Do High Neck T-Shirts Look Good on Men?

High neck T-shirts have gone through many periods of popularity. And while there have been times that they were not very popular, they generally have a classic look that goes well with a preppy, put-together style. High neck T-shirts are often considered to be a preppy look, and they are often worn with blazers or with dressy pants for this reason. A high neck T-shirt with a pair of tan pants is a classic look that has never gone out of style.

On men, there are many different ideas about what neck lines look best. For some women, seeing the little bit of chest that is visible with a V-neck T-shirt is the best look. Some women like to see men wearing A-shirts because they show off a man’s chest as well as their shoulders and arms. However, the high neck T-shirt is a very different look that gives a man a very different image. That image is generally a studious and thoughtful one that many women find very attractive.

When wearing a high neck T-shirt, it’s important to pair it with something appropriate for the entire look. Many men wear high neck T-shirts with jeans, and that is a good, coordinated look as long as the jeans are in good condition. A high neck T-shirt with torn jeans is a disjointed outfit that does not provide a cohesive look. A white high neck T-shirt with medium-blue jeans is a classic look, as is any black high neck T-shirt with dark blue jeans.

To really set off the look of a high neck T-shirt, pair it with an unbuttoned over shirt or a casual blazer. These both work well together with a high neck T-shirt and serve to call attention to the high neck. This in turn calls attention to the wearer’s face, and this can be a very attractive look.

To make it look even more preppy, wear neutral colors with your high neck T-shirt. A pair of tan or navy blue pants works well with a neutral colored high neck T-shirt in a coordinating color. Wear dark colored, neutral shoes with this look to keep it looking preppy. Black leather shoes or tan suede shoes will look best.

In many cases, a clean-shaven, short-haired look works best on a man when wearing a high neck T-shirt. A T-shirt with a high neck worn by a man with long hair can often lead to a messy look that doesn’t quite go with the preppy image of the shirt. Short hair will always work, but long hair will not coordinate well.

It’s also easy to make a high neck T-shirt look dressy. It can be an attractive look on a man when paired with a nice suit jacket and a dressy pair of slacks. The high neck can give a dressy outfit a bit of a fun look that can be attractive to many women. It’s a little bit unconventional and dressy at the same time, and that’s exactly the reason that it works.

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