How To Customize Maternity T-shirts For Gifts

Creating Custom Maternity T-shirts for Gifts

The anticipation of a new child creates excitement and good will not just for the parents but also for anyone close to them. Baby showers team with well wishers bearing adorable little onesies, blue striped baseball caps, and tiny pink dresses all designed to don the new infant in style and comfort.

What about the mother-to-be? Certainly she benefits from this baby booty, and her eyes light up with each new receiving blanket, but what if you wanted to treat her to a special, one-of-a-kind gift for her use? This is the thinking behind latest gift-giving trend for expectant mothers. Creating custom maternity T-shirts as gifts is a fun and personal way to let the mom know you are thinking of her.

•    Factors to Consider When Creating
Custom Maternity T-shirts as Gifts

The primary consideration in choosing any apparel item is to make sure you know the proper size. This is especially important in creating custom maternity clothes, as a t-shirt labeled “Baby Cosby-Under Construction” is not likely to be returnable. Other than size, you will want to have some idea of the mom’s taste and personality. You wouldn’t want to give a bright pink maternity T-shirt with rhinestone lettered “Baby Princess” on it to your Harley-loving biker friend.

The other important consideration is to know any strong stands your friend has taken on important issues. You wouldn’t give a t-shirt that says “Got Mother’s Milk?” unless you know your friend intends to nurse, and doesn’t mind announcing it to the world. Of course, if you know your girlfriend hates when strangers rub her baby belly a “Don’t Touch!” T-shirt might be quite appropriate.

If you want to stay away from anything too intimate or politically charged, there are plenty of announcement type logos that would work. “Coming Soon to a Basinet Near You: Baby Murphy” written in a Marquee font is benign but appropriate. “Pea in the Pod” or “Biscuit in the Oven” are also cute, without being too personal.

On the other hand, you may be choosing a custom maternity t-shirt as a gift because of the humor it can bring. “We’re Hungry”, “Who’s Your Daddy?” or “I Just Wanted a Backrub” are all possibilities. You can even get Dad his own “My Boys Can Swim” t-shirt.

•    Your Custom Maternity T-shirt Gift: A Time to Remember

While a quote can certainly elicit a smile or a laugh, pictures still say a thousand words. Realistic, cartoon-ish, famous images are all available to choose from. You could even do a before and after shot with a real picture of “before” mom during pre-pregnancy, and an arrow pointing to her belly as the “after.”

Your friend, daughter, or loved one will really appreciate the time and effort you took to seek out a special design and saying just for them. To personalize it even further you can make it time specific, like “Coming this Summer”. Or you can bring other family members into it by saying “Jack and Sara’s Future Tagalong”. The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination. Not only will this gift be a fun and practical way to show you care, it will be a lasting keepsake for the mother-to-be of this special time in her life.

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