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Chris Martin

How to Dress Like Chris Martin

Chris Martin

The band Coldplay has been burning up the charts for several years now. The lead singer of Coldplay is Chris Martin who has a unique style of singing and can play the keyboards with the best of them. Because of the popularity of the band there are many guys these days that want to dress like Martin.

Martin has two very distinct looks and neither is hard to emulate. Follow the tips below and you will easily pull off either or both of Chris Martin’s styles:

EVERYDAY LOOK: Martin’s everyday look is much the same as the way the average guy looks. Here is what it entails:

•    Pants: Here Martin opts for jeans or cargo pants that are of a darker color. When choosing your jeans go for a classic fit or even a lose fit and never go with anything tight.
•    Shirts: When dressing in an everyday manner, Martin’s shirts consist of nothing more than a darker colored t-shirt. He seems to like to stick with dark grays or blacks and rarely strays from this formula.
•    Footwear: When just out and about and dressing like the every man, Martin will simply wear a pair of Converse style sneakers or even flip-flops at times. You can wear whatever is comfortable for you as that is what Martin seems to do.
•    Accessories: Martin is rarely seen without his tell-tale bracelets. He sometimes wears a watch and to complete this look and you should be sure to get yourself a pair of dark sunglasses to wear everywhere you go. You can also get a fitted ball cap and wear it backwards as this is a favorite style of Martin.

ARTISTIC LOOK: This is the look that Martin will sport many times while performing or when he is in the public eye. Here is how you can pull it off:

•    Pants: Black trouser style pants are the trick here. Rarely will he perform in jeans, but whatever he does perform in they will be black.
•    Shirts: When in artistic mode Martin is often seen in long sleeved black shirts. When picking out your black shirt go for any style as Martin has worn them all, including a very artistic long sleeved turtle neck.
•    Footwear: to go with the black pants and black shirt you will want to get, you know it, black shoes. You can go with black Converse style sneakers or a dressier loafer if you want to as Martin has been known to wear both.
•    Accessories: Again Martin has on his bracelets and to copy him properly you should not be shy of them yourself. Leave the sunglasses at home with this look.
•    Hair: Martin likes to keep his hair in a messy and spiky manner. If you have short hair, you can easily do this by using a heavy holding gel and just sort of messing up your hair.

Dressing like Chris Martin isn’t tough to do, but as you can see he likes the dark colors so be sure that you are not going to be outside on a hot day when emulating this rock star.

America Ferrera

How to Dress Like America Ferrera

America Ferrera

America Ferrera is best known for her lead role in the television series Ugly Betty. She also is widely known for her role in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants parts one and two. She has a classic look to her and never seems to try to be more than she really is. It is for that reason that many young women these days aspire to dress like the young actress.

Whether dressing for comfort or for the red carpet, Ferrera always encompasses the All American Girl look and pulls it off with the greatest of ease. Here are some ways that you too can look just as natural and great as Ferrera:

•    Casual: Ferrera is often seen in a pair of form fitting jeans and a t-shirt while she is just walking around. This is an easy look to mimic and also a very comfortable one. Be sure to choose jeans that are indeed form fitting, but that are not too tight as this is not characteristic of Ferrera. Go with lighter colors for the t-shirts as this seem to be a favorite of Ferrera. When in casual mode you can go with sneakers, flip-flops, or even a pair of sensible heals as Ferrera has been seen in all three while dressing down.
•    Formal: Ferrera is a big fan of longer dresses and gowns when it comes time to strut her stuff on the red carpet. When choosing your dress go with one that comes down to at least your knees and go with darker colors as this will have a slimming and elongating effect. Ferrera must love purple and blue as she has been seen in numerous dresses and gowns that are colored so. Be sure that the dress or gown you choose is form fitting, but also be sure that it flatters your figure and isn’t too tight. Go with a nice pair of heels that of course match the color of the dress or gown and that also have an open toe.
•    Accessories: Perhaps because she is such an all natural girl, Ferrera wears virtually no accessories. Sometimes at a formal setting she can be spotted with a bracelet on and she usually wears very low key earrings, but other than that, nothing really to speak of. When you think of accessorizing your outfit, go very low key to emulate Ferrera.
•    Hair and make-up: Ferrera has a darker skin tone that the average woman and does not complicate her beautiful tone with a lot of make-up. When you do your make-up, go light and aim for the natural look. When it comes to your hair, wear it down as Ferrera more times than not has hers down. To get the complete Ferrera look, part your hair on one side and use some spray gel to give it some extra body and bounce but be sure to stay on the natural side.

To truly be like Ferrera, just be yourself. She is easily one of the most natural beauties in Hollywood today and certainly proves that women with curves can be beautiful too.

Taylor Momsen

How to Dress Like Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

One of the most popular new shows on television today is the show Gossip Girl. Of all the characters on the show, one of the more popular is Jenny Humphrey who is played by Taylor Momsen. At 16 years old she is quickly becoming one of the most envied young women on television today.  For this reason there are now many younger teens that want to look like her.

Momsen has a very contemporary look and is usually dressed to the nines no matter where she goes. Here are some different ways in which you too can look like this future diva:

•    Short dresses: Momsen like to wear a lot of short dresses. These dresses are on the loose fitting side and tend to even poof out just a bit. As far as coverage goes she tends to go with the ones that cover less rather than more. Be sure that you choose dresses that don’t go down any further than the top of your knees. When choosing your colors go light and bright and stick to yellows, beiges, and white.
•    Artistic look: Momsen often looks like a true artist when she is just out walking around. To accomplish this you need to go with darker colors and wear a typical artistic outfit like Momsen does. Start with a pair of dark tights and then wear a white shirt and top it all off with a black leather jacket. Don’t forget to wear the sunglasses that look like bug eyes with this look.
•    Accessories: You have a lot to choose from in this department as Momsen likes to accessorize her stuff. A favorite accessory of hers is a scarf and she makes it look great no matter what she has on. When picking out your scarves be sure that they contrast in color with whatever it is you are wearing. You can also go with any number of different purses to tie in an outfit as Momsen likes them all. As far as jewelry goes, Momsen likes to wear a good amount of colored bracelets, hanging necklaces, and earrings that hang somewhat low.
•    Hair and make-up: At times Momsen’s hair is prim and proper and to get this look you need only part to one side and use your body enhancing products sparingly. Still there are other times where the young star has a serious case of bed head, though it is always intentional. To get that bed head look just towel dry your hair before you go to sleep and in the morning you will be all set. When applying your make-up go with dark red coloring for your lips and be sure to use a lot of darker colors around your eyes. Plan on spending some time in front of the maker-up mirror as Momsen may be a teenager, but she wears enough make-up to pass for someone ten years older.

Pulling off this contemporary look isn’t always easy, but if done in the proper manner you will have more than one guy checking you out as you walk down the street.

Nick Jonas

How to Dress Like Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers Band that features the three brothers singing all kinds of poppy music on the Disney Channel and beyond. The group’s fame has lead them all the way to their own television show on the Disney Channel called JONAS. Among teenagers there is probably no other male artist today that has the popularity that Nick Jonas does with the younger ladies. Add that to the fact that he has dated –or at least was rumored to have dated- Miley Cyrus (Niley) and it is no wonder why so many teenage boys now want to dress like him.

Jonas has a classic cool look about him and seems to resemble some of the rockers of yesteryear but he always puts his own flair on the style as well. Here are some ways that you can go about dressing like Nick Jonas:

•    Skinny jeans: Like many teenagers these days, Jonas like to go with skinny jeans. If you are not a fan of skinny jeans you will need to go with a tight pair of jeans otherwise the look is instantly lost. Stick with darker colors when selecting your skinny jeans as that is what Jonas is usually wearing.
•    Shirts and tops: Jonas likes to layer his shirts and tops and will usually wear an undershirt followed by a t-shirt and then top it all off with a light jacket. The jacket should be vintage and lightweight and you should leave it unbuttoned to get the full effect. If the jacket has a collar, be sure to go classic Jonas style and ‘pop’ up the collar. You can also go with another one of Jonas’ favorite styles and wear a muscle shirt that is sleeveless and looks like it came out of the seventies. When Jonas does this style shirt he usually has an odd pattern like horizontal stripes and he never wears what are known as ‘wife beaters.’
•    Shoes: This is the easiest part of Jonas’ ensemble to nail. All you need is a pair of Converse high tops that are a lighter color and you will nail the Nick Jonas shoe look. Jonas wears his Converse with just about every outfit he has.
•    Accessories: Jonas likes to accessorize and does so in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes Jonas will sport his now tell-tail scarf that he sometimes let hang and other times wraps around his neck. Other times Jonas likes to wear a button down shirt and top it off with a loosely tied neck tie. His neck ties will range from a traditional color like red or navy blue on one night and then a wild and whacky color like lime green on another, it really just depends on the outfit he is wearing. He also has a number of necklaces he likes to wear from time to time. So the point is to go with something to decorate your neckline and you can’t miss.

No just practice his famous jump that he does on stage and maybe get some voice lessons and you too will be driving the girls crazy.

Mandy Jiroux

How to Dress like Mandy Jiroux

Mandy Jiroux

Mandy Jiroux is a back up dancer for many of the Miley Cyrus music videos and that role led her to become best friends with the teenage music and acting icon. Recently the two made a series of YouTube videos called the The Miley and Mandy Show. While the online show is grabbing much acclaim, some wonder if it is not casting the wrong opinion on the Disney star Cyrus as the videos are apparently more geared towards an adult audience. Either way, the stir has caught the attention of many younger women across America and many now want to dress like Mandy Jiroux.

To capture the style and fashion of Jiroux you really don’t have to do anything too much out of the ordinary as she tends to dress much the same as any women her age would. Here are some tips to help you achieve this controversial figures look:

•    Jeans: Jiroux is a big fan of jeans and wears then often. She tends to go for the darker colored ones and sometimes will sport some rips and tears in the legs. She tends to go with a tighter fit so when you choose yours go as tight as you are comfortable with.
•    Shirts: Jiroux’s shirts are the typical t-shirts that a lot of teenagers are now wearing. She likes t-shirts that fit just a bit long and usually wears ones that have some sort of symbol or saying on them. To get her look go with white t-shirts that have some sort of fun saying or typical ‘rebel’ symbol such as a British flag or an anarchy symbol.
•    Jackets: No matter what the weather is like it seems that Jiroux always has a jacket handy. All you need here is a simple sweat jacket with a hood or any other type of zip up jacket that is lightweight and looks good no matter what it is you have on.
•    Shoes: Jiroux wears a wide variety of shoes and can be spotted at times in high top sneaker and in high heels at other times. Wear what you think looks best with your particular outfit and you can’t miss.
•    Accessories: Jiroux’s most notable accessory is her big bug eyed designer sunglasses. These are very popular these days and can be found at almost any department store. She also seems to go for the less noticeable jewelry and sticks to conservative earrings and necklaces. Additionally she carries a small purse that is probably designer, but you can achieve the same look with any small style knock off purse that you like.
•    Hair and maker-up: Jiroux has long luxurious hair and likes to wear it down. She sometimes gives it some curl and sometimes wears it straight. Achieve her look either way; just don’t go crazy with the volume of your hair. When applying your make-up you have to go big. Jiroux seems to wear a lot and really accentuates her cheek bones. She also tends to use darker eye shadow and dark eye liner as well.

All you have to do now is find yourself a multi-million dollar best friend like Cyrus and you too could be making fun videos online.

Orlando Bloom

How to Dress Like Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

Orlando bloom is a successful British actor, famous as much for his looks as for the roles he’s played. Orlando is known primarily for his role as the dashing Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as well as his character Legolas Greenleaf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Young and handsome, Orlando has become not only a fixture in Hollywood but also a fixture in the tabloids and fashion magazines. He has a style that combines a trendy sensibility with a little bit of a bohemian attitude.

Orlando Bloom is a great actor who also happens to be a movie star. His good looks and fashion sense are appealing to both men and women, and are something that is fun and easy to imitate. Dressing like Orlando Bloom is something that can be pulled off with a few simple tips.

Orlando has three basic looks that include casual and formal wear and somewhere in between. The more casual Orlando is a great place to start when trying to dress like him, as most of the time, he is a basics-wearing, laid-back guy. To imitate this version of Orlando Bloom you need to start with a t-shirt. Not just any old t-shirt will do. You need something trendy or vintage with old logos or bands on them, maybe even a concert t-shirt from the 80’s. Pair the t-shirt with some flared, almost hippie style jeans. Add a worn leather belt with a fun belt buckle, a pair of Converse sneakers and maybe a funky skull cap and you’re good to go!

When going for the more formal look of Orlando Bloom, the one he would present at awards shows or while walking the red carpet, a different type of clothing is required. Wear a three piece suit. Orlando likes to be comfortable, however, so make sure it fits properly and isn’t too stiff or uptight. Go with a navy blue instead of black to get the casual feel that fits Orlando’s personality.

If you want to go for the in-between look that Orlando sports so often, you can find a happy medium between his super casual look and his Hollywood look. Wear a nice pair of jeans with some casual leather shoes or maybe some cool sneakers and a nice leather belt. On top wear a nice button down shirt with a sport coat over it. For a funkier, more casual version of Orlando’s style, add a vintage t-shirt under a suit jacket instead of a dress shirt to give it an edge.

To really get the Orlando Bloom look you have to get the hair down. Orlando has great hair! Wear your hair long, about shoulder length, and tousled. Add styling gel to it and simply scrunch it while it dries to get the look. You also might want to try a goatee as Orlando often is seen one.

If you want to emulate Orlando Bloom’s look, it’s easy to do and with only a few simple pieces. Put them together in the right pairings and you can pull it off in no time!

Debbie Ryan

How to Dress Like Debbie Ryan

Debbie Ryan

Debbie Ryan is best known for her role on the Disney Chanel Original Series program, The Suite Life on Deck, which is a sequel to the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, in which Ryan plays the role of Bailey Pickett. Her lovable character coupled with her infectious attitude and winning smile has many young women now wanting to imitate the way she dresses. Her style is both fun and fashionable and is very easy to get so long as you go about it in the correct manner.

Ryan likes to dress in a variety of outfits and no matter what she is sporting she seems to like to keep it colorful. This cheery way of dressing goes with her cheery personality for a look that simply can’t be beat. Here is how you can dress in the same manner as Debbie Ryan:

•    Dresses and skirts: Ryan likes to wear a large variety of dresses and skirts and they are never on the short side. She always stays conservative and above all else she stays colorful. Many of the dresses and skirts that Ryan picks out are multicolored and have some sort of wild design on them. When going for your dresses and skirts, you should feel free to go with fashions that are a little on the wild side and don’t be afraid to get a little outgoing.
•    Pants and shirts: Though she seems to love dresses and skirts, Ryan can also often be found wearing pants and shirts when she is out doing her thing. She seems to be most comfortable in dress pants and gravitates towards cute long sleeved button down shirts. She is also known to wear regular long sleeved shirts with her pants and she almost always goes with a darker color on the bottom and a lighter colored shirt for her top.
•    Shoes: Ryan is a fan of pumps and heels. When you decide what you want to wear it should be dictated by the outfit you have chosen. Ryan seems to gravitate towards the heels when wearing dresses and the pumps when wearing pants and shirts so you can follow that guideline as a good rule of thumb.
•    Accessories: Ryan loves to accessorize and wears anything from scarves to hats to wild looking sunglasses. She is a big fan of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces and when she wears them she has no problem going big and somewhat flashy. Have fun with this and again let your outfit dictate what type of jewelry you wear.
•    Hair and make-up: If Ryan wears a lot of make-up she doesn’t show it. Her cheeks are a nice rosy color and you can emulate this by using a good amount of blush. She does wear lip stick but stays with the more flesh tone colors versus the hot red colors. Her hair is always worn down and always curly. To perfect her hair look you will have to take some time and curl your hair and be sure that you have bangs if you want to look authentic.

Now just carry with you that same big smile that Ryan does everywhere she goes and you will be all set.

Leighton Meester

How to Dress Like Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester is an actress and a singer/songwriter, but is probably best known for her role as Blaire Waldorf in the hit series Gossip Girl. The young actress may have fame in her life, but judging by the simplistic way that she dresses, she is not letting it go to her head. She has a very natural and simple look that is easily achieved which is probably why there are many young ladies these days that want to dress like her.

Meester always looks like your typical girl next door no matter where she is. Here is how you can achieve the look as well:

•    Dresses: Meester likes to wear a lot of dresses. The dresses she wears tend to be one solid color and the colors she likes to go with are more on the cheery side such as yellows, whites, and lighter blues. When choosing yours, go for dresses made of lighter materials and ones that cover you all the way down to the top of your knees. You can go sleeveless or sleeved as Meester likes both, but remember that you need to go for the more conservative style dresses.
•    Casual look: When just out and about Meester is often seen in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Go for a nice form fitting pair of shorts that come down to about mid thigh. Meester usually goes dark on the colors for her shorts so go with blues and black when choosing yours. The t-shirts are always white or some other very light color so keep that in mind when selecting yours. You can go with tank tops or the traditional t-shirt here as Meester likes both.
•    Formal: Even when she is on the red carpet Meester chooses to keep it on the simple side. Again she likes light and bright colors and opts for a more conservative dress over the long flowing gowns that some actresses wear at those types of events.
•    Shoes: Meester wears sandals almost all the time no matter what she is wearing. The only exception is when she is on the red carpet where she will wear a very conservative pair of heels that have an open-toe. If you choose to go the same route then be sure that your shoes match the dress for your formal affair.
•    Accessories: Not that this will come as a shock, but Meester likes to go on the easy side of accessorizing. She usually has on a conservative pair of earrings, maybe a bracelet or two, and she carries a small purse. When you accessorize your outfit remember bigger is not always better and certainly not for this look.
•    Hair and make-up: Meester usually wears her hair down and it is usually wavy. Mimic this by loosely curling your hair with a curling iron and use a heavy hold hairspray to keep it in place. When applying your make-up go for the more natural look that Meester goes for and don’t get wild on your application.

All you have to do now is walk with confidence and let your all-natural looks speak for you as Meester does.

Katy Perry

How to Dress Like Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a former Gospel singer who rebelled big time and later gained fame with her song, ‘I Kissed a Girl.’ Her style of dressing matches her rebel attitude and she holds little back when it comes to fashion. Because she is so relatable to the rebellious teens of today, there are a growing number of younger women who are aspiring to dress like Perry.

Perry seems to have two distinct looks. One look is more of a vintage throw back look and the other is a darker attention grabbing look. Here is how you too can pull off these two unique looks that Perry sports:

•    Vintage look: Of her two looks, this one seems to be more fun filled. Here you can visit a vintage store and go crazy with all sorts of outfits. Perry really likes dresses and is often seen wearing dresses that resemble a time in the past. When you choose your dresses go with ones that have fun patterns and are very bright and cheery when it comes to colors. Perry likes all kinds of patterns and has been spotted in polka dots, stripes, and even paisleys. Footwear for this look should consist of big and bright high heels. You can accessorize the look with lots of colorful bracelets and some colored rings if you like. Perry also uses a flower looking hair piece often that will match the dress she is wearing. Go vintage on the sunglasses as well and you will have the vintage look down to a science.

•    Dark look:
Even with the dark look Perry still gravitates towards dresses. To mimic this, you need to go with only one color; black. When going with the dark look you have to be ready to call plenty of attention to yourself and the way Perry does it is by showing plenty of cleavage. Many times she can be spotted in a dark dress that leaves very little to the imagination. Accessorize this look with everything dark. Dark sunglasses, dark bracelets, and you can even go with a dark colored neck choker to complete the look. As for footwear with this look – you guessed it – go black and go high heels.

•    Hair and make-up:
With the hair you have a little bit of a choice. You can put it up or leave it down as Perry does both. Go on the conservative side and don’t spend too much time styling it but rather let it do its thing like Perry does. Your make-up application will vary depending on which style you are going for. The vintage look should have you applying a good amount of make-up and using bright and fun colors of red on your lips. When going for the dark look use darker colors for your make-up application. Be sure to use a dark, but not black, lip stick and go very dark on your eyeliner.

Now you will be all set to tell the world that you too are a rebel and refuse to live by anyone’s rules but your own.

Rachel Ray

How to Dress Like Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray

For many years now Rachel Ray has been teaching men and women alike to cook great meals in a timely manner all on a budget. The foods she prepares are only topped by her infectious and bubbly personality. Because she is so down to earth and is easy to relate to for many women, there a growing number of women these days who want to dress like this food diva.

When dressing like Rachel Ray you need only think simplistic as she is one of the more down to earth celebrities on television today. Here are some tips to help you pull off the Rachael Ray look:

•    Tops: Ray like to be very versatile in this department. She can be seen wearing a number of different styles of blouse and equally in shirts with a light jacket over top. You can even go with a top that is long sleeved and a solid color as this is a staple in Ray’s wardrobe. She is very modest so when you choose your blouses and shirts don’t go for ones that show a lot of cleavage as Ray rarely does. Don’t go crazy with color either as Ray likes her solids.

•    Pants:
Ray’s weight has fluctuated over the years so her choice in pants really depends on her current weight. When she is on the heftier side she seems to gravitate towards khakis and looser fitting pants but when she gets back into shape it is not uncommon to see her in some form fitting jeans. You can do the same and choose what is comfortable according to your weight. Just take come extra time and mix and match your tops to ensure you are looking your best.

•    Skirts and dresses:
Ray has been known to wear skirts and dressed here and there. When you choose yours go for a looser fit as once again Ray stays on the modest side and doesn’t ever go too tight on really anything.

•    Accessories:
To no surprise Ray is not really big on them. See can usually be seen in a nice conservative pair of earrings and maybe a necklace that is not too gaudy. Other than that, she chooses to accessorize with belts and a scarf from time to time and of course her apron that she wears on her show.

•    Shoes:
Ray almost always wears heels, but never the super high kind. Her heels generally have an open toe and always compliment her attire. Choose your heels according to what you will be wearing.

•    Hair and make-up:
Ray goes simple in both directions. When doing your hair, simply part it down the middle and brush it back. Use some volumizer to give it a little extra kick if you like. When putting on your make-up, be sure to go light and always go for that natural look that Ray always pulls off with the greatest of ease.

All that remains is for you to take some cooking classes and practice smiling as big as you can and as much as you can. Once you pull that off, the Rachel Ray look will be complete.

Oprah Winfrey

How to Dress Like Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

There is perhaps no woman on earth that is more beloved than Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has been helping people on her show for many years now and her style, grace, and generosity are matched by few. Also matched by few is her enormous success. Oprah was born into poverty and raised from the ashes to become the multi billionaire that she is today. With her enormous success and her willingness to help others, it is no wonder why so many women choose to emulate her and want to dress like her.

Dressing like Oprah requires style, sophistication and unfortunately some deep pockets as well. Here are some ways to dress like Oprah Winfrey:

•    Tailored suites: Ever wonder why Oprah looks so fabulous in her suits? It is because she has them tailored to be the perfect fit. While you probably can’t afford to use Oprah’s tailor, and who could, many dry cleaners offer a tailoring service and the prices are usually very reasonable. Even if you only get one suit that is custom fit, a nice tailored suit is great to have and will have you too looking your best.

•    Form fitting:
Even if you can’t afford a tailored suit, you should choose a suit that is form fitting on you. Stay away from tapered cut pants as this will not give a very flattering illusion. While you need to stay close, don’t overdo it and go super tight. Oprah always looks great, but never would she be caught dead wearing anything that is too tight.

•    Wear grays:
Oprah loves to wear grays. This makes perfect sense as gray is not as doom and gloom as black is yet it doesn’t scream out loudly like white does. What’s even better is that gray goes with almost anything you have in your closet.

•    Shoes:
Oprah is a fan of the high heels. She has been seen wearing high heels that are just regular all the way to stiletto high heels. Choose the style and color depending on what it is you are wearing, but always go heel.

•    Accessorize Oprah style:
Adding a nice broche or pin to your suit jacket is a touch that Oprah practices on a regular basis. She is also a big fan of designer handbags and loves chandelier type earrings filled with jewels that hang. Bracelets and necklaces when they are worn are typically on the gaudy side as well so feel free to go big in this area.

•    Hair and make-up: Go big with your hair like Oprah does. Don’t settle for flat hair, take the time to curl, curl, and curl some more. The more curls, the closer you will look to the Oprah image. Use make-up that compliments you skin tone and go for the natural look except for your cheekbones and lips. Here you want both to be noticed so don’t be afraid to use a little more in this area than you are used to.

Now all you need to do is get out there and help as many people as you can and the Oprah image will be complete.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

How to Dress Like Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal has been doing movies since 1992 and has parlayed her talent all the way to becoming the girlfriend of Batman in the latest movie of the Batman saga, The Dark Knight. Gyllenhaal has described her own style of fashion as quirky and eclectic, but her sense of style is one that can easily be transcended for just about any woman who wants to give it a shot.

Here are some surefire tips to get you on the path of looking like Maggie Gyllenhaal:

•    Black dresses: Gyllenhaal seems to be a big fan of black so when you think about buying dresses to emulate her style think black. The dresses themselves can range from short sun dress style to longer and fuller dresses. Gyllenhaal has been seen in black dresses that have long sleeves, but see seems to like to show what she’s got and often wears dresses that expose her shoulders and just a bit of her cleavage. When you choose your black dresses, make sure you go with form fitting, but stay away from ultra tight.

•    Formal: When appearing at red carpet event, Gyllenhaal is usually seen in a darker colored strapless gown. If there are any straps it may be only one that sweeps over one shoulder. Choose gowns that show lots of skin in the back as Gyllenhaal often likes to give just a little tease out to all her fans.

•    Shoes: Gyllenhaal has been seen in several different pairs of shoes and is not really particular to one or the other. With her dresses she likes to wear black heels that are not too high but do have some lift to them. You can use those or also get away with a tasteful pair of sandals. Go high heels when you go formal. You of course want to go with black here no matter what style shoe you choose to go with.

•    Accessories:
Gyllenhaal is not really that big on accessories unless she is at a red carpet event. When she goes to a red carpet event she goes all out. If you are being casual then simple earrings and necklaces do the trick, but if you are planning to go more formal, then you want to go with big hanging earrings and gaudy necklaces as well.

•    Hair and make-up: Gyllenhaal usually has an in-between hair cut, meaning it is not too long and not too short. Style your hair with a part to the side and use some type of hair product to give it some body. You can also add loose curls as she often does. When you apply your make-up be sure that you bring out your cheekbones. Gyllenhaal has great cheekbones and she uses make-up to highlight this fact. She also typically goes on the heavy side of lipstick to bring out her lips so you should choose a color, like dark red to bring out yours.

While you may never date Batman, you can achieve the look of Maggie Gyllenhaal with very little ease and preparation.

Jamie Pressley

How to Dress Like Jamie Pressley

Jamie Pressley

Jamie Pressley is perhaps one of the most versatile actresses performing today. She has done roles that portray her as a ‘bimbo’ and roles that require her to be serious. In 2007 Pressly was recognized for her accomplishments when she won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on the hit television show My Name is Earl.  Off the screen Pressly is one of the most beautiful and daring when it comes to fashion. She looks equally as good in a dress for an awards show as she does when she is dressed in her more familiar jeans and t-shirt.

One thing she is not afraid to do is be different which makes her style a fun one to emulate. Here are some ways you too can be daring in your style:

•    Shoes: This is the best place to start because Jamie Pressly is known for her huge variety of shoes. She used her shoes to show her feminine side very well and is often seen in high heels and strappy stiletto sandals. When choosing your shoes, go funky with the colors. Pressly is always daring in this department and you should feel free to be as well.

•    Jeans: When not performing, Pressly is often seen in jeans. When you go for your jeans choose the kind that sit more on the hips, also known as hip-huggers, and go a little on the tight side if you are comfortable doing so. Pressly always wears hip-huggers that are tight but then again her perfect body allows for it. As often as she wears solid blues and blacks, she can also be found wearing all sorts of multi colored denims, so again don’t be afraid to get risky here.

•    Tops: Every once in a while you will find Pressly in a baby doll t-shirt, but more time than not the starlet will be sporting a tank top that is low cut and shows just a bit of her cleavage. Stay with lighter color tank tops and if you have the six-pack abs that she does you can employ the use of cropped tank tops as these are a favorite of hers.

•    Fancy: Even on the red carpet Pressly chooses to wear a dress that is cut to show off her shoulders and just a hint of cleavage. When you go formal, go with darker colors like grays and black and you can go full length or knee length on the dress as Pressly wears both. Don’t go too baggy with the dress as Pressly always wears form fitting dresses to her formal events.

•    Accessories:
If you choose to accessorize, less is more. Pressly rarely wears anything other than simple earrings and a simple gold chain from time to time.

•    Hair and make-up: Do your hair in simple fun way whether it is long or short. Pressly does use quite a bit of make-up but applies it in a very tasteful manner. If you are not comfortable applying extra make-up have someone at the mall show you how to do it.

When mimicking Pressly’s style remember to experiment as much as you like, don’t be afraid to get a little funky, and above all else, have fun.

Liv Tyler

How to Dress Like Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler has shown her grace and elegance for a number of years now on the Silver Screen; not bad for a kid who got her start on an Aerosmith video because her dad is Steven Tyler, lead singer. Liv Tyler has the uncanny ability to make almost anything she wears look fantastic. Her style is not a very tricky one to emulate and for that reason alone, many women like to dress like her.

Her simple approach to fashion makes Tyler all that more admired by women and dressing like her should be a fun endeavor. Here are some ways to get the Liv Tyler look for you:

•    Think jeans: Tyler can often be spotted in a great looking pair of form fitting jeans. When choosing your jeans never go tight as Tyler is indeed beautiful but never seems to feel the need to show off what she’s got. For the most part stick with solid color jeans but feel free to experiment here just a bit. Tyler wears the same size pants as her father and it has been reported that she often swipes a cool pair of rocker jeans from dear old dad.

•    Fun tops:
Sky’s really the limit here as Tyler has worn just about every top with a pair of jeans that you can imagine. Go with frilly blouses that are made of lightweight materials or a nice tank top or even a nice button down shirt. Mix and match the color that looks best for you as Tyler really doesn’t have a preference and looks good in them all.

•    Dresses: Tyler also wears a lot of dresses that are casual and come down to the knees. With these she seems to prefer darker colors so go with browns and blacks.

•    Getting fancy:
Tyler looks phenomenal on the red carpet and always wears a dark colored full length gown that is flowing. When dressing up for your big event, make sure to put your hair up but do so fashionably as Tyler usually shows up the award shows this way.

•    Shoes:
Tyler is definitely not one of those starlets that likes to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair of shoes. Tyler can be seen in her classic Converse sneakers, flats, or even boots. She especially like the boots look with the fun dresses she wears while out and about.

•    Accessories:
Like Tyler’s whole demeanor, she accessorizes very simply. Occasionally you may find her with a small gold chain on or some tasteful earrings, but that’s about it. When choosing your jewelry, think small and stay away from glitzy and flashy.

•    Hair and make-up:
Tyler mostly wears her hair down and styles it very plainly. Style your hair but don’t take too much time in doing so. As for make-up, Tyler again is a less is more girl. She is often caught by the paparazzi without any make-up on whatsoever. When applying your make-up go light and go for the natural look.

While Liv Tyler’s style is easy to replicate, but her grace and elegance aren’t something you can just throw on; you’ll have to work at those.

Kristen Dunst

How to Dress Like Kristen Dunst

Kristen Dunst

Ever since her role as Claudia in Interview with a Vampire, Kristen Dunst has been blazing a trail in the movies that eventually lead all the way to becoming Spider Man’s girlfriend. She is a brilliant actress but has found herself on both sides of the fashion fence being on many Hollywood best dressed lists as well as many worst dressed lists. Her style of dressing is an achievable one if you are not afraid to let your awkward side show now and then.

Dunst may be quirky at times, but she also has the ability to dress to impress when hitting the red carpet. Here are some tips to get you a bit closer to the Dunst look:

•    Dark Colors: Dunst is often dressed from head to toe in all black. She can be spotted in black pants with a nice black shirt or even a black dress. When choosing your black garments go for form fitting but don’t go too tight. For shoes you can go with anything black.

•    Ultra casual: At times you can catch Dunst wearing what most of America wears. It is not uncommon to see her strolling down the street in blue jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap. Try to match the cap to the shirt and make sure that the jeans are a loose fit; the main thing with this look is to be comfortable. Dunst tends to look very frumpy when she is just out and about so you shouldn’t feel like you have to be dressed to impress to be able to pull off this look. For shoes here you can simply go with a nice cozy pair of sneakers.

•    Go formal and flowing: When Dunst hits the red carpet she is almost always wearing a long and flowing gown made of light weight materials. Go with a darker color here as Dunst shows up in anything from gold to beige to black. Your shoes should be high heels that match your dress color and your accessories should consist of little more than a bracelet, necklace, and some modest earrings.

•    Accessories: Dunst loves to carry designer hand bags. If you can’t afford designer go with a close looking knock off and feel free to go either big or small as Dunst has done both. Dunst like to be creative when she accessories so go wild here. She has been seen in flapper style head bands, scarves, and even suspenders.

•    Hair and make-up: Dunst obviously does her hair and make-up when she is on the red carpet, but her make-up is always on the lighter side and she comes off looking very natural. Her hair is usually left down and done in a very simplistic way. If you want to pull off the hair look totally, wear it down, sweep it to the side and get a barrette to finish off the look.

Now just flash a smile as nice as Dunst’s and you will be ready to set the world on fire dressed like Kristen Dunst.

Halle Berry

How to Dress like Halle Berry

Halle Berry

When it comes to looking great on every occasion, Halle Berry fits the bill. This is probably because this actress is a former model and former Miss Ohio Beauty Queen. Berry has taken all that she has learned early on and transcended it into a sexy yet simple fashion that few can rival. Her look is not hard to achieve and for that reason many women try their best to dress like Halle Berry.

Here are some sure fire ways to help you achieve the Halle Berry look:

•    Tops: When choosing tops, go with blouses that sport hot details like animal prints. These blouses should be made of a fine fabric and if you want to be like berry, they should also be flowing. Don’t be afraid to show a little cleavage here as Berry often does, just do it in the same tasteful way that she does. Solid colors should be neutral. Colors like browns, pinks, black, and peaches are often seen on Berry and compliment her skin tone very nicely.

•    Pants: Here you can go with anything from jeans to leather pants or anything in between as Berry has been seen in everything. She always wears form fitting but never goes to tight. When you pick out your pants, make sure that they are a comfortable fit but that you can still breathe in them. Here again, Berry has the knowhow to come off looking casual and stunning all at the same time.

•    Shoes:
Berry has been seen in anything from sneakers to ankle boots and even high heels. The color of the shoes should generally match what you are wearing, but really in this department, anything that is tasteful goes.

•    Accessories:
Berry always wears sunglasses when out and about. Choose sunglasses that have a tint of color rather than solid dark black. Berry’s favorite tint is rose colored and she is often seen wearing these style of sunglasses. When it comes to jewelry go simple. Berry never goes gaudy or big and instead stays with the simplest of things like small diamond studded earrings and simple, non-flashy rings and bracelets.

•    Fancy wear:
When the red carpet calls, Berry always answers by wearing soft luxurious gowns that are long and flowing. Again, to emulate Berry choose neutral colors and show a bit of tasteful cleavage.  Finish off the look with a nice pair of solid color high heels with an open toe and when you accessorize, remember to go simplistic.

•    Hair and make-up: Berry used to have her hair cut short and cute, but has since let it grow out and extenuates the length with sexy curls. If you have short hair style it as fashionable as possible and try to give it some lift as Berry did. If you have long hair stay on the simplistic side and give it some curl for the full effect. Like almost everything else on Berry, her make-up is not over-done and stays on the simple side.

Halle Berry is a perfect example that you can look sexy and elegant at the same time. Practice her simple methods of dressing and you too can achieve this look.

Kate Hudson

How to Dress Like Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is an actress who is no stranger to the fashion and glamour that come with a Hollywood lifestyle as she was raised by her mother Goldie Hawn and who she considers to be her father Kurt Russell. At times Hudson’s look is almost hippy like and at other times she resembles the good old California girl that she is. No matter how she is dressed she always looks sophisticated, sexy, and comfortable which is a hard task for many to pull off.

Because she dresses so down to earth her style is often replicated by women everywhere. Much as her mother was, Hudson has a persona that many women can relate to. Here are some ways to help you pull off this ultra comfortable look:

•    Ultra Casual: When Hudson is out and about she is often seen in a fun hippy style sundress. Colors should always be bright and happy, like yellow or pink, and darker depressing colors should be avoided. Go for the full length ones that have a vintage look to them and finish them off with a nice pair of sandals.

•    Every day look: When Hudson is not turning heads on the red carpet she is often dressed in nothing more than a pair of jeans and an eyelet or crotchet white top. The jeans should be a lighter color of blue and be form fitting but never super tight. Hudson has a fantastic shape, but never seems to flaunt it too much.

•    Formal look: When on the red carpet Hudson looks elegant in any of the dresses that she wears. Most of her formal dresses feature an elegant cut and are almost always form-fitting, but once again she never seems to come off like she is showing off her goods. Wearing a nice pair of sophisticated heels goes great to complete the look and modest jewelry as well.

•    Accessories: Hudson makes much of her own jewelry at home with the exception of her formal jewelry. You too can get beads and other goodies and have a blast designing your own jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. She has also been known to wear big sun hats at times and a big pair of sunglasses never hurts either.

•    Boots: Kate Hudson is a boot freak. She can be seen in pictures wearing boots with almost anything style of clothing she owns. Her boots are typically a darker color so stick with browns and black when selecting yours.

•    Hair and make-up: Perhaps she learned this trick from her mother, but Hudson always goes simple with her hair and make-up yet still comes off looking like a million bucks. She typically wears her hair down so if your hair is long enough just a simple hair style will do the trick. As for make-up she definitely uses some, but once again, she never goes overboard and always comes off looking very natural.

Now just practice your smile and learn to melt hearts with yours the way Hudson does with hers and your Kate Hudson look will be complete.

Peaches Geldof

How To Dress Like Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof is the daughter of Bob Geldof, the singer-songwriter. Her full name is Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof. To date Peaches’ claim to fame is simply being a socialite. Born in 1989, she is still very young and is currently in college. She has done some broadcasting work and has been featured in a variety of magazines around the world. One of them has even included her in the top 10 fashion icons in recent years.

Her long sometimes dark and sometimes blond hair and the styles she wears often gives Peaches a look of little girl lost. She is currently sporting lightened hair. She is considered to be one of the British “It” girls, especially in terms of fashion, even though she currently resides in the United States and goes to New York University here. Peaches is one of those style queens who can pull off practically anything, matching items and prints that should never be matched but somehow making it work.

Peaches has gotten involved with a fashion group called PPQ. She designs for the company and they create her fashions. It is a perfect business arrangement for both sides. This is a great example of just how fashion savvy she really is. How many clients are turned to for help in any business?

Peaches is a big fan of the color black and often adorns herself in it. She tends to gravitate towards short skirts and tights as a signature part of her outfits. She also has some great looks with black and ivory together in short dresses. It makes for a very sophisticated but young look.

For the red carpet, Peaches knows how to pull together a worthy look. She wears her hair up in a sophisticated style. She opts for floor length sophisticated dresses which are one or two tone and have a completely grown up look to them. In regards to accessories, Peaches tends to use a wide variety of them. Occasionally she can be seen wearing a tam. When it comes to a purse she uses a variety of sizes from the handheld clutch to a big bag. She sometimes wears jewelry but is not over done. One of the things that makes her stand out in a crowd is her intense use of eye makeup. Her eyes are rimmed with black eyeliner consistently.

If you are striving to dress like Peaches Geldof, get yourself some of her signature wardrobe pieces in order to get started. Opt for black short skirts and tights before anything else. Throw in a great leather jacket, some black heels and a plaid shirt. Check out photos of her online and see what else she is wearing so you can recreate the awesome looks that she is so well known for.

Jessica Simpson

How to Dress Like Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson offers classic American beauty that anyone can emulate. Men find her blonde hair, big chest and flirty outfits irresistible, while women appreciate her feminine yet approachable style. In addition to being a regular in the fashion magazines, she has made a significant mark on the fashion world by launching her own line of handbags, footwear, swimwear and other accessories.

To dress like Jessica Simpson, bring out the bows, ribbon and lace. This girl loves being a girl, and her feminine style reflects it.

Pretty dresses.
Girly is the rule when Jessica dresses up. Her dresses are often tight to show off her cute hourglass shape, and short to emphasize her well-muscled legs. Lately she has also been wearing the season’s long and flowing maxi dresses, such as this vintage-inspired maxi number by Elizabeth and James Dooriya. To copy Jessica’s look, go for fun and flirty dresses in feminine colors such as pink, purple and blue. Florals are always a safe bet, and it’s just fine to show off as much cleavage as you dare. Jess may be the daughter of a minister, but she’s not shy at all when it comes to showcasing her best assets.

Interesting patterns and textures. Jessica Simpson enjoys experimenting with interesting patterns and textures, and recently announced she will be adding dresses to her fashion line for this reason.

Sky high heels.
As the inspiration behind her own line of footwear, Jessica loves wearing sexy shoes. Her petite height makes her partial to high heels…really high heels. She is an expert at walking and looking great in wedges, platforms, stilettos and many other tall styles.

Flashy accessories. Jessica loves most any accessory. Big earrings, chunky necklaces, dangling bracelets, wide belts, designer handbags … you name it, this girl wears it. When accessorizing your Jessica Simpson look, having fun mixing up a variety of items. Large-framed sunglasses are also a necessity for shielding one’s eyes from the glare of the paparazzi.

Trendy casual. When dressing casually, Jessica loves to go for comfort.  Tracksuits designed by Juicy Couture are among her favorites, such as this Dog Crest Velour hoodie and pants set featuring a pink, silver and gold crest.

Go country. As a born and bred Texas girl, Jessica knows how to work western wear. She’s frequently seen in country garb (especially during the time she was attempting a career in country music), and vintage cowboy boots are a favorite. Her footwear line includes a healthy selection of boots fit for any cowgirl. Jessica also is known for looking smokin’ hot in Daisy Duke shorts, a must for her role as the country daredevil in the 2005 “Dukes of Hazzard” movie.

Pile on the hair extensions.
Jessica has made hair extensions famous, and even admits to sleeping in them. She and her hair stylist, Ken Pavés, have been using the clip-on hairpieces for years. If you want to dress like Jessica Simpson, hair extensions can help you duplicate her long, flowing tresses with ease.

Kim Kardashian

How to Dress Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the socialite celebrities that this country has become fascinated with, much in the same vein as Paris Hilton. The daughter of lawyer Robert Kardashian, she has become a well-known personality. She become a reality TV star as a member of the cast/family in Keeping Up With the Kardashians and was even a past contestant on Dancing With the Stars. She has become a well-known name and face in households across America from TV, her association with other big name celebrities and a sex tape scandal that she was featured in with another big name.

Kim Kardashian’s fashion style is sexy, shows lots of skin and features practically nothing but designer labels. This stunning brunette beauty has professional stylists working with her on a regular basis to help her create the sense of style she portrays. Her ensembles for major events are even planned in advance and photos are taken of her in a variety of dresses, so she and her team can objectively see which ones flatter her best.

If you want to dress like Kim Kardashian, it will require some research on your part. I recommend bookmarking Kim’s website, which has tons of photos of her in a wide variety of outfits for any and every occasion. Check it regularly to see what she is wearing now. This will help you to get a good idea of what exactly Kim’s style is.

Dressing like Kim Kardashian could cost a lot of money if you plan to use the same designers Kim uses. However, there are tons of great places that sell designer knock-offs so you can buy a fancy outfit that looks almost identical to one of Kim’s outfit for a mere fraction of the price. Check for on-line deals and visit boutiques that sell such knock-offs regularly, so you can take advantage of sales.
Kim Kardashian’s fashion style features a lot of black. She often pulls her straight, dark hair into a pony tail or some other simple style that shows off her face. She also favors accessories like big hoop earrings and flowing scarves. Almost all Kim’s shirts are low cut showing off décolletage, off the shoulder or strapless. She also wears a lot of fitted jackets with silver or other light colored, low cut tops under them.

If you are looking to dress like Kim Kardashian, a great place to start is by getting a selection of form fitting dark shirts and skirts. Choose a variety of black shirts in V-necks, scoop necks, princess necklines and square necks for a fun, casual everyday look. If it shows off some décolletage, it is definitely a Kim style. Make sure the skirts you buy show your hips. You may also want to invest in some lighter colored shiny separates in order to create a dressier going out look. Kim would never wear anything that doesn’t show off her assets, so stay away from anything that is loose, flowing or baggy. Just remember to work on staying in shape so you look good in that look too.

Get your selection of sexy, form-fitting tops and skirts today and pull together your very own Kim Kardashian look.