Color psychology

Make an Impression with a Little T-shirt Color Psychology

Color psychology

The choices you make in life say a lot about who you are. Even things as ordinary as the things you wear, the food you eat and the things you talk about. Color is a huge indicator of personality types and tells a lot about you. The color of the T-shirts you wear will send an impression to those around you. You can use the colors subtly to control the type of message you send. The messages are not even conscious things that people are usually aware of, but nonetheless colors speak loud and clear. Read on to learn more about what your choice of T-shirt color reveals about you.

Black T-shirts
are the color choice that signifies a variety of things. Black symbolizes power, authority, submission and evilness. It is often seen as a timeless, stylish choice and one that many people opt for because of the slimming effects of the color. Black can however be overpowering and give the impression of aloofness. Black is the traditional choice for bad guys

Red T-shirts are definitely attention getting, and even have the effect of increasing heart rate and breathing rate. Even though red T-shirts make you look heavier, they are still the color of love. Because of the intensity of the color, red T-shirts are not ideal to wear if you are negotiating or confronting someone.

White T-shirts symbolize purity, innocence, sterility and light. It is a particularly summery color that goes with everything but also shows everything in terms of dirt, therefore it is sometimes difficult to wear. White is the traditional choice for good guys.

Blue T-shirts symbolize loyalty and are particularly calming. They tend to help people perform better and be more productive. Blue sometimes gives off an aura of depression and coldness. The hue of the blue makes a huge difference.

Pink T-shirts are said to have a tranquilizing effect, so take care if you are in competitive or dangerous situations.

Green T-shirts symbolize the earth and nature. They tend to give off an air of relaxation, are easy to look at and have even been known to make vision clearer. Dark green is a conservative color more suited to men and gives the impression of wealth.

Yellow T-shirts are eye-catching. The color also has some very interesting effects. It speeds up your metabolism, improves concentration, and prompts people to lose their tempers and babies to cry. This is contrary to the popular belief that yellow is an optimistic color. It can easily be overdone and become overwhelming too.

Brown T-shirts speak of earthiness and nature, but can also be seen as sad or wistful. Light brown gives the impression of being genuine. Men tend to like the color brown more than women do.

Purple T-shirts show femininity, sophistication, romance, wealth and luxury. However, because of its rareness, it can give also give the impression of being artificial.

Have a set of your favorite color T-shirts custom-made for every occasion to send the right message. Alternatively you can get a variety of T-shirts in different colors and with your newfound color psychology knowledge, you can make choose the one that best suits your mood.  You can even get custom-made T-shirts telling about color psychology like I wear black because I’m the bad guy or I’m wearing blue to calm you down.

Get any color custom-made T-shirt today, confident in the message you’ll be sending.

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