The Difference Between a T-Shirt and an Undershirt

Many people wear undershirts on a regular basis, and they may notice that their undershirts look much like the T-shirts that they wear as outerwear. They might even wear an undershirt under their T-shirt, and wonder what the difference is. In some cases, the difference is very minimal. As a matter of fact, is perfectly acceptable to wear a regular, outerwear T-shirt as an undershirt. Some people wear their older T-shirts or T-shirts that have been stained or that have holes in them as undershirts. This is an inexpensive source of undershirts, and it provides some coverage that many people prefer to have.

There are some differences however, with some types of undershirts. T-shirts that are marketed as undershirts are often crew neck T-shirts that are made from a thinner material then many outerwear T-shirts. This provides you with a little extra coverage without adding too much bulk to your frame or making you feel overheated. In colder climates however, a regular T-shirt may be preferred as an undershirt. Or, a thick, ribbed shirt can be worn as an undershirt for extra warmth. Some people choose to wear a thick, long sleeve shirt under their over shirt. This type of undershirt is easy to tell from the typical T-shirt.

Some people choose undershirts that are shaped differently from most crew neck T-shirts. A V-neck T-shirt is a popular item to wear as an undershirt because the lower front means that it will not be visible under the over shirt. Many people like to leave a button unfastened to make their collar looser, and a V-neck undershirt means that they can do this and still keep their undershirt out of sight. It can also keep them a little cooler if they are worried about their undershirt making them too warm when paired with their over shirt.

A sleeveless shirt that is worn as an undershirt is often called an A-shirt. This shirt style is popular to wear under other shirts because it has no sleeves and often has a scoop neck to keep it out of sight. This means that it covers only the areas that the wearer wants extra coverage for and doesn’t add extra fabric in the form of sleeves. These look much different than the typical T-shirt and may be ribbed or have other texture to them that further makes them look different from a T-shirt. The thickness of A-shirts varies quite a bit along with the style of the shirt. Some are made from very thin fabric like other undershirts, and others are thicker and can help the wearer to stay warm.

An undershirt is generally not a shirt that most people would wear by themselves when going out in public. If you have a T-shirt that you wouldn’t consider wearing out in public, either because the shirt is in bad condition or because it is very thin, or perhaps because it has a sleeveless cut, that shirt is a good candidate to wear as an undershirt.

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