What to Wear and How to Dress at 60 Years Old


Once you enter your 60s, you may wonder what types of styles are appropriate for this age group. The answer today isn’t as simple as it once was. You are no longer relegated to cardigans and mid-calf skirts just because you’ve turned 60. The name of the fashion game at 60 is often personal style mixed with comfort. There are a few other considerations, however.

Flattering Your Skin

Because people in their 60s tend to have more wrinkles and skin that is less elastic, there are a few types of outfits that just don’t look as good at 60 as they did at 50. Anything low-cut often doesn’t look good on someone who is in their 60s. Instead, many women in their 60s choose to wear a scarf to bring attention to their face rather than to their necks.

A shirt or dress with short sleeves sometimes isn’t as flattering to someone in their 60s either. Anything with spaghetti straps are that is strapless is often not flattering to the skin of someone who is 60. Instead, opt for something with three-quarter sleeves to show off the lower part of your arm where your arm is the thinnest. This still allows you to reveal some skin without making an unflattering mistake. If you are in very good shape and have toned arms, choose something with cap sleeves.

For men, wearing shorts with short sleeves may not be very flattering. A thin pair of pants can be just as cool as a pair of shorts and it will keep too much from being revealed. If you are in good shape, a short-sleeved shirt may show off your muscles nicely, but stay away from “muscle shirts” that have no sleeves.


Strappy shoes often don’t look good on skin that is less elastic. Wearing straps across the top of your foot may not be the most flattering look either. Flats or shoes with chunky heels are perfect to wear in your 60s. For men, anything other than sandals is usually a good look. Just stay away from these socks and sandals look. It can make you look older and perhaps even a little bit confused.


People in their earlier decades are still experimenting with their own style. They are constantly trying new looks and new trends in an effort to find what looks best on them. However, by age 60 you’ll likely already know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Wearing a lot of trendy clothes would then look out of place. Go for classic looks more than fads because you already know that they look best in most situations.


You may wonder whether jeans are appropriate for people 60 and older to wear. Jeans used to be something that was considered appropriate for younger people but not for older ones, but those days are gone. Jeans are perfectly appropriate at 60 and older. There are so many styles of jeans now that anyone can find a style that is perfect for their figure. They are also comfortable and are appropriate for an increasing number of occasions.

12 thoughts on “What to Wear and How to Dress at 60 Years Old


    I think who ever wrote about what people over 60 Should wear to Yoga Class Is either very young or thinks how you look Is more Important than Why “Old” people need to just get to practice and The way there Skin fat or lack of Muscles that seem to offend you. They have been dressing for a long time. Or perhaps they can’t afford a $70.00 pair of Sweats.
    Just a thought from a guy over sixty.

  2. Hann Anna

    We all get older if we’re lucky and the ones who laugh today will be in those same shoes sooner than later. Be kind going up the ladder because you will meet the same people coming back down that ladder.


    I am 64 years old. I weigh 180 pounds – but – I don’t look my weight or age. I will NOT wear the old or mature fasions that are forced on us.
    I work out at a gym that is all age’s (men and women) and I feel no age comparison. It just makes me work harder and more often. I used to be a professional dancer and also taught dance to children and teens. No one has even come close to guessing what my age really is. NOT ASHAMED of what I am, just trying to live beyond what the statistics are saying. Age is only a number. After 11 (eleven) back surgeries and several other surgeries I’m still going…
    Carrie Lunder of Mentor, Ohio

  4. Susan Rone

    I actually liked the article. I think I am a younger (but not young) 60 year old. I had a tragidy in my life a couple of years ago and, quite frankly, didn’t give a ……… about my clothing, hair, skin, etc. Now that I am coming a little bit back, I do want to know what would make me look ‘classic’ yet not ‘oldish’ and obviously appropriate. I thought for different occasions, that I looked a little better than ok. However, when the photos came I realized that I looked fat, unattractive and totally inappropriat. HELP

  5. Joyce Pollack-Nelson

    I am going on 65, female-young at heart. I was a hippie/flower child etc. I am now a disabled senior with reoccuring lung cancer. I have been cancer free for 14 months now. Hurray!!!
    I always dressed very feminine and a little sexy. I sure had the figure then.
    I am baffled as what to wear. All of a sudden I look older. Please help. I am 5’7″ 158 lbs
    (gained 30 last 4 years). Long( 3″ below my bra strap) honey Brown highlighted hair in a long forward bob.
    Help!!! I need some dress advice such as type of casual and dressy clothes, flattering colors etc….I tend to stay ith white, black, gray, taupe, brown etc.
    Make-up too. If I use the same amount it seems tooo outspoken. I have cut back on the make-up.

  6. Kevlynn

    Gee, what preconceived notions. How many women in their 50’s do you know that look like Madonna? Well, I was in a store the other day & I over heard one of the sales girls say, “Look at that woman, she’s dressed like a teenager but she’s old”…I was the only woman in the store at the time. Well, it’s sad that we have such preconceived notions of what we are suppose to look like at a certain age. Matronly? I think not. Porked out & under a doctor’s care??? I’ve worked severe physical labor & had a back breaking career my entire life. I’m a size 4, 5’5”, 119lbs & in great physical shape. I also work out. I see no point in wearing flowing garments that drown me in fabric or plan on looking like a business woman in the double breasted coat, or intend to wear dowdy 3/4 length sleeves. Whereas, I do look in better shape than most 20 somethings, believe me that it’s all about individuality & a flair for fashion. Evidently, my style caught this person’s eye. I was wearing black boot cut ski pants, a grey cowl neck sweater that covered my rear & a cream colored puffy vest with an attractive scarf & lug sole boots of grey & black (blizzard weather here), & black leather gloves, satchel style black leather purse. My hair is just past shoulder length & layered med brown with blonde highlights I just happen to be fashion conscience. My husband complimented me (“very nice he said”- he is 10 years older). I like to wear light war paint, to hide any flaws. NO prison garments here. Midlife crisis? No way… I say, “Be who you are & say what you feel, cause those that matter don’t mind, & those that mind don’t matter”…Dr. Suess Too bad some believe that one needs to look like they’re 80 years old when they’re only 60. It’s mind over matter that matters, just as long as you don’t dress riske’, but why look like a bore?

  7. Radhika

    Ithink age isjust a number but the wrinkels get in the way and you slow down a little with pain to add on.

  8. jjbhewes

    I’m 62 and work professionally. I just lost 50 lbs, and trying to find new wardrobe. I carry weight in my waist. Narrow hips, thin legs. I had a friend who talked me into “skinny pants,” with flowing scarf shirt over tank. My hair is shoulder length. Is this too trendy for my age? It fits well, I get lots of complements, but don’t want to look like I’m still trying to “be too young.”

  9. Joyce Letellier

    I’m 70. Lost 50 lbs. look great but wrinkles on legs, arms and neck are horrid. I found a few solutions, short of surgery. Thigh high nylons, nude color, seams and no seams at foot, depending on shoes. Also found ( ha, ha, ). Booty lifting panties. I will wear a little lower necklines on T’s and blouses, but since chunky jewerly is so popular it hides the neck. I’ll wear longer sleeve T’s and three quarter sleeves. Trendy see through tops are okay since I wear a sleeveless top under it. I do not dress young since that’s a giveaway. can’t really exercize and I did after four back operations. Four back operations and a really bad left rotator cuff

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