Liv Tyler

How to Dress Like Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler has shown her grace and elegance for a number of years now on the Silver Screen; not bad for a kid who got her start on an Aerosmith video because her dad is Steven Tyler, lead singer. Liv Tyler has the uncanny ability to make almost anything she wears look fantastic. Her style is not a very tricky one to emulate and for that reason alone, many women like to dress like her.

Her simple approach to fashion makes Tyler all that more admired by women and dressing like her should be a fun endeavor. Here are some ways to get the Liv Tyler look for you:

•    Think jeans: Tyler can often be spotted in a great looking pair of form fitting jeans. When choosing your jeans never go tight as Tyler is indeed beautiful but never seems to feel the need to show off what she’s got. For the most part stick with solid color jeans but feel free to experiment here just a bit. Tyler wears the same size pants as her father and it has been reported that she often swipes a cool pair of rocker jeans from dear old dad.

•    Fun tops:
Sky’s really the limit here as Tyler has worn just about every top with a pair of jeans that you can imagine. Go with frilly blouses that are made of lightweight materials or a nice tank top or even a nice button down shirt. Mix and match the color that looks best for you as Tyler really doesn’t have a preference and looks good in them all.

•    Dresses: Tyler also wears a lot of dresses that are casual and come down to the knees. With these she seems to prefer darker colors so go with browns and blacks.

•    Getting fancy:
Tyler looks phenomenal on the red carpet and always wears a dark colored full length gown that is flowing. When dressing up for your big event, make sure to put your hair up but do so fashionably as Tyler usually shows up the award shows this way.

•    Shoes:
Tyler is definitely not one of those starlets that likes to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair of shoes. Tyler can be seen in her classic Converse sneakers, flats, or even boots. She especially like the boots look with the fun dresses she wears while out and about.

•    Accessories:
Like Tyler’s whole demeanor, she accessorizes very simply. Occasionally you may find her with a small gold chain on or some tasteful earrings, but that’s about it. When choosing your jewelry, think small and stay away from glitzy and flashy.

•    Hair and make-up:
Tyler mostly wears her hair down and styles it very plainly. Style your hair but don’t take too much time in doing so. As for make-up, Tyler again is a less is more girl. She is often caught by the paparazzi without any make-up on whatsoever. When applying your make-up go light and go for the natural look.

While Liv Tyler’s style is easy to replicate, but her grace and elegance aren’t something you can just throw on; you’ll have to work at those.

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