What Is The Best Bra To Wear For A White T-Shirt?

There is always a great debate going on about the best bra to wear with a white T-shirt and people always tend to have their own personal preference. However, whether or not their preference actually results in the best possible appearance is another story. Many people try to buck the gold standard advice and the look they achieve is not always the most flattering one. There are definitely guidelines to follow in terms of choosing the best bra for a white T-shirt, if you want to look your absolute best.

Bra color is the number one issue. The gold standard advice on this is: wear a skin-tone bra with a white tee. This will provide you with a seamless look, so that your bra does not stand out under the shirt. If you are Caucasian, the best bra to wear with a white T-shirt is a beige bra, not a white one. A white bra will be very visible under a white T-shirt, so unless that is the look you are striving for, stay away from white bras. If you are darker skinned, your best bra choice under a white T-shirt is a chocolate one or even a black one, depending on your skin tone. This will minimize how noticeable the bra you are wearing is to others.

For many people, it is in style to wear a contrasting color bra under a white T-shirt. In fact, there are those that just like the look of it, whether it is in style or not. Many younger white women tend to go for the look of a black bra under a white T-shirt because they believe it looks sexy. Whether this combination is actually in style or not and sexy or not, depends on who you ask.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a bra to go with a white tee is the cup. If you are looking for a sleek, classic look, you want to get a bra that has no seams or texture on the cup. Choosing a lacy bra will give you unwanted bumps in your T-shirt and bras with seams across the cup will disturb the line of the T-shirt, especially fitted tees. If you choose to wear a bra that is visible through your shirt, a lacy bra or one with a design may be appropriate, but if you do not want that look, make sure your bra has solid, smooth cups.

Be sure that the bra you choose fits you well. If it is too tight, it will add more bumps to your T-shirt. If it is not supportive and you need support, it will alter the shape you want to portray. If the white T-shirt you are wearing is a thin fabric, you may also want to be sure that the bra you are wearing is not see-through. A combination of a see-through bra and a see-through tee will get you a lot of attention that you may not want.

Get your custom-made white T-shirt today to go with that perfect bra. Nothing is as classic and down-to-earth as a girl in a white tee.

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