top to offset the long length of the shorts.


If you’ve ever seen a picture of Amy Winehouse out on the town, you’ve seen the ballerina flats. She practically lives in ballerina flats, wearing them for all occasions and with all outfits. Sometimes they look dirty, sometimes they look like they should be retired, but she sticks with them for their comfort and unique style. In the summer, she sometimes goes barefoot when it suits her.  Amy Winehouse rarely wears dressy shoes or ones with a high heel. When she does opt for high heels, they are retro-style heels with an open toe. She has worn black and white striped heels a few times.


No matter what she has on, Amy Winehouse usually wears a belt to tie the outfit together. She wears a belt with shorts, skirts and jeans of all types. Usually, her belts are metallic in color. She likes to wear long, silver or copper belts and to leave the unused length of the belt hanging down in the front. This gives her clothes a casual look that is accessorized nicely without ever looking too formal.

Jessica Alba

How to Dress Like Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Unlike many Hollywood celebs, Jessica Alba has perfected an ability to look fashionable while still being super-casual. She can pull off simple jeans and blouses stylishly by day, then morph into a glamorous starlet by night. Her style is rarely flashy, instead tending toward quiet sophistication and subtle colors.

Jessica Alba is a great example of how anyone can dress with class, regardless of your budget. Here are a few ideas to help you imitate her gorgeous yet laidback style.

Keep your body toned and fit with a regular exercise regimen. It is the foundation of great fashion! Jessica is known for having a great butt, an area of the body which you can enhance with lots of squats and lunges.

Active wear.
Jessica is frequently seen running around town in very casual clothing that complements her busy life as a wife and mom. Active pieces such as velour tracksuits and yoga pants help her stay comfortable and cute at the same time. Tracksuits designed by Juicy Couture are among her favorites, such as this Dog Crest Velour hoodie and pants set featuring a pink, silver and gold crest.

Jeans. Jessica is a fan of True Religion jeans, and has sported the label on and off the red carpet. She prefers a bootcut style with a dark wash, or with slight distressing at the thigh area. True Religion Sammy jeans and True Religion Joey jeans are both favorites.

Modest styles.
Rather than baring every inch of skin possible, Jessica Alba is known for leaving something to the imagination. Her gown choices often tend toward the long and elegant, with a minimal amount of reveal. She seems to understand that often less skin is more sexy than a lot! Instead, Jess goes for fitted styles that accentuate her lovely hourglass figure.

Hair. Long, beautiful waves are a signature Jessica Alba look. You can try this with a curling iron. Simply wrap three to four inches of the hair around the barrel of the iron, then gently separate with your fingers. Set with a light spritz of finishing spray, but not too much because the look should always be natural. Jessica also prefers subtle golden highlights, which are best achieved by a professional colorist.

Accessories. Jessica is often seen wearing different styles of hats and caps, which serve to shield her from both California rays and the glare of the paparazzi. For the same reasons, sunglasses are another of her most common accessories. She always has a great bag with her, such as the Botkier Stirrup bag or a Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag. Gucci and Coach also count her among their fans.

Jewelry. Jessica prefers simple jewelry, and never overdoes it by piling on too much. In public she is usually seen in small earrings and a long dangly necklace, or hoop earrings with a simple chain necklace.

Makeup. Like the rest of her style, Jessica’s makeup is kept subtle and natural. She accentuates her eyes with neutral browns, and adds a clear gloss to lips for daytime wear. On the red carpet, she will go for a deeper lip shade while keeping her other makeup natural.

Ryan Seacrest

How to Dress Like Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has a trend-setting casual look that has inspired countless people to try to achieve it. His look is sometimes a mixture of casual pieces and business casual items, though sometimes he puts together purely casual outfits that would be just as at home in a club or on a beach.


Ryan Seacrest wears a lot of jackets, both for his TV hosting duties and as a part of his personal look. He wears many dark jackets that coordinate well with the rest of his clothes. Many of his jackets are navy blue, black or dark gray. Most of the time his jackets are a solid color, but he also has some jackets with vertical stripes.

To get this look, pair a dark jacket with either a dressy button-up shirt that is the same color as the jacket, or pair it with a t-shirt with an elaborate pattern on it. If you choose a striped jacket, get one that has self-colored stripes.


Ryan Seacrest’s collection of t-shirts is impressive. He has long-sleeved t-shirts for every occasion, and he dresses them up or down by pairing them with either dressy pants or a pair of jeans. To find a t-shirt that Ryan Seacrest would wear, look for one that has a neutral background color such as beige, khaki, navy blue or black. The t-shirt should have long sleeves and it should have a pattern on it in a contrasting color.

Occasionally, he will wear a short-sleeved t-shirt that has a printed saying on the front. To get this look, find a t-shirt that has a wry saying about celebrities or culture. For a look that really evokes Ryan Seacrest, make the t-shirt comment on some aspect of American Idol.


As a jeans enthusiast, he has many different casual jeans looks. He often wears a medium blue wash jean, and his jeans often have a faded look. To get this look you can either choose an older pair of jeans that is plenty faded at the knees and in the creases, or you can buy a pair that is faded for you. This will ensure that your jeans are in good condition as well as faded, traits that his jeans usually have.


Ryan Seacrest’s suits often feature a pointy shoulder and a skinny tie with a dark-colored or medium-gray suit. Sometimes his suits are worn with a white or off-white shirt and sometimes he wears a dark shirt that matches the jacket. Occasionally, he will wear a patterned button-up shirt with a suit, leaving off the tie. The most common patterns he wears are small plaid or checkered print on a dark background.

To get his dressy look, go for dark colors and clean lines. The suit shouldn’t have too much detail and shouldn’t have wide lapels. Make sure the suit is in perfect condition and that none of the colors are faded in order to get his look. Ryan Seacrest always looks impeccable and his clothes are always in good condition.

Anna Faris

How to Dress Like Anna Faris

Anna Faris

Anna Faris is an eclectic dresser who embraces a wide range of styles. Her many event and photo session dresses reflect a number of interesting looks that all fit into her cute and youthful look.


One of the most obvious things about Anna Faris’ style is the style of the dresses she wears to her many movie premiers and other Hollywood events. Her dresses are always fun and unusual compared to many of the other dresses making the rounds at these events. Instead of the tiny, figure-hugging dresses that people are used to seeing on actresses, Anna Faris often chooses dresses that are large and loose fitting.

Some of her dresses have puffy skirts that make her waist look small by comparison. Some of these dresses are high waisted, but she has also been seen in drop-waist dresses. If you look for an Anna Faris’ dress, look for one that has plenty of fabric. A dress that is puffy and made with lots of fabric is the perfect way to get that Anna Faris look.

Many of Anna Faris’ dresses are either strapless or that have an asymmetrical top portion. She has worn several dresses that have only one strap. To get her dress look, find a dress that is in one solid color. Anna Faris almost always wears a solid-colored dress that fits loosely and that is worn with an interesting choice of shoes and jewelry.


To get a complete Anna Faris look, wear shoes that don’t quite match the dress you are wearing. One of the unusual features about her style of dressing is that she often chooses shoes that are a contrasting color to her outfits. With a black dress, chose purple high-heeled pumps to get her look. With a purple dress, choose red pumps. With a red dress, wear gray heels. These are all perfect Anna Faris looks that will definitely get noticed.

Anna Faris has been seen many times wearing Christian Louboutin shoes. She prefers close-toed shoes that have a little bit of detail on the side. Look for shoes that have a bow or other styling details on the sides. She wears her Louboutins in every color and to just about any occasion.

Sometimes, Anna Faris will pair a short pair of brown boots with one of her outfits. To get her look, wear calf-height brown leather boots with a short skirt or a knee-length dress to add a little fun to your outfit.


Anna Faris isn’t afraid to mix and match different styles and colors of jewelry. She often mixes silver and gold pieces together, wearing silver earrings, gold bracelets and a gold necklace. If you want to dress like Anna , don’t worry about matching your jewelry- just wear pieces that you like and that you feel comfortable in. Wear two or more necklaces if you wish, and wear earrings that are as large as you like. Anna often wears more than one necklace and has been photographed in several pairs of very large earrings.

Seth Rogen

How to Dress Like Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is a casual dresser who has perfected the geek-chic look with a variety of casual and dress looks that have an unhurried, comfortable look. To get his look for casual dressing probably won’t require buying a lot of new clothes. Most people have the basic pieces of Seth Rogen’s look in their wardrobe already. It’s just a matter of putting them together the right way to create the look that Seth Rogen has made famous.


When you start your Seth Rogen look, start with the layered t-shirt and over shirt look. The t-shirt should be either a light or dark color like dark blue, deep red or purple. The over shirt should be a button-up shirt with a geek-chic pattern on it. One of the ones that he wears most often is a shirt with gray or blue vertical stripes on a white background.

Leave one top button on the over shirt undone so that the very top if your t-shirt shows over the striped shirt. Keep both the t-shirt and the over shirt untucked, even if the t-shirt is longer than the over shirt. This is a real Seth Rogen look that gives the outfit a very casual, unplanned appearance.


If you want a real Seth Rogen look, wear your most comfortable pair of jeans. You don’t have to buy a designer pair of jeans to get his look. Any brand of jeans will do. Just make sure that the pair you choose will fit loosely. Seth Rogen’s jeans always have a high waist, and they always fit loosely. If your jeans are faded, this will be an even better Seth Rogen look. Many of his jeans are faded and have some frayed edges. While he doesn’t wear jeans that are torn up or stained, he does wear jeans that look very lived in.


Though he is mostly known for his casual look, he also wears suits when the occasion calls for it. The suits he wears follow in his geek-chic pattern, borrowing from retro styles and out-of-fashion colors. This look relies on the vintage style that is gaining in popularity with young Hollywood men.

Instead of a modern suit with narrow lapels and a dark blue or gray color, choose a dark brown color that borrows its styling from the suits of the 70s. The lapels should be wide, just like suits from the 70s, and it should be loose fitting.

You may be able to find a vintage suit that has all of this styling. Look for one that is about one size larger than you would normally wear in order to get the loose-fitting look that Seth Rogen wears. Wear dark brown or black leather shoes with your suit.

When you choose your tie, the 70s are also the guiding style. Choose wide vintage or vintage-style ties that have diagonal stripes. Look for ties that have brown and gold or brown and green stripes in order to get an authentic Seth Rogen look.