The Brassiere That Disappears: How to Choose the Perfect Bra for T-Shirts

These days, it seems as though there’s a bra out there for every kind of outfit imaginable. From the classic underwire bra to those that look as though you’d need an engineering degree in order to wear it, there have never been more options in finding bras that best suit your perfect wardrobe. After all, every woman knows that the right bra can not only accentuate and enhance feminine curves – it can actually make you feel more comfortable and sexy at the same time!

Yet did you know that there’s a certain type of bra that you should wear with fashion’s greatest wardrobe staple – the t-shirt?

That’s right. Even classic and low-maintenance t-shirts require a certain type of bra in order for you to look your best. Depending on the fit of the shirt – especially if it’s a tighter fit than your average gym t-shirt – wearing the wrong bra can make you look lumpy and awkward, which is definitely not a look that any woman should go for!

The best bra for a fitted t-shirt is one that is made from seamless material and as little underwire as possible. This helps to create and enhance a smoother bustline, as the seamless material of the bra blends in with the fabric of the t-shirt. A perfect t-shirt bra will never be visible from underneath the fabric of your t-shirt, so avoid bras that have raised patterns on them, as these designs will often appear through the thin fabric of your t-shirt. If you have a bigger bustline and need the support of underwire, look for a bra with material that completely camouflages the underwire – you can find these at your local department or lingerie store. When shopping for your perfect bra, make sure to wear a shirt made of thin material, so you’ll be able to see how effective your bra is at blending in with your t-shirt.

Of course, no t-shirt bra, no matter how sophisticated, can do its job properly if it’s ill-fitted. While this may seem to be a logical conclusion, fashion experts have recently claimed that eight out of ten America women are guilty of wearing the wrong bra size. Yes, that’s right – eight out of ten! So if you have even the slightest doubt that you may not be wearing the correct bra size – heck, even if you’re 100% sure that you’ve got the right size on – get yourself measured next time you go on a lingerie shopping excursion. You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll feel when wearing the right bra – especially with your t-shirt on over it!

Despite the overabundance of choices you may have when lingerie shopping, choosing the perfect t-shirt bra doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. Just be sure to bring along a t-shirt to wear over each bra that you try on and bring a few of your best girlfriend along for the journey – after all, they’ll be able to tell you which bra looks best under your t-shirt when you’re not sure.

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