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What’s Trendy in Maternity Clothes


Being pregnant is hip. This is good news for maternity clothes. For too long, women had to forsake fashion for unattractive and limited maternity clothes. Not all that long ago, it was considered unseemly to be out and about showing off your baby belly. Not anymore, those days are long gone. Rejoice fashion minded new moms everywhere.

The first places to look for the hottest trends in maternity fashions are celebrity moms. It seems everyday someone announces they are having a new baby. While we may not much in common with a movie star in every day life, being pregnant is a common experience for all women. Everyone’s body will undergo big and wonderful changes as their baby grows. So everyone will need new clothes to fit that beautiful baby creating body.

Maybe you aren’t the girl who normally embraces the latest trends in clothing. You like to have clothes that work throughout the seasons and are very versatile. Being pregnant is a great time to break out of the practical mold. Yes, you will still need some of the basic pieces of a wardrobe in neutral go anywhere colors. Then go for it. Buy that cute shirt. The beauty of maternity clothes is that you only wear them for a season. You aren’t going to be wearing that shirt next year; you will be wearing something with baby spit up on it. So embrace the trends.

The most important consideration for maternity clothing, practical or trendy, is comfort. When shopping, be sure to sit down and move around in the clothes as you try them on. Maternity clothes are sized to be the same as what you normally wear. So if you are normally a medium, try mediums. Then if those don’t fit, move up or down as needed. Buy fabrics that are easily cared for. Cotton and cotton blends are a great choice. These fabrics also breathe and as you feel warmer when pregnant this is an important consideration.

All your favorite wardrobe items are available in maternity styles. If you are a dress girl, check out a cute halter dress in a fun print. If you prefer jeans, get a pair with embellishments on the side. Be adventurous. Buy that fabulous piece that can be used as both a strapless dress and a skirt. Swimwear and lingerie are other necessities that can also be fun and very sexy.

Don’t forsake your favorite activities just because you are pregnant. In fact exercise will help you feel more energetic and make you more prepared for labor. So get a new pair of yoga pants and a new hoodie and stretch away. Active wear is also great for those days you don’t feel so comfortable in your new body and just need something comfy to wear around the house.

One of the hottest trends in maternity fashions is t-shirts with designs about being pregnant. T-shirts are a perfect marriage of fashion and comfort. Often these t-shirts are more fitted than other maternity shirts. But when you are wearing a shirt announcing the baby is “Due in July”, you want everyone to see that wonderful baby belly. If no one can see your “Buddha Belly” what would the point of the fun t-shirt be? Announce to the world you are having a princess, a future world changer or the next big thing. The best place to shop for these t-shirts is online. There is any number of retailers with great, inexpensive, and fashionable options.

Accountant T-Shirts are Top Dollar

Accountants are specialists in a field that many other people shy away from. They are often hired or subcontracted to do the dollars and cents part of a business that many people do not want to attempt or are afraid to attempt. To be a good accountant, you must enjoy working with numbers, like challenges, be detail-oriented and enjoy solving problems. Accounting requires not only good accounting skills, but also organization, time management, patience and more.


Accounting is a profession that has many different sides and faces. Often people in this field are referred to as simply accountants, when in reality they are accounting clerks, payroll specialists, bookkeepers, Chief Financial Officers, Comptrollers, Certified Public Accountants or something completely different. If you work in the accounting field there is much room for specialization and advancement, as you can see from the list of “accountants” above.

If you are looking into becoming an accountant or to advance in the accounting field, do some research into what each type of accountant actually does. There are so many different tasks and degree of complexity for each different job to take into consideration. Next, you need to look at the type of training required for each position. It may take little formal training or it may take a lot, the research will help you find out and from that you can decide if you still want to do it. Certain types of accountant fields require standardized tests, membership to a professional group and more, while many require relatively little beyond on-the-job training.

Accountants do everything is regards to money and finances, including recording transactions, paying bills, invoicing, payroll, taxes and more. Every business needs an accountant and many people need one too. If you don’t personally have an accountant, then you do certain accounting tasks yourself like taxes and accounts payable. Accountants are needed practically everywhere: the corporate world, small businesses, by other professionals, sole proprietorships, churches, government, hospitals and institutions.

Your accounting job does not need to be simply recording information, making things work after the fact and doing taxes. Accountants are needed to analyze the financial portion of business decisions before they are made. They are also needed to help with business plans before businesses open. Accountants should be involved in helping you crunch the numbers before you make any financially risky decision.

Be proud of being an accountant and let everyone know about it. You should take pride in the fact that you are a part of a profession that is vital to so many people. You can also have fun with the whole idea and have a clever line printed on a tee like:

Get yourself an Accountant T-shirt today and show that your profession is number 1.

Should I Wear a T-Shirt Under My Basketball Jersey?

You may have seen people wearing t-shirts under their basketball jerseys and wondered whether this is a good idea. There are a number of reasons why people wear this look. For many people, there is a matter of personal comfort, a matter of the way the basketball jersey fits as well as a matter of their own personal style.

Basketball jerseys tend to be very thin, flimsy garments. For this reason, it can be extremely cold when a person is wearing a basketball jersey. One way to combat the cold is to wear a t-shirt under the basketball jersey. Because basketball jerseys usually fit very loosely, wearing a t-shirt under one is never a problem. A t-shirt under the jersey will keep a person insulated until it is time for the game. Other than players, many people wear their basketball jerseys to school or when going to a game to watch as a spectator. During this time, wearing a t-shirt under the jersey can make it far more comfortable to keep the jersey on for a long period of time.

In addition to the temperature factor, there is also a matter of style. Many people wear a t-shirt under their basketball jersey because they want to make a casual style statement. Wearing their favorite color under it is a way to demonstrate their own personality and style while still wearing the team’s jersey. If you want to show off your own personal style as well as your love for the team, wear a t-shirt that corresponds to one of the colors on the jersey. That makes for a completed look and one that has a lot of visual impact.

And for some people, wearing a basketball jersey simply feels too revealing. Basketball jerseys generally have perforations to allow an athlete some air circulation. This can help when a person is sweating and needs air flowing through their jersey to cool them down. However, wearing a basketball jersey off the basketball court can make some people feel too self-conscious. The perforations make the garment extremely revealing, particularly for girls. To keep this from occurring, wearing a t-shirt under a basketball jersey can give a person the coverage that they need to feel confident.

For some people, disguising their figure flaws is the idea behind wearing the t-shirt. Because basketball jerseys tend to be so thin, a t-shirt can make it more difficult to see any flaws that the person doesn’t want to reveal. A loose t-shirt under the jersey can make the person’s figure completely unrecognizable in the outfit. A tighter t-shirt can simply add a little more coverage without adding bulk to the person’s figure.

For people who sweat a lot, they may feel less self-conscious about it if they are wearing a t-shirt under the jersey. This will allow the cotton t-shirt to soak up some of the sweat and to make them a little more comfortable. It will also keep them from worrying about how they will look when they start to sweat.

Wash cycle

How to Choose the Right Wash Cycle When Washing Your T-Shirt

Wash cycle

Washing a t-shirt sounds like something that should be simple, but choosing the right wash cycle is important for keeping the t-shirt both clean and looking like new for as long as possible. The proper washing cycle will depend a lot on how dirty the t-shirt is, what type of stains it has on it and how old the t-shirt is. It also depends on what the color of the t-shirt is.

A brightly-colored t-shirt might benefit from a slower washing cycle than a white t-shirt or one with a pastel color. Vigorous washing can fade a t-shirt color faster than if the washing cycle is slower. Cotton t-shirts don’t generally require a delicate cycle, but a bright t-shirt might benefit from a slow cycle to keep the color bright.

If a t-shirt is a white one or one with a lighter color, the wash cycle will not be as important for keeping the t-shirt’s color. The color still may fade, however, if it is washed in the fastest washing speed many times. To help extend the color and the life of the t-shirt, try to change the washing speed between gentle cycles and faster washing cycles. This will keep the t-shirt looking newer longer while still giving it the occasional vigorous cleaning.

The color of a white t-shirt generally will not be affected much by a fast washing cycle. It may fade the white slightly, but as long as the t-shirt is being washing with other white clothing items, the color should remain white for as long as you have the t-shirt. The fast cycle won’t have much affect on the color of a white shirt, but it may have an effect on how long the t-shirt lasts. The shirt may become covered with pills, tiny balls, if it is washed too many times on the fastest washing cycle. The cotton may also become thinner if it is always washed this way.

Unless a white t-shirt is extremely dirty or smells badly, using the same technique of switching the washing cycle between the fastest cycle and a slow washing cycle will extend the life of the t-shirt. It will keep the material from thinning as much and allow the t-shirt more life than if it is always washed on the fastest cycle.

If a t-shirt is extremely dirty, the fast cycle may be the only one that works well to remove the dirt and grime. This is often true if the stains are hard to get out. Grass stains and blood stains may require the use of the fastest cycle in order to loosen these stains. If the t-shirt is only slightly dirty, a slow cycle will work fine to loosen the dirt. It might even be cleaned just as well as if the t-shirt is rinsed out in the sink with some gentle soap. A quick hand wash in the sink will give the t-shirt a longer life and keep the t-shirt from developing pills or faded colors.