How to Dress to Feel Younger

When you want to feel younger, the way you dress can play an important role in gaining back that feeling. When you feel like you are dressed too old, it can make you think like someone older than your years, sapping your energy. If you want a quick energy boost, add a little life to your wardrobe.

Consider leaving your clothing comfort zone. When you are comfortable with everything in your wardrobe, it means that you have gotten into a clothing routine and have stopped taking chances with your clothing. Break out of that routine by trying a few new things that are far outside that zone of comfort. Try a daring neckline or something that you aren’t 100 percent sure is appropriate for the occasion. This can give you that youthful bit of daring that you might not have felt for awhile.

Once you’ve made up your mind to leave your comfort zone, search for a few trends that will leave it squarely behind. You can do this by looking through women’s magazines that are aimed at young women. Look at Glamour magazine or Marie Claire to find a few daring ideas.

Follow the trends more closely if you want to feel younger. Youthful dressing is all about wearing what is in style at the moment rather than thinking about the lasting power of each clothing item that you buy. To feel more youthful, you have to live in the moment. To dress more youthfully, you have to buy clothing that is strictly for today. It may be out of style in three months, but it will make you feel younger during those months.

If you’ve been dressing more to conceal your figure than to call attention to it, dressing in a way that will show off a little skin is the perfect way to feel younger. You don’t have to have a perfect figure to do this. Everyone has an area that is an asset and that will look great when revealed. You may have a great back that could be shown off with a cut-out dress. You may have great legs that could best be shown off with a very short skirt. You might even have great skin that is best shown off with a deep v-necked shirt or a strapless dress.

Another way to feel younger is to have fun with your accessories. Instead of relying on a few nice pieces, look for fun pieces that are cheap and trendy. You can wear a brightly colored plastic bracelet with a matching necklace made up of giant plastic beads. You can wear a trendy pair of designer-inspired sunglasses.

When you choose a handbag, think small. As you get older and need to carry around more things, you may feel weighed down by your larger bag. To feel younger, think back to the days when all you needed was a lipstick, a wallet and a couple of small personal items. Carry a tiny handbag in a bright color and see how much younger you feel.

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