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What to Wear with Chinos


Chinos are a type of lightweight trouser that is made from chino cloth in a weave known as twill. Though they are khaki in color most of the time they are in fact a different kind of pants than khakis. They are considered to be a smart casual style of pants and thus can be worn on a more formal basis as opposed to khaki pants, but they can also be worn in a semi-casual manner as well. So what should you wear with your chinos?

Of course what you will wear with your chinos will depend on the occasion and also your gender. Here are some things that both men and women can wear in order to compliment their chinos to the fullest extent:


• Business casual: A lot of women like to wear their chinos in a business casual way. All across American ‘Casual Friday’ is very popular with smaller businesses. While some will opt for jeans and a nice shirt, a lot are also going with chinos and a nice shirt. If your chinos are a khaki color then you can pair it with a white short sleeved collared shirt and tie in the entire outfit with a brown belt and a pair of brown loafer-style flats. This look will have you making a casual statement but without the stereotypical pair of jeans.
• Out and about look: More and more women are being seen wearing a pair of chinos while just going out for a somewhat fancier night on the town. You can get a white pair of chinos for you night out and get any number of fun colored and busy patterned shirts to top it off. If you wear the shirt a bit longer you can tie in the outfit with a skinny belt and a pair of pump style heels.


• Business look: One of the great things about chinos for the guys is that they are dressy enough to wear for a day at the office and still provide a ton of comfort. A great outfit to put together with your khaki chinos is a white button down collared shirt and a fun colored tie such as a vibrant blue. A matching jacket to the chinos should also be worn and you will want to button one button in the front. Finish off the look with some black dress shoes and a black belt and you will be the star of any meeting you attend.
• Sloppy business: This look is catching on and it is really easy to accomplish. Wearing your khaki chinos, simply untuck your favorite collared button down shirt and unbutton the top two buttons. You will want to have a neck tie on but you will loosen it up. Finally, you will wear your jacket over top but you won’t button it. This look is growing in popularity and the best part is if you go to work at the office in your chinos, you simply have to ‘loosen up’ after work and you will be all set to go out for some drinks with the guys.

A good pair of chinos can cost you a bit of money, but these well made pants are worth every penny as they will have you looking your best when at work and at play.

Daisy Lowe

How To Dress Like Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe is a British model who is barely 20 years old. The brunette beauty started modeling at age 2. She is the daughter of musician Gavin Rossdale, who is presently married to Gwen Stefani, and Pearl Lowe, a one-time singer/songwriter who became a fashion and textile designer. She is currently dating a rock band member. She has become the face of multiple designer’s lines in recent years. One of the popular British “It” girls, Daisy Lowe has a much more girl next door look and her personal style is much more mainstream than some of her counterparts.

Daisy Lowe has a very young style when it comes to fashion. However, it is very reminiscent of 1980’s styles. She wears oversized T-shirts with colorful prints, paired with a blazer and shiny leggings. She wears a lot of black. The white T-shirt with the colorful prints are what brings the only bit of color to the look. It is a very easy to duplicate style and can easily appeal to the masses.

She is a big fan of short dresses. Daisy Lowe tends to lean towards black and white prints and geometric prints in multiple colors. She favors strapless dresses and has opted for some pretty terrible looks. She also likes to choose brilliantly colored short dresses that capture attention. Her short dresses are fun and great for going out.

Daisy loves accessories like oversized glasses and oversized bags. High heels are one of her favorites. She also likes high heel boots. Daisy Lowe still looks like a little girl from time to time, but her reputation and some of her pictures establish that she is truly not a little girl anymore. She tends to choose rather risqué ensembles and is actually known as being a bad girl. Daisy’s personal style is not heavily accessorized like many of her contemporaries. A simple unadorned look is just perfect for so many girls, especially at that age.

If you want to dress like Daisy Lowe, it is actually pretty easy. You will need to invest in some skinny jeans and dark blazers. Order a variety of white T-shirts and have them custom-printed with any colorful image you like. You can put an actual picture on the front or something you designed yourself or you can choose a design to have permanently attached to the shirt. This look paired with flat shoes makes a typical look from the 80’s that is popular with Daisy Lowe.

For special events you will need to get into a black form fitting gown or a very short dress. If you choose the short dress, pairing it with black tights will take it from trashy to acceptable easily.

To complete your Daisy Lowe experience means going for the whole look. Heavy bangs in her hair are Daisy’s signature look. She also has a fondness of dark, blackberry colored lipstick. With dark rimmed eyes, the look is pure sex. Get your Daisy Lowe fashions today and create her look in no time.