What to Wear When In Hawaii


Going to Hawaii is a dream vacation. It’s not like New York City, Florida or California, where you can simply jump in a car and drive there. Hawaii requires planning, a true investment and a real vacation. Hawaii is a unique getaway because it is so far away from everything. The place is slower than on the mainland of the United States. You simply must slow down and relax. Hawaii is the place for that.

What to wear when in Hawaii is not a big question. While, of course, there are some places on the island that require a little extra attention to detail in the required dress and there may be some formal events throughout the year there, in general Hawaii is a very laid back destination. Casual outfits, resort wear and just about anything goes. Formal in Hawaii typically means a shirt and pants or a dress.

The number one thing to wear in Hawaii is a bathing suit. The island has some of the best beaches anywhere and you are sure to want to take them in. By wearing your suit daily you are ready for the beach and any adventure that comes your way. Be sure to bring sunscreen along too because you will end up sunbathing. Another very important piece of clothing for Hawaii is the cover-up. This will make your bathing suit respectable so you can wander into practically any establishment without feeling self-conscious. You can rest assured that you are dressed appropriately for restaurants, shopping and more.

Wear comfortable sandals. The islands are warm, despite the ocean breeze. Therefore it is important to bring along lightweight sandals to keep your feet cool and protected. Avoid overly high ones or sandals that are not comfortable for walking as you will want to explore and visit many of the exciting sites to see in Hawaii. Get a hat to wear in Hawaii. It will become your best friend.

Opt for light colors while in Hawaii. The heat of the sun will be reflected off light and white colors while dark colors will attract it. This tip will help to keep you cooler and more comfortable. Hawaiians love color and wear a lot of different colors as you will quickly notice. Relax and unwind with some exciting Hawaiian colors that brighten the mood and have that tropical feel so that you blend in with your surroundings. Get a genuine Hawaiian print shirt or muumuu to wear for special events on the island and for a great souvenir when you get home.

Pack away your dark and somber business clothes while in Hawaii. Seriousness can wait. Closed toed shoes should also never leave your hotel room. While you may occasionally need a cardigan or a throw in air-conditioned places, you can also leave your long sleeves behind when you visit this tropical paradise.

Get your bathing suit, sandals and a few other basics and catch a flight. Hawaii awaits you with fun, relaxation and an informal atmosphere that will put anyone at ease. If you have your casual fun clothes, you are ready for a visit to Hawaii.

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