How to Dress like a Cowgirl


Live the Glamorous Life of a Cowgirl in Custom Printed T-shirts

Cowgirls are practical people. Their primary passions in life are cows, horses and life on the farm. They don’t get caught up in celebrity gossip, the latest fashions, and whether or not they should be wearing a black belt with their brown boots. In general, cowgirls care about function over fashion when it comes to their apparel.

How can you blame them? After all, who would want to be wearing a pair of shorts or even a pair of pinstripe trousers when riding full speed through a patch of mesquite? What if you were thrown off of your horse into a cactus? What if your horse stepped on your foot and you were wearing a pair of peep toe pumps? Most of all, it’s just downright dangerous to ride a horse without heeled boots.

It’s true that being a cowgirl means sacrificing a little bit of personal style for the sake of being safe and comfortable while performing daily tasks. Being a cowgirl isn’t exactly for your average mall walker. However, when cowgirls aren’t on the range bringing in the cattle, you can bet the ranch that they are looking their best. Just where do you think the term “Buckle Bunny” comes from?

Cowgirls make up for lost time when they get an opportunity to get out on the ‘town’ and be seen. They dress up in all of their usual western wear. But they do it with enough rhinestones, glitter, and glam that you’d think they were walking the red carpet at the Grand Ole Opry. Buckle Bunnies, otherwise known as rodeo groupies, set the standard in western glamour. Nothing can outdo these gals with their bedazzled teal jeans, glittery fingernails, and big jewelry.

In a nutshell, cowgirls love to look their best. But because their everyday lives require that they get a little dirty every now and then, it’s important that they’re appropriately dressed. However, it’s easy to dress like a cowgirl and look great if you remember to use your imagination when it comes to your wardrobe. With a little ingenuity and attention to detail, you can have a comfortable, practical, cowgirl worthy wardrobe.

But just how do you get your hands on such a collection of western wear? It’s easy to acquire a unique cowgirl wardrobe with a custom t-shirt printing service on your side. When you design and custom print your own t-shirts, the marriage of style and function is almost instantaneous. There’s nothing you can’t do when you design your own t-shirts.

When you want to dress like a cowgirl, you can be the best dressed cowgirl on the range when you employ the services of a custom t-shirt printing company. Your very own western designs can be seen while you’re working cattle as well as while you’re cheering on your favorite celebrity bull rider. Custom t-shirt printing allows you to create cowgirl fashions that are all your own. All the other cowgirls will want to know where you got such a great wardrobe.

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