Are Undershirts Sexy?

Undershirts are often worn by guys of all ages. From little boys to retired gentlemen, undershirts are a common find in male wardrobes. There is a time in childhood, especially in cold climates, when little girls too wear undershirts, but for the most part, they are a male phenomenon. Whether or not undershirts are sexy is something that young men and teenagers tend to wonder as they get older and capturing the attention of the opposite sex is increasingly important.

Whether or not undershirts are sexy depends on many different factors. It primarily depends on whom you are asking.  If you are asking someone who grew up when undershirts and leather jackets were the epitome of cool, she is likely to say yes. If you ask someone who grew up when only nerds wore undershirts, she would say no. Most of today’s generation will tell you that it just depends on who is wearing it.

The wearer of the T-shirt will definitely help to determine if undershirts are sexy. For some guys, no matter what they put on, it will be sexy. For others, it just won’t be. If the person wears an undershirt with confidence and with other clothes that are sexy, then an undershirt will also be sexy, especially if he happens to be hot too.

Something else to take into consideration is the reason that wearing lingerie can be sexier than a woman being naked. Sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is sexier than showing it all. A guy who is nicely dressed with an undershirt under a button down will be infinitely more appealing than one who has his chest on display though a filmy shirt or from too many undone buttons.

Another factor to consider in the sexiness of the undershirt is the shirt itself. If your undershirt is in bad shape with holes, stains, major wear or fading, it will definitely not be seen as sexy. In fact, any hint of sexiness can be thrown off by a shirt in disrepair. It shows that you do not take pride and care in your appearance, which is definitely an unsexy trait. If your undershirt is dirty or dingy, it is also distinctively not sexy. Remember to take care of your clothes well if you are striving to look sexy. Women notice such details.

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