New shoes

How to Break in a New Pair of Shoes

New shoes

More times than not a person buys a pair of shoes based more on looks and neglects to think about the comfort. Even a pair of shoes that may have felt alright while on your feet at the shoe store can be brought home only to discover that they aren’t all that cozy and are certainly going to take some breaking in. Breaking a pair of shoes in means that you have to basically stretch the shoes to get them to fit and conform to your feet.

If you are like most people you will simply bite the bullet, buy a fresh package of Band Aids and just start wearing the shoes around. White this is certainly one way to go about it, there are things you can do to lessen the blisters and still have your new shoes fitting like an old standby pair of gym shoes.

Here are some tips to help you break in your shoes without breaking in your skin:

•    Take in a flick: First put on your new pair of shoes and then pop in your favorite DVD. Then sit back and relax. While you are enjoying the film, your feet will be effortlessly stretching the new pair of shoes and this will lead to a better fit.
•    Wear extra socks: Put on two or three pairs of socks for shoes that require just one pair and one or two pairs for shoes that require none and then squeeze into your new pair of shoes. Walk around the house in your shoes for about 15 to 20 minutes. The extra socks will increase the size of your foot and help to stretch the shoes faster and because the extras socks will build up a layer of extra padding, blisters will more than likely stay away.
•    Enlist a friend: Find one of your friends that has feet that are a size or so bigger than yours. Ask them to put on the shoes and walk around for about five minutes. The increased foot size will have your shoes broken in before you know it.
•    Flex your shoes: This tip works especially well for new sneakers. Take one shoe at a time and simple flex and stretch it with your hands. Repeat the process with the other shoe and do this for about 20 minutes. The more you flex and stretch the shoes, the easier it will be to get your feet to comfortably fit into them.
•    Stuff your shoes: Before you go to bed you can stuff your shoes full of socks. The goal here is to have the shoes so stuffed that the sides are bulging out. This will give the shoes a nice stretch all night long and they should fit you much better come morning time.

Just remember that breaking in a new pair of shoes will take a little time. Be patient and avoid buying a pair of shoes that you have to wear right away. With a little manipulation of your new pair of shoes, they will be as cozy as an old pair of slippers in no time.

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