How Can I Draw On A T-Shirt?

Drawing on a T-shirt is always a unique way to personalize it. It can turn a great shirt into a priceless souvenir. It can also simply dress up a T-shirt at the last minute, when you don’t have time to have it professionally printed. For the proud parent or grandparent, a child’s drawing on a T-shirt is the ultimate way to show off your little one’s talent and your pride. It can be done as art projects, contests and much more.

There are several different ways to draw on a T-shirt, each with differing results. The least expensive way would be to use permanent marker for your designs. Remember to put a couple of sheets of paper inside the shirt while you are drawing so the ink does not transfer to the back of the shirt. The drawing will fade a bit with time, but it should be more or less permanent. The downside is that it is usually obvious that your T-shirt drawing was an amateur job.

You can also use fabric paint pens to do T-shirt painting. This will give you a much more vivid, realistic image for your T-shirt. The image should not fade as much as a marker design, and will give the appearance of being a much more professional drawing. Simply follow the directions included with the marker and you will be on your way to a beautifully done T-shirt drawing.

Acrylic paints can also be used with amazing results. The trick is to be sure to wash and dry the T-shirt without using any fabric softener, prior to painting. After you have finished painting the T-shirt it is important to set the paint. This can be done using white vinegar or a commercially made craft product specifically for this use. Vinegar will not preserve the paint as long as the commercially made product, but it is still a very good option. It will take up to a year before you see fading with a vinegar-treated shirt.

The fourth and most professional way to draw on a T-shirt is to have a drawing you have made custom-printed on a T-shirt of your choice. If you or your child has done work that you are extremely proud of, a copy of it can be printed on a custom-made T-shirt. That’s the beauty of such tees. You not only choose the color and style, but you customize them in the way that suits you best, even with your own artwork or that of a loved one.

Painting on T-shirts is a great craft idea and lots of fun. You can even have T-shirts custom-made for special events leaving space for you to draw on your tee. You can have a T-shirt printed with a line like one of these.
•    This is what I did in art class
•    Product of art camp – Summer 2009
•    Proud Mom of a Talented Artist
•    This is my kid’s drawing. Isn’t it good!

Get your custom-made drawing T-shirt today and show that you are an art lover in all media and proud of it.

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