Brad Pitt

How to Dress Like Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been breaking hearts and enjoying the stardom of being every girls fantasy since he emerged as a young actor in Hollywood. His boyish good looks, charming smile, and sexy physique have caused many women to daydream that one day they too will find someone as handsome as he is. He has many looks, and can turn heads whether he is on the red carpet or running errands on a Sunday. If you want women to fall over you the way they do over Brad, then start copying his look with a few tips below.

He always wears solids. Rarely do you see Brad in a bold print. Solid colors are classic, and easy to pair with other items. It is wise to stock up on button down shirts, shorts, and pants that are solids, since they never go out of style and can be worn with anything in your closet. When you wear these solids, make sure they are neutral colors. Brad wears a lot of white, black, gray, beige, and muted reds and blues. You will never see him standing out in bold lime green or orange colors.

Brad has a great physique. In Fight Club, Brad flaunts his body in almost every scene, and you can get that same tone in your body by doing a lot of high intensity cardio and weight training to get that lean and muscular look. In every day life, Brad shows off his well-sculpted arms and flat abs by pairing snug jeans with a tight t-shirt in a neutral color.

Brad would not look as polished if he didn’t always make sure his clothes were well laundered and well pressed. He also goes for quality over quantity. All of Brad’s clothes fit him impeccably, and therefore his attire is always flawless. Always go for higher quality clothing when looking like Brad Pitt. Look for tighter stitching and a smooth and sturdy collar. For the sleeves, make sure that they don’t hug your arms, but that there isn’t too much extra fabric, either. Then before you leave the house, make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.

Many women dream of running their fingers through Brad’s hair. He usually keeps it short and styles it to be a bit spiky. Most of the time his hair is very blond. If your hair isn’t as blond as Brad’s then you will need to get a few highlights.

Brad is always sporting sunglasses. Shades definitely add to the sex appeal of a man. You can opt for a sexy and ultra modern black pair of Dior, or a more casual aviator look.

Last but not least is Brad’s dazzling smile. No look would be complete without the smile that causes millions of women to swoon. Get those pearly whites extra sparkly with a trip to the dentist for a cleaning and whitening.

No doubt that Brad Pitt is one of the sexiest men to ever walk the planet. But his style isn’t too difficult to mimic, and if you take some of his fashion advice, maybe you too can have the ladies falling at your feet in adoration.

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