Fitted t-shirts

Can I Wear a Fitted T-Shirt if I Am Not Completely Thin?

Fitted t-shirts

Being completely thin is a preoccupation that a lot of people have these days. One of the most difficult aspects of fashion is that many types of clothes are made for smaller sizes or are tailored to be worn by people who are very thin. However, just because a shirt is tailored to have a fitted silhouette doesn’t mean that you have to be completely thin to wear it.

A fitted shirt is one that can either be used to show off your figure or to make your figure look different than it is. People who are rectangle shaped, with few curves; often like to wear a fitted shirt that nips in a little at the waist in order to make their figures look more balanced. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether the person is completely thin or not.

For women who are pear shaped, a fitted shirt can be worn that is fitted more tightly at the top in order to bring visual attention to the top half instead of the bottom half. This then flatters the figure, even if pear-shaped figured aren’t completely thin.

Women who are apple shaped usually will not have their figure flattered by a fitted t-shirt. Although it isn’t necessary to be completely thin to wear a fitted t-shirt, having a thick apple shape is not the right figure type to wear this type of shirt.
If you are self-conscious about your weight and you don’t feel that a fitted shirt will flatter your particular figure type, it might be better to stay away from fitted shirts in order to wear one that fits more loosely. The looser fit means that the shirt won’t cling to curves and make any problem areas apparent.

If you have some figure faults, the solution is often to choose one that is fitted in some spots but not in others. To get this fit, the shirts can be tailored by a local tailor, or they can be bought in specific cuts that will be the most flattering.
For someone who is completely thin, wearing a fitted t-shirt may not actually be the best look. A shirt that is fitted and is form fitting can show off a lack of curves that sometimes happens when a person is very thin. In these cases, wearing a t-shirt that is less figure hugging can leave a little more to the imagination and can keep away the appearance of having no curves.

If you have a fitted t-shirt and you’ve been too self conscious to wear it because you don’t feel you are thin enough to do so, pulling off any look is largely a matter of self-confidence. Don’t be too afraid to wear a t-shirt that you like, even if you have a few figure areas to work on. Everyone has areas of their figure that they aren’t pleased with. Remember that whenever your confidence flags and you may find the self-confidence to wear your fitted t-shirts even if you aren’t completely thin.

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